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No Nut November (NNN; No Niggers November amirite?) is a special month event where over-time virgins force themselves not to fap to porn until the month ends. Doing so usually results in a temporary good life, the development of social skills, the improvement of confidence, and the provision of good energy, but all of these things are no longer possible for many people because they're too much of a lazy fucks to reach more than a day not to fap to porn. No Nut November could possibly be an event sent by God in an attempt to make virgins stand up like a man and get a life, as virgins are one of the largest groups of people that still live on our planet. This trend, however, has inspired a number of dumb events, such as No Simp September, an event that is in similar fashion to the NNN event where, instead of masturbation, you can't simp for a girl for a month.

Every year during No Nut November, Pornhub loses 20% of its money.

What is NNN?

The event itself was originally intended as a joke, but has now become a serious trend (YES, SERIOUS!) as many people who are against porn are advising everyone not to fap as it has damaged their health. This usually results in nausea, or in turn, gives you Peyronie's disease and eventually death. The trend originated as an entry to the Urban Dicktionary, submitted by bicboi69696969 in 2011. However, some people claim that it originated in the early 2010s, but there's no further proof of this claim. This unofficial month did gain some popularity before 2018, circulating as a kind of circlejerk. People are now beginning to spread this month all over the interwebs, usually on Twitter. However, nobody cared about doing so.

The trend is relevant, and it still is

How to WIN

If you're not going to torture your cock every day this month, then you should be doing all of these steps below. But remember, this is for a month and you've been preparing for it to end.

  • Clear your internet history.
  • Go outside.
  • Spend your free time doing something else other than rubbing your micro-cock to porn.
  • Repeat this step until the month ends.
  • ?????

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