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The heroic Darren Wilson, having survived being hit in the face by the bestial Brown, who tries to climb in through the driver-side window and steal Wilson's gun, until Wilson winged him in the arm and sent him on a brief retreat, until his nigradrenaline kicked in and he did a 180 and advanced through a hail of bullets before finally going down.
Truthful summation of events.
Michael Brown, who was sfummarily executed for great justice.
The memorial that came afterwards.
A Challenger Appears! He was unarmed and shot 16 times by police!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes, or the more politically-correct Ferguson Incident, was a historical event in 2014 which was started by a young, up-and-coming terrorist named Michael Brown, the reincarnation of Trayvon Martin. That is, until he was shot to death by a brave white cop named Darren Wilson, who in turn became a very wealthy man as a result of fulfilling this bounty. Officer Wilson's keen instincts and thorough training helped him see straight through the nigger's cunning plan to rob the nearest liquor store, and on August 9th, Ferguson, Missouri became the next Sanford, Florida.

This was a typical "black criminal" scenario, simply because this crackhead had stashed his firearm after the robbery and it was never found, people's jimmies were rustled over his murder, and a flood of abyssal blackness gathered in the streets of Ferguson, posing a threat to society.

Niggers quickly started chimping out, and that was the cue for "Ferguson's finest" to induce a riot, deploying tear gas, armored vehicles, and heavy weaponry to soothe the tension in the quiet Ferguson suburb. Naturally, Anonymous, being the useless SJW aspies that they are, capitalized on the awesome publicity the department received for their deft handling of the situation, and decided to exact justice by declaring OpFerguson and incorrectly doxing the cop who killed the terrorist. Lulz ensued, as expected, and this eventually led the chief of police to reveal the true hero's name.

However, less amusingly, the Boss Nigger is threatening to take away the police's weapons due to the fact that one of his people was shot down in his mothafuckin' country by a white cop. This is the same guy who once said "if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." We're gonna assume he meant pre-murdered Trayvon.

On December 20, 2014, an hero by the name of Ismaaiyl Brinsley successfully avenged the deaths of his fellow niggers by blasting two racist white cops in the face. Many SJWs consider this execution to be the symbolic death of the man, effectively alleviating the cancerous cycle of poverty and violence prevalent in african american culture.

The scapegoat


Darren Wilson is a former officer of the New World Order whose mission was to kill a high niggerthief -- which he was all too happy to do -- and one named Michael BROWN (get it?) had just robbed blunts to get high with from a respectable Asian businessman who actually worked for a living, and was walking down the middle of the road because he was a dumb nigger and his fat ass was too wide for a sidewalk anyway and because he got high like nigger role-model Dr. Dre Snoop Dogg Afroman Trayvon Martin, so the nigger figured he would try to steal an officer's service weapon to sell for more drugs but when that failed he stole the officer's bullets with his body instead -- thereby inciting a race war in Amerilard -- which had been boiling for years due to a nigger president who was only elected because of he forged his birth certificate Eddie Murphy The Cosby Show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air he could play basketball kind of like Magic Johnson Michael Jordan Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Kobe Bryant and because everyone was afraid that some dumb cunt from Alaska with retard babies who was suggested by some basement-dweller as a Pitiful Vagina card to counter a Pitiful Black card might take over after some POW finally succumbed to his injuries -- in order to usher in a total video surveillance state in the name of terrorism security holding law enforcers responsible for their actions punishing cops for stopping criminals because MAH BABY DINDU NUFFIN HE UH ANGEL!

The plan

The thug nigger stole blunts because obviously but he was paid to suicide by cop by the manufacturers of bodycameras and data storage conglomerates in the technology sector, in a ruthless and highly lucrative move to pad their pockets with government moneys from paid-for politicians and gullible taxpayers who don't like cops anyway because they publicly shame them for texting while driving twice the speed limit. The business plan, inspired by the film End of Watch, was incredibly successful and camera sales for public snuff films have never been better. Fat guys lugging around camera equipment while chasing criminals is now a thing of the past, and now every police officer can appear on COPS.

