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You can see the light of intelligence shining out of his little face, can't you?

Ntokozo Qwabe would be a really good rack in Scrabble, if it wasn't two words and neither of them was a proper noun.

As it is, this random-looking selection of consonants is in fact the name of a law student at Oxford University, Englandland. As you may have guessed, this individual is also a well-to-do member of a respected ethnic minority.

Like most students, he (for it is a male) is a total dick and an attention whore.

He is noted for repeatedly harassing an innocent statue and racist abuse of white serving staff in local food outlets.

In April 2016, he boasted that he had made a waitress cry 'typical white tears', which he said made him 'LOL'. $2,000 was donated by members of the public to compensate the waitress for her ordeal.

In September 2016, he hit the headlines again. In no way has the world heard the last of this imperious pickaninny, who started off making stupid remarks about statues (late 2015), progressed to humiliating female members of other racial groups (spring 2016), and has now moved up to insurrectionary behavior (autumn 2016).

Hijacking? Arson? This young star has his whole game ahead of him.

Ntokozo Qwabe is a violent racist

By September 2016, Qwabe had left Britain and returned to the Rainbow Nation of South Africa, where he was of course welcomed with open arms. Starved of attention, the poor little lamb had no choice but to invade a university law seminar and was caught on video doing something aggressive (but ambiguous). No doubt, Qwabe would have prefered to take a more public form of action to raise awareness of whatever shit he was spazzing about this time round, and the fact that an off-campus protest might have attracted the attention of police equipped with firearms (rather than young women armed with smartphones) is merely coincidence.

Here is what he has to say about the latest installment of his righteous crusade to feed his cancerous ego.

It is NOT true that I ‘assaulted’ and ‘whipped with a stick’ a white student during our shutdown of the arrogant UCT Law Faculty yesterday! Although I wish I’d actually not been a good law abiding citizen & whipped the white apartheid settler colonial entitlement out of the bastard – who continued to video record us without our consent – this is not what happened as the media is reporting.


Qwabe's Facebook post about the incident (original not linked, to deprive him of clicks)

Yes, that's right - you can arm yourself with a blunt weapon, and brandish it wildly as you intimidate another student to hand over her personal possessions while you are invading an organised private teaching session. But it's filming you while you do it that is the real injustice here. Doesn't this camera know that Qwabe is young, gifted and black? It is an outrage.

Hate crimes against statues

This statue is made of pure Hitler and is kept in a cage to protect passersby
The racist and violent way in which the space is configured normalises and props up the existence of systemic racism, patriarchy & other oppressions that students at Oxford go through daily.


Nktozo Qwabe speaks out against spaces infested with violent statues

Mr Qwabe is the instigator and agitator behind an old media phenomenon that spread like AIDS in a bathhouse in late 2015 to early 2016, in which people across the world declared war upon carved stone effigies of historical figures.

In Mr Qwabe's case, the sculpture in question was that of Cecil Rhodes, after whom Rhodesia was named. The Victorian financier's likeness is on display at Oriel College, Oxford University, in recognition of the fact that Rhodes donated generously to this hallowed seat of academia, and set up a fund which financed international scholarships for non-British people who wanted to be educated at the most prestigious university in England.

Famous Rhodes scholars include Bill Clinton and... Ntokozo Qwabe himself.

Mr Qwabe clamoured for the statue of Rhodes to be removed as a symbol of colonial repression and white supremacy. The media blew this twat's attention whoring into a national scandal.

The university pretended to listen politely and then when the fuss had died down a bit, pointed out that the statue is part of the design of a building of historic importance and therefore protected by law, so Mr Qwabe could hold his breath till he went blue, if he liked, because the statue was staying put.

Mr Qwabe and his pack persisted in this bizarre campaign even after it had been defeated, by the simple expedient of pretending the defeat hadn't happened.

But eventually Mr Qwabe needed some more publicity to feed his hungry, hungry ego. And that was when the idea of victimising a random white woman hit him.

Waitress victimisation

On 29 April 2016, Mr Qwabe and his "radical non-binary trans black activist" friend went to pay the bill at a Cape Town cafe and they slipped a note to the white waitress.

The note read in bold: 'We will give tip when you return the land'.

