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NaviiNeko is kill - She has removed nearly everything related to her internet alias. This article will still be up for the hell of it. - July 28th 2013

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NaviiNeko's social media pages are up once again.

TLDR: Attention Whore Scene Girl

The Queen of unoriginal content and YouTube

NaviiNeko (a.k.a. Madison Cunningham) is another in a long line of chanwhores to endear themselves to the lovelorn basement dwellers at You can not mention NaviiNeko at 4chan without someone getting butthurt, because they will never fuck her, no matter how many times they masturbate to her image macros.

NaviiNeko first appeared on a You Cringe You Lose thread during late May 2013. This started a massive summer BBQ and a huge argument over whether this wonderful person will be the new queen of /b/. Threads were continuously made created to promote her video. NaviiNeko noticed the hateful comments on her YouTube video and disabled her comments as a result. This encouraged /b/ to continue helping her on improving her YouTube videos by communicating with her through her Twitter and her Facebook account.

Queen of /b/ - 2013

A NaviiNeko fan's supportive image

Following the civilized discussion over who is the new Queen at A majority of /b/ agreed upon declaring NaviiNeko the new Queen over what was once known as Boxxy. The other minority of /b/ disagreed and fought for another previous Queen to keep their spot. Eventually a portion of the minority or /b/ decided to pussy out and join the group that supports NaviiNeko. Due to this outrage, the portion of /b/ that dislikes NaviiNeko continue to raid related threads with Boxxy images and Spiderman images.

Threads, and posts about NaviiNeko being the new Queen spread most rapidly during July 2013. At least a quarter of threads featured NaviiNeko whether it being spam, or just a discussion about NaviiNeko. Several Anons were extremely upset about nearly every thread being about her, and continued to threaten her existence and safety. This eventually led to her dox. This was known as the peak of the War Of NaviiNeko.

Ex-Boyfriend posting on /b/

What Anons found on her ex-boyfriend. Apparently named Micheal. NaviiNeko's ex-boyfriend
NaviiNeko's current King

Mid summer, an Anon posted on /b/ claiming to be the ex-boyfriend of NaviiNeko. He presented /b/ with answers about her life. OP never posted a timestamp for proof about this relationship that apparently happened during High School. Most Anons began to believe OP because OP got annoyed about the offensive questions that were being asked and Anons searching him up through the information given. Most information provided was guaranteed true due to no timestamp being provided.

An Anon found NaviiNeko's old Twitter account where she would post delighted tweets about her life.

OP returned several days after his first thread and answered questions about their sex life and explained how terrible their relationship was. He also explained how their relationship was ruined practically due to her Dad's relationship with him. OP announced that NaviiNeko was easily depressed and they eventually broke-up. He mentioned during his 2nd thread that a hero came out of no-where and changed her into a more open person. He later concluded that this person was named Iggy, and Anons found out for this to be Iggy's channel due to NaviiNeko's appearance in the video and their channel linking:

Anons were instantly attracted to Iggy's videos and were able to find his Facebook where his profile picture features him and NaviiNeko.

Dox and Legacy

Around late July 2013, several Anons from were able to track down her information. Both her and her boyfriend had both of their home addresses, and employment information leaked. NaviiNeko proceeded to close both her Facebook, and Twitter account due to this. Days after the dox, a friend of hers visited /b/ and proceeded to rage at Anons for bothering to even dox her. Boxxy fans decided to retaliate and spam the thread.

As of July 28th 2013, NaviiNeko finally decided to use her brain. Her YouTube video was set to private to stop the spread of her cancerous video that was almost as lethal as the holocaust. R.I.P to all those who lost their lives because of her 'scripted/acted' obnoxious voice, and try hard behavior on the internet. With her video finally down, everyone can now live in peace and happiness. Like Boxxy, both decided to retreat to live a normal life.

Her video will go down in history as the most cancerous video to ever be on the internet. This has officially ended the War Of NaviiNeko. However, this will surely not be the last time we see NaviiNeko on 4chan. There will definitely be more Boxxy fans bashing her by creating threads.

As for anyone else trying to be a YouTube celebrity; follow the initiative, be yourself, faggot.

The NaviiNeko Show Continues

After one month of rage quitting. NaviiNeko decided to open her Facebook account once more, and set her YouTube video to public. On August 23rd 2013, NaviiNeko decided to release a new video that is completely irrelevant to the title of the video. In other words, it's wonderful.


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