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Omega when he sees a little girl.

Omegalore aka Yuki Takashi (Powerword: Daniel Benham) is an autistic, narcissistic, pedophile manchild who lives in an apartment in Medford, Oregon. His hobbies include playing Doom, making overhyped mods that suck anyways, and drawing MSPaint lolicon of Dora The Explorer characters.

In Omega's world:

  • Reality is some weird mishmash of Final Fantasy, Doom, and faux-satanism
  • Using old-timey bible speak incorrectly makes you sound smarter
  • 25 Jewtube Subscriptions makes you a legend and an hero
  • Subscribing to 500 people and rendering your subscriptions page useless also makes you a legend and an hero
  • Adding a silently clapping audience to your videos makes you special
  • Anything can be the SHRIIIIIINE of Omegalore
  • Any negative feedback comes from FRIGGIN' TROLLS!
  • Zane1193 is a hero for his defense.

Omega's friends

Most of Omega's "friends" consist of 13-year-old boys who don't know any better, however there are a few that stand out.

Jack101/Darsycho/jackie wingus

How Omega sees Jack
Jackie IRL. Srsly.

Omegalore's boyfriend and sworn protector, and absolute pinnacle of unfunny. His humor consists of the kind of LOL SO RANDUMB jokes that even a 9fag would shake their head at, including but not limited to acting like a retard and making references to various kinds of food in unusual situations. Omegalore does absolutely everything that Jack says and vice versa, causing a positive feedback loop that shows no signs of being broken any time soon. His videos primarily consist of him screaming, trying to be funny by adding random faces, and being stupid on purpose. Among his many unremarkable doom wads is Project Uber, in which he steals every weapon and custom monster he can find and throws them in one wad hoping that the newfags won't notice.

Jackie also adores "trolling" people who disagree with him (which usually amounts to just spouting more LOL SO RANDUMB humor), and he has a spectacular track record of failing at it. Bizarrely, he has proven that he can be a successful troll in the past as JoeyDoomer, so it remains a mystery why he fails so hard at it on his main alias.


Lesic sucking on a coke

Some 13 year old from Germany who somehow manages to combine the worst of Jack101's humor and Omega's shitty wad making with an extra dash of 9gag failure and Gmod faggotry. When he's not blatantly stealing from other people, he takes pleasure in inserting shitty 9gag fail-satire in some of the worst and most inappropriate places possible.

Joey "TeamFaustGames" Faust

Omegalore's kraut friend who is in love with a FICTIONAL PINK SPACESHIP. A proud MSPaint user, shitty game designer, and a rapist of the English language. His first DeviantArt account got hacked because he kept being the immature faggot he always is. In addition to that, he will constantly beg for DeviantArt points, but DON'T YOU DARE ask him for any points or he will banhammer your ass faster than that pink spaceship that gives him rock-hard erections.


Fuck you, there's already a Cheeyev page.


This guy has been Omega's friend for longer than anyone else in this section, and as a result Omegalore will take every single suggestion that he gives to the fullest extent possible and usually throw a little bitch fit to go along with it, whining about being "restricted" over his next few videos and in descriptions and how much he likes using the thing he's been "restricted" from, despite the fact that he doesn't even have to stop using them to begin with. It's unknown whether or not Superluigieth1 is aware of this and actually subtly trolling him

Ultima Realms Software

Believe it or not, there was a time when Omega had more than 5 e-friends! However, they came to their senses once Omegalore gradually revealed the inner pedophile faggot he truly was. Despite being around for more than a year, Ultima Realms Software never actually released anything before half its members fled the coop and it closed. So basically, nothing of value was lost, despite what Superluigieth1 (one of its only 3 remaining members) wants you to think. Doomworld remains unimpressed.


Since he lost most of his "friends" due to them finding the truth about Omega, he discovered yet another lulzy person on the web, BlueCatRiolu. Omega, now referred to as Yuki is a whiteknight of his and is often seen as an excuse to act his true pedo self since both of them have pedo interests. He is also friends with much of Riolu's "fanbase".

File:Bluecatriolu deuueaugh by yukiofjapan-dacxu3s.png
Describes both Omega and Riolu in a nutshell.


