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A Nigra doing the Nigra Dance.

Nigra, not to be confused with nigger, is the name given to a member of the Internet's elite task force, a pretend race of afro-adorned, suit-clad negroes.

Many often mistake the nigra for the common nigger, due to the similar name and identical skin pigmentation. However, its etymology is closer to the non-racist, nigger, 'brotherly' terms of endearment 'nigger' and nigger (if it's a nigger calling a 'spade' a nigger), both of which have subsequently been 'liberated' from the elitist black lingo-fascists by wiggers, chiggers, jiggers, Tiggers and 'iggers' of all colors.

Furthermore, since the Internets is largely Anonymous and because the term was invented by a /b/tard (a cyber being of indeterminate and irrelevant sex/age/heritage) in the virtual, 'colorblind' environment of Habbo Hotel as a way to say 'nigga' without alerting their dirty word Department of Habboland Security feds, any suggestion that the word 'nigra' is racist is not only completely without merit, it's racist against the inhabitants of the Internets.

The Rise of 'Nigra' OTI

Closing IRL hotels too.

See main article: Habbo Raid

Although in casual 4chan use, discussing all things /B/LOCKADE well before the Summer of 2006, the term quickly grew in popularity during the planning stages of The Great Habbo Raid of July 2006. Rather than symbolizing the downtrodden Black Man however, 'nigra' became synonymous with the repression of the /b/tarded as racist Habbo mods showed their true Finnish Nazi colors, racial profiling any Habbo entering the hotel with an afro and a suit. Aided by snitching collaborators the Habbo Gestapo swooped down upon the innocent Nigras, violating their Civil Rights by such means as hampering the formation of 'human' swastikas (a Hindu peace sign) in public and banning any Habbo of color on sight.

But the /b/tards weren't havin' it, and taking their cue from the American Civil Rights movement of the '60s, hatched a plan - a 'protest' of EPIC proportions. That plan? To close every Habbo pool, in every Habbo hotel, in every Habbo country in the entire world.

No longer would these pools be open only to a few, elitist white Habbos whilst closed to /b/lack 'Habbos' whose only 'crime' was the color of their skin, the cut of their hair, and the wearing of Armani suits to pool parties; no, the pools would be closed to everyone! Furthermore, the pools would be closed due to AIDS ...ironically, the very disease the white man had used to kill off Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Magic Johnson.

Thusly, The Great Habbo Raid of July 2006 was launched (As well as The Great Habbo Raid of July 2007, a year later). And from an arcane racial 'slur' -nigra- a proud people were born; a race made from whites, blacks, browns, yellows, ecrus and purples.

That race? The Nigras. A race made of /b/ and WIN!!!


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