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FoundationAugust 9, 2008
Major Boards/k/, /t/ , /v/, /n/
Epic WinsMultiple arrests.

OPERATORchan is a *chan catering to American /k/ommandos and a few lonely survivalists who like to think they know something about the real world because they watch South Park. Despite running a heavily-modded Kusaba script, it became one of the more popular imageboard websites after the AR-15 forum was raided in late 2008. In its first six months of OPERATIONS, around 70,000 posts were made. At one year old, they surpassed 231,000 posts.

An image will suffice
Serv's sister and boyfriend. Posting this pic will get you banned.
Serv's sister again, challenging the established theory of genetics.
A metaphor for OPERATORchan: tripfags sucking each other off.

V& operators

Recently a mallcop, furfag and operator, Admiral Roflcakes was arrested after barricading himself in his mom's house, but someone griefed his 'cade knocking down the couches and barrels. His emotionally disturbed state is thought to be caused by drama with TexasBabe. This however was not the case. It turns out the entire state of New Jersey is an enemy of the constitution. [1]

Typical Mossberg User

In a September 29, 2010 post, PanamaJack revealed he was once arrested for illegally concealing a handgun. The charge has hurt his employment chances. lulz.

In August 2011, another tripfag named SoL has been charged with murdering and dismembering his neighbor. [2] [3] [4]. Of course, being the well-adjusted and totally sane patriots of OPchan that they are, they think he's totally being framed and the murder was a false-flag, or something. Hint Hint - the whole drama is a perfect way to get a shitstorm brewing.

In April 2014, a chink and his race-mixing whalewife continued on OPchan's proud tradition of murder. [5]

Play nice

Despite evolving out of *chan culture, OPchan is totally srs when it comes to guns. They are basically ARFCOM with a chan suffix. A number of things not allowed are;

  • Banime - Yes, a *chan that doesn't allow pictures of Japanese cartoons.
  • Racism - African-Americans are fighting for your freedom in Iraq.
  • Pr0n - because nipples are against Judeo-Christian tradition.
  • Trolling - It's just not a chan without it.
  • Whistleblowing - Don't be an evil socialist traitor who deserves corporal punishment like Bradley Manning!

Shitposting and spamming on 4chan /k/

OPERATORchan routinely raids, trolls, spams, tries to recruit, and shitposts on the original /k/, often pretending to be /b/, or actually tricking /b/ into helping them. This is obviously an attempt to shit up 4chan's /k/ so badly that OPERATORchan looks better by comparison. Serv himself will occasionally come to /k/ and OPERATORchan-spam live and in person. Such threads are usually sagebombed liberally and reported.

Now Serv's buttbuddies resorted to even worse tactics. They are using the names of popular and well known /k/ namefags and post threads urging to follow them to OPERATORchan. Such attempts at impersonations are usually quickly identified as the fakes they are and promptly sagebombed and reported.

Raid history

  • CP raided once due to Serv taunting his friends at 711chan, resulted in many good threads dying.
  • Serv removed everyone's mod powers and went to go watch tv huff butane because he thought /k/ommandos in the IRC were staging a coup, using GOTB the other admin, who does more than Serv (takes pics of naked women for a living and owns guns). After learning of this someone posted a thread on /k/ alerting them about the lack of mods, trying to get a raid going. Someone else found Serv's name/number/address, and posted it, but no one cares about OPERATORchan enough to raid more than a few pages of cocks or call up Ben.
  • /b/ occasionally comes along for serious businees, one example being the great penis raid of 2009, during which dozens of cocks were posted on /k/ and /t/, accompanied by the phrase "what kind of ammo does this take?"

Migration of tripfag from /k/

Many well known tripfags from 4chan /k/ now make operatorchan their home, such as Meplat, Drake, Bat Guano, Fresh Prince Of Persia (FPoP), Major Maxillary, and everyone's favorite crazy Albanian durka Gospel Man (A.K.A. TheGoddamnGM).

...and nothing of value was lost.


A spinoff chan of a spinoff chan, founded because both the SoL saga was drawing too much police attention to other OPchanners' own crimes, and because OPERATORchan wasn't being serious enough.

Payback Enterpises

I head some stuff about this group named Payback Enterprises. Supposed to be some pretty rough characters. Something about "Paid cash for kicked ass". I've heard they will rape, pillage, and kill and get all medieval and shit with the mad minutes and whatnot. Supposedly run and operated by a schizo who only sleeps one hour a day. It's weird and cloaked and mystery and shit. Apparently some disaffected mercenary went crazy and started his own merc outfit called Payback Enteprises. They say he is insane and has fits of manic-depressive paranoia. He's supposed to be some kinda pill freak and only sleeps one hour a day. I heard they got a contract to do security for Lady Gaga's entourage and one of the few times they worked pro bono. The briefings are weird....some days the owner will walk right by you. Like he doesn't even notice you. Then like other days he'll throw you in a corner and say some shit like "DID YOU KNOW THAT 'IF' IS THE MIDDLE WORD IN LIFE?! THAT IF YOU CAN KEEP YOUR HEAD WHEN ALL OTHERS DOUBT YOU?! " I mean I'm just a small man...a simple man. But he's all fucking insane. The villagers worship like some kind of a god.

Major boards

  • Survival & Food - Neckbeards planning for shit that will never fucking happen
  • Talk - 24-7 faggotry.
  • News - If Stormfront had a *chan board
  • Buy, Sell, Trade - Guns and ammo being sold....oh noes!



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