Some of Omegalore's earliest antics involved making GoAnimate videos, but with a twist. Unlike most Go!Fags, he actually voice acted everything! Of course, you'll wish he had used the standard TTS voices the second hear him try to play a female. Or anything, for that matter. These videos are a perfect microcosm of his weird "mythology" (read: shitty cross between Final Fantasy and satanism), unwarranted self-importance, and creepy power fantasies.

Conveniently, he's put them all into one convenient video for your viewing "pleasure" (except for a couple of Memy9909 hate videos that he deleted). Here it is Reuploaded for great justice:

He's not at all skilled at GoAnimate.


-tings! I'm Omegalore! I welcome thee to my realm!



Welcome, I'm Omegalore. Here are some things ye need to know about meself. I'm autistic, a fan of Dora the Explorer (Which has Daisy Dora's Cousin), make me own comics, quick, strong, and smart, shy, a strong silent type, alot of people know me, a real nice person but get berserk easily, like to read, have mutations of a girl (Manbreasts and fat legs thanks to respradol a medication I used to take since I was 8), wear glasses, a gamer, very good artist, and a cat person. That's pretty much it. Omegalore over and out.


—Omegalore on himself

I'm the legendary goddess Daisy. Not many know about me, I rarely encounter.


—Omega, pretending to be Daisy from Dora The Explorer



—Omegalore everywhere ever



—Omegalore whenever something bad happens

Please... Give me POWER! Since I'm a legend, you will now all... bow down to me! (if you want)


—Omegalore the powermonger

His "art"

Omegalore's DeviantArt used to be much more lulzy than it is now, but then Jackass101 told Omega to set a bunch of pictures to private for "privacy reasons" (when in reality he was just trying to make his boyfriend look like less of an ass). DISREGARD THAT, HE PUT THEM ALL BACK UP However, there are still a few tidbits worth mention on there. Here is one of his drawings of Diego with impossibly huge muscles (note the obvious mirror effect), here is one of his many bits of Dora fan art, here are some valentine greetings (the pedophilia is strong with this one), and here is his ORIGINAL NIGHTMARE PALACE DO NOT STEAL.

And then we have his waifus (yeah, he's into waifu polygamy). Most people who abstain from 3DPD will most likely choose an animu character as their waifu, but Daniel is a rare case. No, his first waifu is not a vidyagaem character, or a movie character. It's Daisy from Dora the Explorer. If that wasn't enough for you, he has made several "tributes" to Daisy, most infamously creating a poorly drawn nude picture of her using MSPaint. No, we're not joking. And then we have Lauren, Omegalore's ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL, or the mary sue version of a Dora the Explorer parody from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. By his own description, she is half human half demon (yet again with the faux-satanism) and only 5 years old He will constantly spawn Lauren at random spots in his playthroughs and say that he "couldn't resist" or "had to", stare at it for a few seconds, and then move on. He even has a key bound in his Doom source port just to spawn a pic of Lauren with her panties towards the camera in front of him. But since this article got featured on here, many comments were put onto his DeviantArt to call him a pedo. But then Omegalore got fed up with the FRIGGIN TROLLS and then FLAGGED FUCKING EVERYTHING.

The "art" that Jackie doesn't want you to see About missing Pics

There's a few more that didn't get saved, but you get the idea. Also, that's not how hexidecimal works you stupid fuck.


One of Omega's sockpuppets that he uses for extra likes.

On Jewtube, Omegalore's videos of him playing Doom wads are what garner most of his attention. Only satan knows why, since they're all 30-40 minute shitfests, sometimes up to an hour (or were, but then someone false flagged one of his videos for copyright). He does a lot of running around and dying, save-scumming, cheating, generally lacking skill, bragging about whatever pointless enhancements he decided to add for that particular video, failing at simple actions, and rambling about shit no one cares about. He even fails at titling them, since he will often shorten the game name to an acronym that nobody ever uses (For instance, the first Bubsy game becomes Biceotfk, Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid (a Joke WAD for Doom) to M2TSOS, and Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition becomes DN3DAE).

