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Shawn Fanning and the head of Interscope Records in 2004.

Napster was an e-theft service invented by fucktard Shawn Fanning a few years back. Shawn thought it would be a good idea to create software that would break the law much like does on a daily basis. The government didn't think this was a good idea. Believe it or not, they were both wrong!

During the Napster years, the Internets had a 3300% increase in the average number of fucktards on it at any given time. This wouldn't have been such a bad thing if they stayed there, but NOOOOO! They just HAD to keep flooding the forums!!!1 The FUCKIN' n0000bS!

Napster paved the way for other P2P programs to be known and accepted. This lead to the horrible atrocity of people having to look at the picture of Bram Cohen.


All the drama involved with Napster stems from the following fact

It's that simple.

Metallica drummer and fellow fucktard Lars Ulrich discovered that Metallica's single "My Credibility Disappears" was being circulated on the service along with the rest of the Metallica catalog. Lars, recognizing Napster as the work of a fellow fucktard, decided to one-up his fellow fucktard and show up on the doorstep of Napster with a printed list of names of individuals downloading his music, proclaiming that NAPSTER BAD. This is erroneously considered the first usage of the Netspeak phrase TL;DR.

Napster Inc.

After years of stupidity, the logos and name landed in the hands of a company named Roxio. Thanks to this deal, Shawn Fanning made enough money to set him up for life. Unfortunately, he spent it on hookers and blow. He currently works at Denny's.


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