Just as planned, the fallguy Wilson has taken the brunt of hate and outrage (besides vehicles, glass bottles, flammable materials, and Asian storefronts), having to go into hiding, and successfully diverting attention away from the man behind the curtain. Since cops hate us for our freedom, they are enemies of America, so millions of cameras recording our every move is going to keep us safe from cops. Finally. Because no trigger-happy cop who feels like death is around every corner because bullets are so god damn affordable would ever forget to turn on his bodycamera before GET HOME because that's a no-no.

Violent criminals are corpses too

A clever guy finds out the trap and confirms another Anonymous failure

Since the LGBT mafia has gotten everything they've ever wanted (except the normalization of grown men hacking infant penises and then giving them blowjobs, or babyraping, which may take a few more years for their media arm to make socially acceptable), the next group with an uppity persecution complex to take the stage is dead criminals. The issue of whether the dead corpse lying in the street for hours is a criminal is not up for debate. The question is whether the punishment fits the crime. Pundits debated whether officer Darren Wilson should have cut off Michael Brown's hands for being a thief instead of wasting perfectly good bullets on a nigger.

The main issue is whether law enforcement being judge-jury-executioners like rappers from Germany is better or worse than paying tens of thousands of dollars a year each to babysit criminals indoors and provide them with banned library books, free TV, and cold reconstituted potato flakes. The for-profit prison industry is outraged when cops cull their slave labor too soon, while police officers figure they are saving taxpayers' money with the cost of one bullet the whole fucking magazine just to be sure, plus the wife and kids wanted to go on a vacation. But that white cop didn't know that nigger was a robber! Yes he did. Who do you think all cops deal with all day long?

Supposedly in the future, juries watching snuff films will be able to do nothing to resurrect the dead and will decide if the punishment did in fact fit the crime, and then niggers -- which white people generously saved from Africa -- will chimpout anyway and destroy shit and loot themselves a new TV to watch BET and the newest Madea on and disown Bill Cosby and his TV example of gainful employment because it turns out he's just another rapist like all niggers so imma keep on bein unemployed and sell crack to Nick Minaj fans who don't realize she only has a career outside of in stripping because she fucked Drake who is half-kike.

Anonymous Moralfaggotry

Anonymous doxing is essentially a Benny Hill sketch of Googling.


—Snaisybelle, cleverly pointing out the obvious

Naturally, the man TheAnonMessage doxed, one Bryan "Scooby" Willman, turned out to be some guy who didn't even work for the same police force. Not that we particularly care about some redneck's life being ruined by a horde of marauding, vengeful apes, but...

After the video release, a Honeypot cool website appeared in support of OpFerguson, which allowed you to target the army, FBI and many more "baddies":


The Nigger Unmasked

An "innocent" black man peacefully negotiating for some Cigarillos, moments before his death.

"he died robbing a gas station. quickly, we must rob and loot more gas stations in his memory!"



Lolgo.png Weezus Christ, another insightful EDiot

Anonymous's incorrect doxing also picked on the wrong Ferguson
Michael Brown, just before Officer Wilson shot him.

On August 15th, 2014, the Ferguson police chief pussied out and caved to the niggers threatening to continue their chimpout if their demands weren't met. After a short press conference in the morning, the real shooter's name was revealed to be officer Darren Wilson. E-detectives immediately tried to hunt down the identity of the man, at first believing him to be a nigger himself, which would have been the most hilarious twist of irony since George Zimmerman had also turned out to be a spic instead of a white devil.

Shortly after, the police released surveillance tapes depicting exactly why the savage negro beast was slain by the heroic cop: He had robbed a store for some fucking Cigarillos, and in turn the cops had been called on his ass. After attempting to chimp out yet again on the cop that showed up, he was put down like the rabid animal that he was. Darren Wilson has since been elevated to the great pantheon of heroic nigger slayers, much like George Zimmerman and Chris Dorner before him.

