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What's that Old /b/? Newfags are gullible faggots?

Old /b/ Day aka The Boston Fail Party is the name given to a surprisingly epic trolling pulled off by moot on June 18, 2008. But not just a standard, 'haha look what I did' internet prank, but a gloriously lulzy IRL one. Long story short, m00t managed to corral a bunch of retarded 4channers who thought moot was going to show up and give them some sort of divine wisdom on how to 'save' /b/ into a park in Boston like some kind of gay shepherd, then filmed the whole thing for the entertainment of all.

The Bait

moot finally realizes something which has been an obvious fact for about 2 years.

So here's the long version. In the evening of June 17th, millions of sleepy-eyed channers found their home of 4chan in a bizarre state. On /b/, some sad, Arabic song from Metal Gear Solid 4 called "Love Theme" was playing, and the following message was displayed at the top of the page:

/b/ has changed.

it's no longer about original content, epic GETs, and win it's an endless series of reposts, perpetuated by newfags and trolls fail - and its consumption of /b/, has become an unstoppable cancer. /b/ has changed.

Moot, after a night on the pipe and MGS4

this is our final mission
Sticky 1.png
Sticky 2.png

Along with this, Moot and his team of modfags locked the board down and renamed it "old /b/." Previously, the board had been named and renamed "/vaporeon/," "/tom/" and "/b/oston." However, The board was soon unlocked and a couple of stickies were put up. All in all, it looked like /b/ had finally succumbed to the cancer from which it had so long suffered. Either that, or moot had been playing too much Metal Gear, got drunk, and decided to troll /b/ out of a combination of boredom and a thirst for attention. /b/tards postulated about the situation, wept, and made their farewell threads, even going as far as to delete their /b/ folders as a Final Solution. Needless to say, chaos reigned all day.

And the bait is set...

Meanwhile, on the less busy, less cancerous, less important boards of 4chan, a different kind of message graced the top of the page. Moot left a time and address, as well as a link to Google Maps, presumably signifying an important meeting of some sort. The message read - "today, 6/18. Boston common. park street. 7pm." The cryptic message intrigued the channers. Also, since moot didn't invite his /b/rothers to the party, it appeared that /b/ was finally about to be put out of its misery.

The Reaction

As expected, a site-wide shit storm raged all day on 4chan, with some very interesting mentalities, opinions, and responses to the apparent apocalypse.


How do i fox b.jpg
If you really need a pretend revolution and an instructional image macro to kick your ass into doing these things, you should fill that vacant space in your skull with some lead.

Many /b/tards called for a mass purging of old content so that they could start anew, in a /b/ without cancer, AIDS, fail, and faggotry. This was one of the more popular ideas, and included quite a few /b/tards baleeting their /b/ folders and calling for others to not repost, troll, or post without lurking evar again. And, naturally, this also led to...

Blaming ED

Bitches don't know bout mah MysteryBot
BAWWW...ED gives away trade secrets!

Of course, newfag nerd rage soon boiled over as the bewildered 13-year-old 'guardians' of all things *chan and the protectors of the super secret memes looked for a scapegoat. As usual, the call went out to ræp, pillage and plunder ED, so noone would ever know how much they liek Mudkips.

PROTIP faggots: Urban Dictionary and Uncyclopedia (srsly have a look for yourself)

A Fond Farewell

Chaos all day...

For 24 hours, all the THE BEST threads, Everyone Get In Here threads, You Laugh You Lose threads, and other assorted cancer ceased...but only to be replaced by "One Last THE BEST" threads, "One Last Everyone Get In Here" threads, and "One Last You Laugh You Lose" threads. Although the cancer threads were already exhausted three times over within the first hour, dumbasses continued to post them all day. Additionally, a new meme burst forth from the dying ashes of /b/, known as "Oops, Sorry It's Sideways," the aim of which is to post THE BEST, Everyone Get In Here, and You Laugh You Lose rotated 90 degrees.


And there were always those users who couldn't care less about the fate of /b/ and simply wanted their boards to be left alone. However, with /b/ constantly dying throughout the day, the cancer couldn't be contained and soon spread to other boards. With the threat of /b/'s death looming in the near future, everyone worried. Could it be the end of an era? Or the sign of another re/b/irth? Soon enough, time revealed the answer...

The Fail

Some Bostonfailfags, reeking of faggotry.
The whole event in a nutshell.

