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your mum can sure draw huh?

Necrofurs are the bastard spawn of Necrophiliacs and Furfags. They have been persecuted by everyone in the known universe since last thursday, and known Necrofurs include Karavan, Mathias Blackwolf, Michael Jackson, you, and your mum.

Typical Necrofur Behaviour

Necrofurs are a weird bunch indeed. They are torn between two sick, sick fetishes, namely being corpses and anthropomorphic animals. This is truly a terrifying prospect for everyone, and has been the source of much anti-lulz in both the necrophiliac (because, as everyone knows, fucking animals is wrong) and furry (because as everyone knows, fucking dead people is wrong) communities. Both have fervently denied the existence of necrofurs, and state that the Necrofur is the furry/necro equivalent of the boogie man.

As they have been rejected by both their parent families, Necrofurs tend to be pretty damn warped individuals, who have the capacity to say/do/fuck pretty random shit. Necrofurs tend to live in the a/h board of fchan. If you're lucky enough not to know anything about the cesspit of faggotry, then I shall briefly say the a/h board is the place where the darkest, most deeply disturbing furry fetishes go to wallow in their own self depredation. Take for example Matthias Blackwolf. Not only is Matthias Blackwolf a Necrofur, but he also creates necrofur artwork to feed his underlings with.

SPECIAL MENTION: Mathias Blackwolf

Because of this, millions of customers are still alive today.
[An] Animation I put together from a flipbook I made out of an Air Force Training Manual. Needless to say, my supervisor wasn't very happy with it. I was fortunately able to have it scanned before he made me destroy the evidence >:)


—And you thought the navy was gay.

The sick fuck himself. My god, he's more hideous than much less hideous than this loser. Old picture is old.

As well as being a furry artist - a shit furry artist - and having an obsession with killing things as violently as possible, Mathias is also a member of Cub Central. So the only difference between him and the cannibal Albert Fish (who dismembered and ate a young girl) is that his has a good deal of fur on it.

But it's GOOD thing . . .

I came.
Gothzilla, a good artist who wastes his talent on this shit.

As is always with the internet hierarchy of the chans, his minions will flock to his aid whenever his authority is questioned. This is taken directly from fchan, regarding Mr Blackwolfs sanity:

08/01/05(Sat)02:26  No.63040  - Link Reply Report  63040

It's good to see that furries are so well adjusted and mentally balanced.
 Especially that Blackwolf guy. Yup.


More so than you know! He worked retail one holiday season, and drew a 
lot of these to work out his customer anger.
Without this artwork, he might well have done these things to real
 people. But because he had this outlet, nobody
got hurt.

Still want to take away our violent video games Mr. Senator?


Perhaps it wasn't the wise idea to describe Mr. Blackwolf as a homicidal 
maniac who could only cope through his art.
It sounds a LOT worse than "He's a really nice guy in person," which
 doesn't present the possibility that he'll
eventually actually kill someone.


We humans are violent creatures by nature. This civilization is a new 
thing for us, and we need harmless releases
to avoid lashing out at each other. Homicidal maniacs, as you say, are
 people who do not seek out these releases,
who give in quickly to the desire to hurt and kill.

Have you ever worked retail during December? Mathias has an incredible
 amount of self-control. You don't need to
start out a psycho to suddenly snap from stress and go on a workplace

This shows that not only do Necrofurs think that their behavior is completely acceptable, but that it also saves lives.

Other Necrofur activities

  • The most depraved form of BDSM (that is, with dead kittens).
  • Beating a dead horse (off) and liking it.
  • Really, anything that involves dead animals and sex. If any part of that sentence sounds appealing to you (besides the "sex" part), then you are either a furry, a necrophiliac, or a necrofur. Enjoy your beating.

Gallery of Bloody Animal Death Sex

The Sick Fuckery About missing Pics

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