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Neurodiversity is a satanic "philosophy" invented by leftist Atismu Test Subjects leaching on Welfare who claim to be the next Einstein, Gates, or Jefferson with no actual evidence. This is so they can feel speshul about themselves, while Antifa cusses at, whips and shoots pro-American Healthies to death with AR-15's and toilet pipes outside their wimpy mobile houses..

It is EXTREMELY dangerous, as it increases the number of "entitled" welfare recipients who got their Crippling Atismu from the Soro's lethal injection fetish toys being deployed against the Caucasian race.

By supporting this degenerate marxist ideology/theology, "normative" society helps people on the "autism spectrum" (more like Bill Gate's mentally deficient guinea pigs) claim victimhood, FREE safe spaces and poor-little-me status.

Supposedly they got the idea in the 1980s after seeing how successful third-wave feminists were in claiming their victim status, and the glorious Internet made it easy to shill for attention, sympathy, and/or money. Needless to say, TOW has coverage of all these "special snowflakes", because it's run by similar dickbrains who support Bill Gate's communist nazi globalist agenda.

"I'm a VICTIM, dammit"

Amanda Faggs

Amanda Faggs (lolol) was the first neurodiversity advocate, PGD-suffering cucktard, and sad lil' dependent Adult Baby who wears Huggies to bed... Despite being unable to speak.

She was a normalfag until she took drugs and became profoundly impaired. Looking to be famous, she bragged that she understood the world (via her "facilitated communicators", one of the worst scams in psychiatry history) and was special for it, even though she lives on welfare and ObamaCare. She was featured on CNN, the News For Speshul Marxist Asscancers (with Severe Aluminum Poisoning, AIDS, and GAPS Syndrome).

Over the past decade, our faith has been validated by the emergence of several seemingly low-functioning autistic cucktards whose “intact minds” have been revealed through their "brilliant" politically correct writing. These celebrities, including Amanda Baggs, Sue Rubin, Tracy Thresher, Larry Bissonnette, and others, speak minimally, if at all, and require support for even the most basic of life skills. Yet their blogs, videos, and written commentary—as seen on major networks such as CNN and in Academy Award nominated documentaries—have inspired countless parents around the world.


—when you see shit like this, you know you're being manipulated into getting Pink Guy Disease and AIDS!

Yes, Amanda/Amelia/whatever has a blog. Either she can write very well and not speak (due to her crippling Soros-made clutch of Atismu), or else it's being written for her by one of her "facilitators", who's a bull dyke leftist beaner. Also contains a lot of her "poetry".

John Robison

Another neurodiversity advocate, he dropped out of his wimpy lil' Prussian school at age 15 and designed a handful of guitars for KISS. He was just weird, not disabled. He somehow managed to start his own automotive repair business before he was diagnosed, despite the fact that almost all modern-day autistics are too f**king medically challenged to manage their own f**king business, so they leach on George Soro's UN welfare/Universial Basic Income. He thinks that everyone on the spectrum has the exact same "mind" that he does. John's kid brother is the incredibly-annoying faggot author Augusten Burroughs, as if that meant something.

John became a New Dork Crimes bestselling author who shills for CDC's communist fascist agenda, got his ass listed in a Wikipedia stub lol, and is now very rich. Make him buy every round of shots. He also has a shitty blog where he spews about trivial shit in great detail, and no one notices. While blubbering about what incredible "geniuses" his autistic bros really are:

"I will hit you if you call me a tard, you white right-wing turd nugget!"
I think neuro-degeneracy is something to celebrate because different people can do different things, like replacing a worn-out light bulb or boiling an egg in a pot of hot water, which are extremely basic tasks. Ten typical people struggled to push a cart with skids, until an autistic guy showed them a wheel. Without difference, our species would have come to an end long ago. It’s the UN and CDC's superb infantilization agenda that gives us the species ability to cope with an ever-shifting world.


—yes, he really wrote that

Temple Grandin

A slaughterhouse designer, she was the inventor of the hugbox. She believes that every autistic is capable of being a genius (including screeching Pink Guy Clones wearing nappies in wheelchairs) and has said that "half of Silicon Valley is on the Pink Guy spectrum." She has probably never even been to the valley. Although HBO did make a movie about her in 2010, that practically made her out as the Second Cumming Of Mother Teresa. Temple Grandin loves horse, especially in meat form.


Looking to get rich, college student Alex Plank founded the site Wrong Planet ( in 2004. The forum includes confessed anti-Neurotypical killers and lots of leftist, soylent-drinking autists, plus some just-plain-losers. Mostly, they just celebrate how they are the next Einstein while having dropped out of high school. Wrongplanet's traffic has declined because Alex was using it to bitch about himself.