The site was in a state of tension and uncertainty throughout the day, and finally 7 o'clock rolled around. Everyone waited for some word from those lucky enough to live in Boston, or those stupid enough to go out of their way to get there. Finally, a link to a live USTREAM video was posted across the boards, and everybody was tuned in until the stream was pulled due to the overwhelming traffic of 3,000-5,000 ROFLing channers.

From a supposed Femanon:

I was there first, holding up a Frisbee with the word "4chan" on it, taxing people to me like a chauffeur in an airport. At first it was joyous fun. Lurkers from /a/, /o/, /co/, and /b/ along with others flocked to me. We were all waiting for something to happen but didn't expect much.

...and that's when the cancer hit. A group of 15 or so /b/tards all in Guy Fawkes masks, using nothing but the used up memes that killed our beloved /b/. All spreading fliers about Scientology, when clearly this was no protest. Bystanders were scarred, and confused by this horrid display of faggotry. One of the masked ones attempted to grope me. It was then I decided to unaffiliate my small band from theirs.

Looker-ons came to me asking what in the hell this was. I simply explained what my group was here for something unbeknown, obeying the first fucking rule. Do not talk about /b/. Meanwhile the failures danced around spreading their faggotry to every corner of the Common. I laughed when one got his mask snatched by a 7channer.

All this showed was the populous of 4chan that is not made of fail, sadly, is a minority. It also showed why /b/ is dead. Sticky this for all to see. I'll have pictures in a bit.

—Aforementioned slut, reportedly almost raped by raidfags
Idiots begging for an invite to a party that doesn't exist.

The scene showed, as expected, the troll being fed by a bunch of confused losers in Guy Fawkes masks standing and parading around a public park like a herd of lost cattle, who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and do the right thing to make the world just a little less shitty. These newfags gathered, played music, and danced like retards. They made fools of themselves in front of many people and almost got into a fight with a group of nigras. The guy manning the camera seemed to thoroughly enjoy this, holding up signs saying "Sup /b/" and "fucking fail ITT."

There was also some trolling for those at home to fall victim to after the USTREAM video went offline due to the amount of users. The error screen read that the server could not be reached and that you needed an invite to join the channel. Of course, the channel was dead, but newfags thought they were being excluded from the fun. This mentality was fueled by a number of willing trolls, and soon everyone was begging for an invite, essentially screaming at a brick wall.

Video Of Fail

So, what the fuck happened?

Banning non anonfags.gif

So, in the end, /b/ never died (although it still sucks), but it faded in and out of consciousness all day. But more importantly, a bunch of gullible /b/oston failfags got shown to be the wicked retahded idiots Boston is famous for and were publicly humiliated on the Internet.

It was a well planned, hilarious prank that will go down in the history books as a day of great lol corruption. In fact, when one thinks about it, one might say that moot put as much effort into this ordeal as he should have put into making his website not suck so Goddamn much... which is sort of admirable, in a completely incomprehensible, but also fairly appropriate, way.

And when one thinks about it again, he might say that this is a way of improving his shitty goddamn website.

The Commemorative Bel-Air

Now this is the story all about how

/b/ got flipped turned upside down.

And I’d like to take a minute so sit right there

and let me tell you how Moot pulled lulz outta thin air.

Up on the internets born and raised.

On 4chan’s /b/ is where I spent most of my days.

Just chillin out maxin’ and haxin’ all cool

Lookin for lulz outside of the pool.

When newfags came in and were up to no good.

Started causin’ cancer in my e-neighborhood.

Posted too much copypasta and Moot thought it was stale.

And said “I’m gonna set these fags up for fail.”

He altered the board and it became clear:

/b/ was dying and /b/tards did fear.

If anything they thought their e-lives were done.

But they said “nah forget it, ZOMG LAST THREAD EVAR RUN!”

Moot turned on the ustream around 7 or 8

and he watched the IRL /b/tards run around and masturbate.

He looked at the failfags it was finally true

/b/ sucks ass, yes oldfag even you!

The new trollery

On Thursday, June 18 2009, moot replaced the normal headline of /b/ with "you forgot: it was your final mission, nothing can save you" and had the page play the same music as last year.

In retaliation, many newfags began posting things such as "omg this is the last reporting in thread lolol report in", resulting in much lulz and facepalming for those of us who knew what was going on. Attempting to appease Moot, legions of newfags posted up heterosexual porn for him to fap to obviously not realizing that moot is a faggot. Other oldfags chose to troll and act as though it truly was the end of /b/.

PROTIP: It's the one year anniversary of old /b/ day. Chill, get a life, and an hero.

More coverage.

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