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Check out that super intuitive hilighting!

Notepad++ is an ungodly worse version of Notepad. Unlike the shitty and hideously limited piece of Micro$hit, Notepad++ supports the following:

  • Tabbing your lines, whether you wanted to or not
  • Some retarded frame system that gives you more windows without any way to alt-tab or taskbar around them
  • Spell checking words that are less than 5 characters in length, especially programming functions - you misspelled "eval" you dipshit

Notepad++ is a better source code editor, but if you're editing code on a Windows system, you're a fucking hopeless idiot anyways. It does have the following craptacular features to pretend it does something halfway right.

  • Shitty syntax highlighting that doesn't know the difference between comments and interpolation
  • Plugins to prove a point that it doesn't do anything right and to add that delishus bloat

And, the best part of all as that this shit is completely free, because every operating system doesn't already have a free text editor on it. Really a huge advantage over all those super expensive text editors.

TL;DR - If you want a good hex editor, fucking hate Notepad, and don't want to pay a fucking dime to use the Micro$hit version, get Vi.

Trolling and HaXor usage

Notepad++ has been used to write programming scripts, such as the ones used by the Patriotic Nigras to raep the faggotry simulator Second Life. Being black, they're too lazy to use a virtual machine or shell to write and run their shit, so they've basically got no choice but to use this.


Fuck your anus if you wanted to use something smaller than notepad++'s huge-ass indents, and good luck interpreting those lines on the left meant to help you since you can't count its auto tabs to find out which paragraph you're on. Granted, this only matters if your paragraphs are more than two lines of code. If you code in Notepad++, they won't be.

Generally usage follows the same short process

  1. Open notepad++ and begin to write your code
  2. Realize that your new file has no syntax hilighting
  3. Try to go to a new line and space
  4. Spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how the fuck to just add a space and not a full tab
  5. Spend 10 more minutes trying to disable auto tab completely
  6. Realize at this point you're in a glorified hipster Notepad that does nothing more than count lines
  7. Finish your code anyways
  8. Save it
  9. Realize after you save it syntax hilighting turned on
  10. Hate the program
  11. Get an adult text editor

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