Going apeshit over people making fun of him on Deviantart
He spends this whole video being mad at Google+ all because someone flagged one of his videos
Note the Dora poster and plush in the background. And the shake weight.
Warning: This video contains Omega trying to be Jack101 and beating up his 5 year-old waifu
You can't redo a final version, dumbass
He actually changed this wad just to add a picture of Daisy to his room and make his sprite what he wanted it to be
Skip to 17:00 and get your facepalm hand ready
He has a LOT of videos with this title
What happens when he tries to play a puzzle game. Note how he somehow manages to accidentally turn on a cheat that gives him all the items and STILL manages to fail spectacularly.
Omegalore fantazises about burning people in a school and sounds like he's having an orgasm at the same time

Doom projects

Not a narcissist.

Every Doom project Omega ever makes, he hypes up like it's going to completely redefine the way people think about Doom. Hell, for a while he even labeled himself "The Doom Genius" (until Jackie told him to stop it) and he still sometimes refers to himself as "Omegalore - Doom Mapoholic". In reality, the project ends up sucking, he makes at least 9000 "redos" of the same project with insignificant changes each time, and then eventually he just forgets about it along with the rest of the world. this is a prime example of that. There's a few projects of his in particular that actually stand out (though not in a good way), and those are:


The product of a fail creepypasta. Further feeding Omega's obsession with faux-satanism, this wad was a recreation of a skarreh story about a haunted doom wad or some shit. It was almost universally panned and dismissed as a troll wad, and he re-did it around 7 times before having it removed from Doomworld's /idgames database and trying to hide all traces of its existence. This wasn't helped by the FRIGGIN' TROLLS flagging down most of the videos after version 2 (The fact that the videos contained uncensored cocks had nothing to do with it, honest!)

Here's some of the zandrocum community's thoughts on the wad:

That.... is just stupid and disgusting -.-


— Lollipop

It's pretty stupid if you ask me. The product of a fail creepypasta. [...] Honestly, the dead dog and man pics didn't bother me at all. Idunno, maybe I'm numb to that shit. But I find it pathetic that the wad author resorted to simple gore triggers because he wasn't creative enough to be able to make a legitimately "creepy" map atmosphere on his own. What a douche.


— Ænima, the other king of hyping subpar projects

What a weird mod, -10/10, man i prefer terry wads than that, at least, they make no more sence...


— Some faggot

i saw a video of the wad, pretty bad. to be honest why would someone recreate a mediocre creepypasta ingame?


— Some bronyfag


Every time Omegalore makes a playthrough of a doom wad on Jewtube, he insists on pimping the hell out of it with unnecessary expansions despite numerous pleas from what little audience he has to cease and desist said pimping. This is where he keeps most of those expansions. He acts all high and mighty because he made this awesome mod pack, when in reality EVERY SINGLE RESOURCE except for a few shitty MSPaint drawings are lifted straight from other, better projects. In an attempt to disguise this, he went and recolored a few of the new weapons. The number of people fooled remains at exactly zero. He also uses his custom OP weapons in quite a few playthroughs claiming that "It's not cheating!".


His latest overhyped piece of shit. He has been working on this one for nearly 3 years now, but still insists on continually pimping it out with more shit that no one cares about. However, there's three things that make this one stand out. The first is that he uses Sonic.EXE as a boss completely unironically. Yes, he really thinks that fail creepypasta was legitimately scary. The second is that in the countless update videos he posts about it you can always see pictures of Lauren plastered all over the place. Any mention of this will lead to him shouting "IT'S FOR PRIVATE USES ONLY! I'LL REMOVE IT IN THE FINAL VERSION!" and sometimes even apologizing to the texture for having to remove it. Srsly. The third is that he really hyped the shit out of this one, even by his own standards. He plastered it onto a shitload of platforms (take note of how he is the only member of that last one, other than a terry troll), and is treating it like some sort of big event. Needless to say, this has all still failed to make people give a shit.

Early preview. Any atmosphere this wad may have had is ruined the second Sonic.exe shows up, but "IT'S FITTING YOU KNOW!"
This was not the final preview, he would later go on to make at least 5 more
A trailer for his overhyped-as-hell "event"
Take a shot every time you see Lauren. You'll be totally hammered in minutes.
All of his Nightmare Palace videos boiled down to their essence

TL;DR versions

If this article is tl;dr for you, just watch these videos. You'll get the idea.

Fun fact: Omega once flagged this video for "cyberbullying"
This is shockingly accurate.

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