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An unconscious 19 year old Keiren Hunter and after doing the Neknomination.
Isaac Richardson, a man with less IQ than a 9 year old Somalian girl.

Neknominate (also known as Neck and Nominate, Neknomination or Neck Nomination) is an online drinking game where the main participants are 16-year-old female honkies and guys trying to look cool while impressing their white trash friends. The videos are mainly uploaded to Facebook, often their friends can be heard giggling and cheering on participants. Like everything else that is lame, this game originated from Australia. Neknomination also gives Australians a reason to drink on weekdays, a definite sign of alcoholism.


A GOTIS infected girl doing her own version of Neknomination.

These are the rules of neknomination, simple enough to comprehend for even the most useless waste of human flesh:

  1. The drink must be alcoholic.
  2. The drink must be consumed in a single gulp.
  3. A video must be uploaded to the internets, preferably on Facebook so parents can be proud of the angel they raised.
  4. You must nominate two or three persons, if they do not complete the challenge they owe you more alcohol. Hopefully enough for you to kill yourself with it.

Taking it to the next level

Some people have been inspired to switch it up a bit and take neknomination to the next level, in hopes of getting even more attention. This has resulted in numerous deaths, causing the media in several countries to warn about the dangers of the game. Naturally, this has encouraged people to continue nominating each other.

He told me other people were putting Listerine and toothpaste into their drinks but he said he just wanted to mix loads of alcohol and down it.


—Friend of Isaac Richardson

Stupid, irresponsible, alcohol-obsessed, consequence-blind young people with the selfishness of Kim Jong Un and the wisdom of Helen Flanagan.


Mother to Keiren Hunter

How to be a dumb fuck

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