After the surveillance tapes were made public, niggers on Twitter once again began crying foul, accusing the police of an attempt at character assassination to protect one of their own by making Michael Brown out to be another dark-skinned criminal, as if there was any chance he was ever going to be anything else in life. With the "racist white devil shoots innocent black angel" narrative collapsing before their very eyes, SJWs immediately began trying to find a picture of the real Darren Wilson in a desperate attempt to prove that he was white, just so they could keep their martyr's image for the crusade against evil racists intact.

Thanks to police over-militarization and out-of-town social justice warriors clashing with each other after sundown, the country of France issued a travel warning, after the U.S. government issued a no-fly zone over the burning city of Ferguson.

In line with similar operations abroad, a coordinated program of airstrikes, search-and-destroy missions, and army sit-downs with key community leaders to win hearts and minds was expected to begin shortly after. Drone missions over the city were reported to be strictly for "peaceful surveillance" and not officially sanctioned.

Ferguson Lootfest 2014

Official loot van of Ferguson Lootfest 2014 being guarded by some enthusiastic participants
Darren Wilson supporters will use the so-called "strong-arm robbery" to justify shooting Michael Brown, but they fail to realize that Brown's ancestors already paid for the cigars through a history of slavery.
"Spot the difference"

Outside of the internet, the people of Ferguson are currently trying to best the chaos record of UK Lootfest 2011. For nearly nine days straight, the small town's population spent each night on looting rampages, complete with Molotov cocktails, and the added bonus of large amounts of good old American guns. Though some brave moralfags have tried to stage "peaceful" protests over Brown's death, they eventually devolved into a chimpout that required the pigs to move in with tear gas to make the unruly fuckers disperse. A token nigger was needed to pacify the growing number of protesters, so that whitey could get on with business as usual. An ex-cop named Ron Johnson had been a good little nigger in his time on the Ferguson police force, and was said by the head honky in charge to be a "credit to his race", and called the protesters "uppity niggers", so he was pulled from retirement to prevent further rioting, to little effect.

The National Guard was called in to help guard the pigs' mobile command center, which lootfest participants nearly overran. With multiple stores already ransacked or burned, niggers and rednecks exercising their second amendment right were shooting at the riot pigs, and because Jesse Jackson needed to pay his rent for the month, it was safe to say that Ferguson Lootfest 2014 had only just begun.

'Burning down stores is necessary to bring down the oppressive white society.

No justice, no peace!

Rosemary Church knows the best and lulziest way to stop the looters

Typical upstanding civil rights activists

Lootfest 2014 Part II, Electric Boogaloo

Merry fucking Christmas, niggers

As predicted above, on November 24, great justice was served up by the grand jury, which refused to indict Darren Wilson for anything. Naturally, for the citizens of Ferguson, this was simply another excuse to rob each other for free merch (much like the initial lootfest). Niggers is still bein' niggers, and with the vindication of Darren Wilson, it looks like Lootfest 2014 is full steam ahead and Lootfest 2015 is greenlit, 'cause those monkeys sure aren't gonna stop robbin' or shootin' each other any time soon, especially not now that they have an excuse to shoot at Whitey while doin' it, nawmsayin?

For added lulz, the Old Media is cooperating with batshit insane die-hard Leftards to pass around gas masks, blankets, improvised weaponry, and other tools to stick it to The Man for trying to prevent the negroids from completely destroying their own city and killing each other. Some wonder why they're even wasting their time, since it would be no great loss, and they'll just end up shooting each other regardless of circumstance. In response, the po-po have dramatically stepped up the amount of weaponry, armored vehicles, and the number of officers en route to the city. Though nothing has actually gone down just yet, all true EDiots should watch the developing situation closely so as to not let a single drop of precious Lulz escape undocumented and unsavored.

Support Officer Wilson Campaign


As a lulzy response to people crying racism and murder, /pol/, Stormfront, and other such heroes set up a fundraiser to help Officer Wilson and his family relocate to a new, undisclosed location outside of the riot zone. The campaign closed with around $500,000 being raised in just 7 days, which is nearly double what Mike Brown's fundraiser got in 20 days.

Darren Wilson is likely sipping the finest champagne with his wife in his new island home in the Bahamas finally able to pay off half his mortgage.

