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can you feel the love tonight
this was fucking made the same day they got together
good discovery, wow

Deviantart-favicon.png Okiamu/Meridith is another 10 year old raging attention-whoring furfag on deviantart and tumblr. She is known for constantly whining about bullshit breakups from relationships with other furries who also get their dicks wet over attention (these relationships are tru luv even tho they only last two weeks). Her daddy apparently hates her along with her entire family and she is alone 5ever. She also leaves deviantart daily because she is sad.


Okiamu has now also claiming to be a transgender male and goes by the name Felix now. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. She's also asexual now too! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! SHE'S A STRAIGHT FEMALE AGAIN! LMAO


Since love is around every corner (and a new one for a new day), we needed to give this aspect it's own fucking section. This just shows how much Okiamu really loves her partners, that sweet girl!


So her ex-luver 5ever Deviantart-favicon.png DaWildBear has created a huge shitstorm with Meridith. First off, Okiamu cheated on Ethan with another girl as they were dating as admitted here. But he knows it's all his fault and has been busting his ass to get her back from 'his mistake'. He even goes as far as making their relationship a contest against her current relationship (with Deviantart-favicon.png cupcakekitty9089 who loves her so, so much. Ethan is another 10 year old attention whore like Cupcake and Meridith, though, so he is also suicide party member. He also tried to go an hero, but his daddy wanted to let his 7 watchers know that he's okay.

Ethan also apparently did the unspeakable and raped Meridith. She might be pregnant, but the chances are that this baby will take after the glorious attributes of it's mother.

Ethan and Okiamu apparently got together again in January 2015, and broke up in August 2015, because "ETHAN ABUSED HER"!!!!!


Okiamu also bravely saved the life of her lover of 2 weeks, Deviantart-favicon.png cupcakekitty9089 from using her mechanical pencil to go an hero. This undeniable love is what kept Meridith from rejoicing with her one true love, Ethan. But Meridith loved Cupcake too much to let her go, even though Cupcake was able to leave the bitch for someone else in two hours. Cupcake still loves Meridith, but loves this new chick of like 3 hours the same. as of 26th February, oki and cupcake are DATING AGAIN HERE WE GO. Time to start placing bets on how long this shit's gonna last. Even though she told everyone she had a crush on a heterosexual, shes dating Cupcake lmao we cant wait for the angsty journals after they break up

Cupcake and oki broke up in March, and oki quickly jumped into a new relationship with some douchebag named Hunter. But oki and cup still claim to be "married".


cannut be fixed without the attenshon

It seems that Okiamu has gotten her soggy vagina even wetter over someone irl named Alex, and he's the perfect match for her! Let's see how long their relationship will last, maybe it will actually be forever! BUT WAIT! Alex is now a female, and has a dA Deviantart-favicon.png shhitsalex. because of it she has changed the journal to "She". maybe she wanted to look less like a queer but alas, alex has left her for her ex-boyfriend and leaving Okiamu to wallow in her own pity and make sad journals to get attention.


after her super long relationship with Alex, Okiamu is now in a relationship 5eva with her cat. Theres even fanart Also, new troll-on-the-block, Deviantart-favicon.png littemisstia posted selfies on her account with three different faces and Okiamu, her pain still raw from her breakup, commented on how how cute she was after only 2 hours of breakup.


literally two weeks after breaking up with alex, meredith's got her vagina hungry for more homo girls and started dating Deviantart-favicon.png dlamonds (new account Deviantart-favicon.png mocha-stars) and dia wanted her to "take her to the corner of the world where they can eat and watch the walking dead". any horny teen's biggest dream. it took about a month before okiamu and her latest butt buddy broke up and they both left to make new accounts. (not sure why because they're now still friends) the reason for the break up was dlamonds wasnt ready for a relationship despite dating the "love of her life" for over a month. (oh by the way, she's "slightly transgender" as well)

New break up

Most recently Deviantart-favicon.png Okiamu broke up with Deviantart-favicon.png boxxs according to some news that was passed. about ten minutes after the break up she commented on her own profile that she had a crush and a little stupid poem after wards, following a reply to her own comment that said with a "heterosexual" . She'll be dating again in no time, little hooker. WAIT SHE IS!


Deviantart-favicon.png Redsnore and Okiamu were "totally deeply in love lolz <33". They got together ONE WEEK after she had broken up with Ethan. And no surprise, their 'true love lolz' only lasted less than AN HOUR. Redsnore was soon dating someone else then left deviantart, while Okiamu quickly moved onto Alex.


As of September 2015, OKIAMU FOUND HER 1 TRU LUVZ!! The little whore refuses to tell anyone his name, so we can only assume that he's as fake as she is! According to Oki, he's 18 and has cured her Mental Illness!

Super troll status

Meridith also thinks she's a troll because she can call out on someone's bullshit like anyone else can. She's active with HinaUchi's drama, jumping in to be the superhero by showing hinas super evils!!! This only inflates her already enlarged 10-year-old ego, though, but it also helps her fit in by being super edgy.

Sex buddies

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