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North Carolina vandal is the TOW-chosen term for a redneck hoaxer who spammed retarded nonsense on to North Carolina-related articles, although he was repeatedly pwned by Curpsbot. He was also known for spamming Carlow Crab on to many wikis, meaning he may be the original inventor of that STD. He was fought by hippy child fucker Antandrus, Curpsbot, a fat dyke named Joy Stovall and various other wikipedos.

About the NCV

North Carolina Vandal is in fact a cheap, badly made rip-off of Willy on Wheels. His vandalism was for the most part either unfunny or really unfunny. Occasionally, it was suicidally unfunny.

Where's he gone?

Contrary to popular belief, the NCV still lurks somewhere in the deep, dark holes of the internet. He was last seen a month or so ago on Code WIKI, a poor excuse for a website about that glorious show called Code: Lyoko, and written by a bunch of 13 year old boys who think the epitome of 'cool' is watching a poorly produced French pseudo-anime show. NCV's recent spam involves either Abusive Aussie Husbands or some unfunny bullshit about a fictional webcomic called "Reidsville Adventures", mostly posted on Kim Possible Wikia, under the user name Three Guys, One Hammer. Additionally he owns several wikis himself, notably the srsly gay RVAWiki that nobody cares about.

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