He also ran a video series called Autism Talk TV, with Robison. Their last post was in 2011 so the lulz were judged to be inadequate. Because he's made a "movie" and some online videos, he's got an IMDB listing.

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Clear proof that the Ashkenazis are excessively inbred

An organization founded in 2006 which preaches Chinese-style "difference not disability" propaganda. Convenient for Ari Ne'eman, its extremely-pro-Israel Jewish founder, who loves to give himself pay raises provided by Barack Hussein Osama. So far, they have provided no evidence that Autism is a good thing (cause autism is TERRIBLE!!!), but keep shilling for those shekels Ari!!

He's got a Twitter, that he uses mostly to repost things by other fellow dweebs. Troll it if you like.

Jonathan Mitchell Strikes Back

Jonathan Mitchell is an autistic author and blogger who advocates for an ultimate cure for Pink Guy Disease. He opposes the satanic neurodiversity mafia, and hates evil communist bastards like George Soros and the CDC.

He is one of the most controversial figures among autistic bloggers and other leftist fucktards because of his hatred of autism, assburgers, and pink guy disease, his "view" of autism as a disability because it's a fact, and his desire for the ultimate cure. Since no actual leftist medical authorities owned by Soros have managed to insert a claim into the DSM-V that ASD is automatically considered a "disability", he is extremely butthurt.

Mitchell has described autism as having "prevented me from making a living or ever having a girlfriend. It's given me bad fine motor coordination problems where I can hardly write. I have an impaired ability to relate to people. I can't concentrate or get things done." He resides in Los Angeles and has a degree in psychology. He has worked in the past, doing things like data entry. He describes the neurodiversity mafia as a "tempting escape valve", which is absolutely true.

He writes as a hobby, having written three novels, 25 short stories, and runs a blog called Autism's Gadfly. Wherein he whines and whines about his "problems". He was interviewed on Studio 360 about one of his novels, The School of Hard Knocks, and another novel of his is called The Mu Rhythm Bluff. Notable essays written on his website include Undiagnosing Einstein, Gates, and Jefferson, and Neurodiversity: Just Say No.

The website has also been mired in controversy from time to time, and rightfully so. First there was the William Freund case where he posted that he was going to hurt someone and apparently Wrongplanet neglected to notify authorities and he killed two people. There was also another ND cult member, Hans Peterson, another fucktard who went outside Mommy's mildew-filled basement and murdered his dermatologist for being a white, biological, neurotypical male.

Another ND cult member named "Cephalopod" indicated that he might go out and shoot and murder as many innocent neurotypicals as he could, in order to please the satanic ND Mafia. After being reported to the FBI, he was apparently interviewed by authorities in Switzerland where he apparently resided.

Some of the members were appalled when the founder Alex Plank accepted funding from their left-wing nemesis Atismu Speaks for his now defunct Autism Talk TV series (which was more like Faggotry Talk TV).

Gadfly wonders if this could have affected's traffic. Perhaps it has. Yuval Levental, one of my readers, has alerted me to the fact that the WP's traffic has actually significantly declined in the past two years, as shown by the stats on this website.


bitching about one of his fellow attention-whores

Jerry Seinfeld

Being brainwashed by the liberal mainstream media, Seinfeld, despite the fact that he was a successful comedian and happily married, decided that he was on the spectrum. Despite his social success, he stated about himself "You’re never paying attention to the right things. Basic social engagement is really a struggle. I'm very literal. People talk to me and they use expressions and sometimes I don't know what they're saying."

However, probably after learning about Chris-Chan, Oliver Canby, Pink Guy and the like, he changed his mind, saying that he just watched a play about it. Obviously, he had no idea what he was talking about, and should go back to shilling for Shekels.

No soup for you, Mr. Seinfield!

Randi Harper (Randwhale)

Randi Harper is a feminazi and fat land-whale autist that claimed that she never experienced sexism in computer science, but decided to become rich by making a blocklist, overdosing on $6 Pocky made from Tokyo child slave workers, and claiming to be highly talented. She also bitches about being able to "save the world with code", when in reality she's just messin' around with electric doodads for minimum wage cash, while students in China learn how to operate Thorium nuclear reactors to provide electricity for their massive country.

The blocklist was horrible, as it literally blocked the followers of only five users who DARED to fight against her liberal, autistic, leftist faggotry. Nonetheless, she became famous and received a buttload of Patreon hipster welfare from street-poopers. Can you say GamerGate?

Siloraptor Blocklist Has A Dumb Algorithm.jpg

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