The waitress comes to us with a card machine for the bill to be sorted out.

She sees the note & starts shaking. She leaves us & bursts into typical white tears (like why are you crying when all we've done is make a kind request? lol!).


The unrepentant jiggaboo later dismissed his comments as "a harmless political statement made in one line on a piece of paper" and claimed the "white" media was going "hysterical". He added: "LOL! Because one moment of white tears always makes news despite the everyday unarticulated black pain the dispossessed & landless masses of this cowntry (sic) have to live through!"

WOW. Whiteness is so weak. Cute actually.


Yes, congratulations, you really stuck it to The Man, there.

A GoFundMe has been set up to provide a substitute tip to Ashleigh Schultz, the innocent waitress who was victimised and humiliated by Mr Qwabe and his SJW friends, who were unconcerned by the fact that Ms Schultz works two low-wage waitressing jobs in order to support her mother who is suffering from cancer.

Within 24 hours, the fundraiser had accumulated $2,000. Three days later: Topped out at $6,815. Note: Due to SA's deep economic fuckedness, this converts to 102,103.59 Rand and the average monthly wage in South Africa is 17,517 R, so it's probably more money than this woman would normally receive during a year or two. PROBLEM, Qwabe?

This is white privilege at its finest.


—South African newspaper The Daily Vox,
explaining how an Oxford law student who bullied a waitress dindunuffin

As yet, Mr Qwabe has declined the opportunity to return the 'dirty money' from evil imperialist statue Cecil Rhodes which enabled him to study in Britain in the first place.

Internet petitions are not worth the paper that they aren't written on, nevertheless many now feel that the statue of Cecil Rhodes is entitled to a refund of the price of Mr Qwabe's scholarship. (10,000 signatures in 12 hours)

What knavish tricks will this junglebunny think of next to satisfy his constant urge for publicity?

Qwabe, hou jou bek!

Ntokozo Qwabe’s behaviour is as much borderline criminal as it is helplessly foolish


ANC provincial spokesperson Yonela Diko

Later that day...

Well, that didn't take long. After a 36-hour Facebook suspension, he's back and this time threatening to overthrow the 'race-traitors' of the ANC.

The rainbow nation of modern post-apartheid South Africa is shocked and appalled by Qwabe's faggotry, as can be judged by the enlightened comments on the petition to revoke his scholarship:

he is worse then a human, he is an unwanted element on this earth


Carolyn Dewrance, Western Cape, South Africa

It is time to stand up against these racist bastards.


Phillip van Niekerk, Brackenfell, South Africa

This man, no, this animal, is what is stopping this country from moving forward


Anton Kooi, Pretoria, South Africa

I am sick and tired of blacks and their racial attitude.


—Barry Hutchinson, Lusaka, Zambia

He is an embarrassment to humankind.


—Hilary Schroder, Cape Town, South Africa

Its time the world must see that its blacks like him that makes reconcilliation difficult in South Africa.


—Hennie Dalton, Kempton Park, South Africa

These "I'm entitled to it because Whites owe us" twits must get a life. We owe them nothing! They inherited a fully functional state with the biggest economy in Africa for nothing, which they have virtually destroyed in 22 years. Now; before the anti-white brigade gets going I am not a racist.


—John Neil, Western Cape, South Africa

Here is the proof why Apartheid existed in the first place, the culture of white people and black people are too different.


—Barend Daubern, Pretoria, South Africa

This degenerate and remedial simpleton (Ntokozo Qwabe) needs to do the world a favor by pulling his bottom lip over his stupid head and swallowing.


—Charles T. Wright

The time has come for us to take our stand, and voice our opinions, send him back to his mud hut, clown


—Louis Stopforth

there are too many foreigners/immigrants being let into this country without any checks whatsoever. In the old days when people spoke against the Queen or Parliament it was classed TREASON AND QUICKLY SHOT Good idea


—Michael Finney, Runcorn, United Kingdom

Oxford's view on racial victimisation

"We're OK with this."

Oxford is a place where non-violent speech, however objectionable, can be expressed and challenged. Our students may voice opinions which others believe to be misguided or which they find offensive. They have a right to do this, but in exercising it we expect them to respect other people and the law.


Oxford University, totally not pussies

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