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Nerdcore refers to the Nerdcore music genre or Nerdcore internet scene. Nerdcore's a sub-genre of hip hop spawned in large part due to legions of manboys' eternal love of internets, science, ancient consoles, shitty DOS games, and nostalgia for childhoods filled with plastic crap.


As opposed to hip hop, it should be noted that Nerdcore is produced and consumed by a 99.9% white demographic.

Not to be confused with wiggers, the nerdcore fanboi/fangirl tends to be the more self aware than your average ebonic spouting, suburban white-bread faggot. Nerdcore fans both shamelessly bathe in their own hopeless, pale-faced geekdom, whilst at the same time maintaining a healthy loathe for most other wigger faggotry. The fanbase is largely internet-based to begin with, the lion's share of productions being released OTI independently, as the online "community" is known for being tight-nit with its fair share of elitist faggots. Most nerdcore fans and artists tend to distance themselves from anything "mainstream" altogether (as all subcultures do), facepalming at most of the house/trance/Top 40 faggotry that flood our tubes these days, thus most nerdcore fags are fervently dedicated to the genre, exclusively.


To save you from a shitload of ambiguous tl;dr you'll find everywhere else, it is simply defined by topic and lyric, not necessarily style - science fiction and geek-culture as its primary inspiration; hip hop as basis for form. Sampling of ancient DOS and 8bit video games is the norm, sometimes giving the music a flavor similar to chiptunes, but it is never usually that electronically based, sounds ranging greatly.

Common topics include internets, ones 1337 prowess wit cumputoors, WoW, Star Trek, Star Wars, and, due to obsessive lust for retro, any number of old school text-based PC or IRL role playing games, D&D, get the gist.

Although it has spawned largely due to lonely childhoods filled with bleeps and blips, it's been said the genre itself also originated partially as reaction towards the drastic downturn and fashion-show-like faggotry of the hip hop genre and related culture in the late 90's (basically after P Diddy left an enormous shitstain on it). Thus, nerdcore flourished with the internet-saavy and largely white fanbase who'd became fed up with bling-hop and the epic industry circlejerking...


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