The Fundraiser received a huge backlash from the SJW and black communities and quickly accused the KKK and Nazi groups of starting such a racist campaign. The biggest drama happened on Twatter, where all the chimps and SJWs decried the death of the violent thug known as Mike Brown. Justice needed to be served, and no justice in the world is sweeter than the mass proliferation of pointless hashtags. Those which received the most attention were Twitter-favicon.png #Ferguson and Twitter-favicon.png #MikeBrown (OpFerguson's stopped after Anonymous failure). These hashtags were being actively used and watched by faggots and lolcows-in-waiting, so /pol/ promptly wrecked them with propaganda and hate speech.

The Media is a good way to view the amount of butthurt given to the SJWs:

Shaun King drama

The most active twitter acc was the one from a Faggot guy known as Twitter-favicon.png ShaunKing, he was tweeting more than 60 tweets per hour and was even replying to all trolls, while a horde of White Knights were defending him. Once he was spotted as a high potential lulzcow, he became the target of most trolls, who started making Black propaganda using old Shaun King quotes from 2-3 years before, when he was a tremendous racist, even more than any of Stormfront or the WBO.

Shaun King found out that /pol/ was behind this and quickly screencaped the /pol/s operation thread and tweeted to all his fail followers. He was such of a newfag that he called cowards to all anons because the thread was getting deleted like 20-30 mins, faster than the time it takes to Shaun King followers to move the cursor and click on the link to see whats there. Shaun King journalism skills include tweeting the news link that some random stranger has just given to you a minute earlier, not reading articles and baiting on every single troll.

Another huge extremely active faggot defended King, it was named Twitter-favicon.png OpFerguson, he was a 12 years old kid that claimed to be the leet hax0r group Anonymous, after he got trolled hard he started asking publicly for people to dox and ddos the "infamous racists" that were stalking him. One guy gave him the IPs of 2 of the stalkers, the IPs were and, which were traced by the doxer to some remote place in China, OpFerguson then asked for help on ddosing those 2 targets and he also asked the direction of GoyFundMe offices so he could take action. Nobody can fuck with the Final Boss of the Internetz: OpFerguson.

Fact: It is believed that Shaun King wasnt able to sleep in 2 days because he didnt stopped tweeting in 40 hours (yes, its true), not even with a rest of 30 mins between tweets, the whole 4chan thanks his effort and the lulz generated with it.


Even after it was proved that Mike Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson, chimps continued looting on Ferguson streets. /pol/ decided that the campaign could continue with something big. After a brainstorm, the coolest idea was to fly a plane with a banner which said Twitter-favicon.png #PantsUpDontLoot with a Reddit icon besides it, one anon offered for piloting his aeroplane over it, but the problem of this idea was that Ferguson had its air space blocked in case a nigger had a RPG-7 at home to blow up choppers or planes.

Then the idea transformed into putting PantsUpDontLoot on a Billboard, an anon started a GoyFundMe, but it was quickly shut down by SJWs, he started a new one on Indiegogo which couldnt get the funds and that was also suspicious of being a scam and got the funds for placing the billboard.

Along the billboard idea, some normalfags arrived at Ferguson with a banner that said PantsUpDontLoot, this angered a lot the Chimps but didnt stopped them from looting like a corrupt european politician from national banks.



Original Ferguson KKK Flyers, what year is this? 1999?

During the second week of November 2014 the KKK started distributing flyers in the area of Ferguson in a failed attempt to prevent the successful lootfest. Anonymous, the SJW/FBI hacktivist group started OpKKK against them just after that because 'we are attacking you because of your threats to use lethal attacks against us at the Ferguson protests'. Their haxorings include the dox of 28 members of KKK (all of them are named Bryan Willman), DDoS on KKK websites and KKK twitter account hacking.

A much more legit and 1337 group started a parallel Operation called Twitter-favicon.png #ConeSec to "Cone the KKK". They use VLC player, a custom Tor Cone browser and Cone LOIC to hax the shit out of everything. You should have expected cones.

Anonymous got REKT again, the KKK managed to take back one of the twitter accounts haxed by Anonymous.


The LootBoat is sailing again: Twitter-favicon.png #FergusonLootCrew

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