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Nolongersilenced from one of his Youtube videos

Nolongersilenced (aka Sensible Gamer) is the retarded board owner of 8chan's /sjw/ board, which he stupidly started in March 2015. He presents himself as a fighter for social justice and gets a lot of critique and negativity as 8chan is like the hive mind of people who are afraid of SJW's. Many 8channers from /cow/, /pol/, /b/ and /baphomet/ refer to him as "Nolongerstraight" (referring to his intense faggotry) or his real name "Danny" (Danny-chan). As of March 23 2015 it is known via his IP-Address that he lives somewhere in Hobbs, New Mexico. It is still disputed whether he is a true lolcow or just a very dedicated troll and many anons are not sure if he is genuinely this autistic or just very good at trolling. Also his SJW "career" is disputed as noone was able to find any backstory on his SJW activities, despite claiming he has been a Tumblr user for over a year.

8chan's /sjw/ board

Nolongerfaggot Nolongerstraight declaring war on 8chan

Things got very serious on 8chan after an official SJW board called /sjw/ got created in early march. It was expected that this was a new major offensive by SJW to conquer and ruin 8chan just like 4chan and that soon after the board would be established, a major influx of tumblr landwhales and their whiny beta faggots would migrate to 8chan.

A retarded beta faggot from Jewtube who calls himself "nolongersilenced" and seems to have problems with speaking with a consistent flow, identified himself as the board owner in his video (link: and he was asking for support in his video because he needs volunteers to moderate his board. He also asked Hotwheels to join his cause to create a new "internet positivity machine".

Nolongerfaggot Nolongerstraight even opened an official thread on /b/ to announce his new board and whore for attention. His thread got immediately spammed with gore and porn, showing him clearly that he is not welcome on 8chan and that he should do everyone a favour and leave. Many major 8chan boards like 8chan's /pol/, /baphomet/ and /b/ pooled their manpower to achieve their mutual goal of destroying this highly cancerous board that could even ruin their new home 8chan. His board got firstly botwiped. He later activated the Captcha function to stop this spamming and anons continued to spam his board manually by filling existing threads and creating new ones with gore, porn, racist and antifeministic images and text or just random offtopic shit.

These combined efforts of all those anons catapulted Nolongerstraight's highly cancerous board into the top 15 top 10 of 8chan's board index. He continues to delete postings and banning users, failing to realize that he had no userbase before the raid and he also cannot expect any userbase to develop on 8chan as he is not welcome there. Meanwhile Baphomet still works on doxing him. The raid is still on and anon is working towards spamming as much as possible to make it impossible for the beta cuck to moderate and admit defeat.

Not sure if troll or autistic

However until this day it is not clear whether he is in fact a troll or not. Most of 8chan's /cow/ was certain about him beeing a troll from the very beginning. Screencaps appeared where he allegedly was posting things like "Heil Hitler, Gas the Kikes" and fantasies about "killing niggers" on 8chan with his board owner tags or on his twitter account sensible gamer sensible gay. Those were meant to prove him for beeing a troll. He is instabanning anyone on his board who posts any of those pictures and it is not clear if they are authentic at all as they could also be photoshopped (the fonts look fishy but anons claim this comes from beeing created on linux machines with no proper fonts installed). Also he stickied 2 threads about a 6-hours long hitler documentary denying the shoa and anti-feminist/sjw statistics and does not ban people who post there or try to engage in somewhat serious debates over these topics with him. Also until this day it was not possible for anyone to dox him at all and the only intel anons found out about him was his alleged real name Danny that got mentionned by one of his twitter homeboys. There are also no tumblr profiles connected to him even if he claims he knows tumblr for more than 1 year. It just seemed like Nolongerstraight came out of nowhere. In short: If he is a troll he is in fact very dedicated and possibly even a more fucked up low life than the channers he wants to troll.

Nolongerstraight in a nutshell

Like any typical SJW, Nolongerstraight was confirmed for beeing yet another hypocrit. Some interesting things anons found out debating Nolongerstraight:

  • Confirmed for beeing pro communism (as expected)
  • Confirmed for beeing pro totalitarian/authoritarian (as expected)
  • Thinks concentration re-education camps are OK for "certain people" (as expected)
  • Does not believe in free speech even if it is the only reason why SJW are allowed to exist at all (as expected, what is he doing on 8chan then?)
  • Pro TSA (as expected)
  • Pro NSA (as expected)
  • Thinks jews are "not white"
  • Does not like statistics that prove him wrong (as expected)
  • Objects to being insulted while he likes to insult others (maximum hypocrit)
  • Does not like it to be called gay or faggot (latent homo)
  • He allegedly watched trannies piss (latent homo)
  • His recent antic of declaring everyone a mod

Autism intensifies

After one week of beeing bombarded by the combined forces of about 700 unique trolls (according to the 8chan index page stats when he was on place 6 in the board ranking) and after banning and deleting like a true champion for a whole week while loosing on every single front, he finally claimed victory (lunatic confirmed) in another youtube video ( It hardened the troll theory as he made an interesting statement in this video: "I beat every last one of them off with my bare hands" which seems to be a reference to an old Brass Eye skit ( In the same video he went on that he would prove that he was not homosexual by showing how he is searching for straight porn on the internet. He completely failed by doing so and confirmed his homosexuality instead. A based anon found the porn video he was searching and revealed that Nolongerstraight has not even proceeded to the point of the video where the woman is undressed but instead only where you see some black dude whipping his huge cock. For this scene Nolongerstraight claimed he had an errection and would masturbate to it. His only explanation to this posting was "So? It's still straight porn" and anons now have to assume that he desires Jamal cocks.

In a new video from March 19th Danny makes weird statements like "If you are black and watching this, don't be afraid, I won't enslave you" in his "Mike Brown / Ferguson" video which hardens the theory that he might be a troll. Link:

Latent Homosexuality confirmed

On March 23 Danny was ultimately confirmed for being a homosexual after he posted a screencap of him getting b& on 8chan's /v/ for tripfagging and derailing the Gamergate thread on /v/ (1 GG thread at a time is allowed). He screencapped his ban and later went on to post it on his own board and his twitter and cry how /v/ was censoring him while it is totally OK for him to censor anything he dislikes on his own board. As he is a complete newfag and tech-illiterate he obviously forgot to censor his IP-Address and it was revealed via IP-Lookup that he lives in Hobbs, New Mexico, a region that is known to be very anti-gay (remember this, it will be important later). As his name (Danny) is also known it is only a matter of time until anons have full dox on him and can start ruining his life. He did not only forget to censor his own IP but he also forgot to censor another very important thing in this screencap. It's the tab in his browser, that displays that he browsed 8chan's /cuteboys/ board (a board for homosexuals), ultimately confirming him for a homosexual (note the irony, living as gay in one of the most anti-gay regions of the USA and spending 2 weeks of his life on an anonymous imageboard on the internet for free claiming and even trying to prove that he was straight). Anons concluded from his living town and mentionings in his earlier videos (like how he was homeschooled and raised extremely right wing) that he must have radical religious parents and severe mental denial issues with his gayness.

After being exposed he did what every good SJW (see John Flynt) does and went to delete-fucking-everything and deny-fucking-everything mode. He went on the /b/, /cow/ and /cuteboys/ threads about him (where he could not delete & censor like on his own board) to deny everything and claim that it was all photoshopped and only a lie, confirming his tech-illiteracy as he does not know how works and that it's leaving no room for manipulations by the user. After this tactic hilariously failed and anons ridiculed him he went on to delete the evidence and later asking anons to relink him to these "alleged postings he made" after deleting them on purpose so that they can't be accessed anymore via link. Little did he know that anons have had business with bigger faggots than him for ages that lead them to develop high experience in the art of beeing an internet detective. Of course they have already saved, archived and screencapped every single evidence against him before mentionning where they found them in the first place but like a true SJW he is still denying it and claiming that the archived twitter feed on is "photoshopped" and that he never posted anything like that.

Claiming victory once again

On March 24th Nolongersilenced opened a new thread on his board about the second exodus of the official 8chan gamergate board (it got devasted by GNAA trolls again) and claimed victory for his SJW board over Gamergate. This has been the second time he claimed victory and many anons asked themselves why he had to claim victory again if he already won when he was ranked higher than GG boards in the index. However he is still in complete denial about the truth about his alleged victory. It took the backup Gamergate board only 18 hours to reach it's old top 3 ranking and another Gamergate related board made it to the top 25 a few hours later while Danny's /sjw/ is sinking lower and lower every day because the trolls already had enough fun with him and stopped posting on his board and decided to not longer promote him. It is still not known by which logic Nolongerstraight can claim victory under these circumstances but those symptoms are generally known to be affecting SJWs.

On March 26 he uploaded a new Youtube video ( where he was once again celebrating his "victory" and where he wanted to prove that his archived postings were fake or bugs. He even went on to show an alleged email he got as response by which states that this all is just a bug and how he undoubtedly proved his straightness and should not give up. Of course no serious company in the world would write such shit in a business email for a customer and also there was no email field shown that the mail was really from Also the letter had no propper salutation and final words like typical business letters have and it looked unprofessional overall (just exactly like some autistic faggot like him would fake it and send it to himself). This backfired badly on him because some anon decided to email and ask them if the story that Danny was telling is true and if no, if they are aware that Danny is lying on the internet about their company's reliability.

Later in the video he even got arrogant and threatened to sue people who still post about the exposure. From his own video it is obvious that he is a poorfag and could not even hire a lawyer as his computer chair is totally ragged and if he had money he would buy a new one. Another announcement stated that now he had an official tumblr account ( He not only wants to ban anyone posting the screenshots on his board but even went so far that he emailed ED and asked them to take down his article. He must be unaware of the Streisand effect and how such efforts usually backfire badly.


He's probably a troll emulating an autistic sjw.

Nolongerfaggot Nolongerstraight BTFO About missing Pics

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