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Wendy Thomson from Houston is sooooooooooo pi**ed
Goatse the Cheerleader, Goatse the World

The NBC.com forums are a place where useless middle aged housewives go to discuss the many happenings of their favourite NBC soap operas. Prominent users include Michael Bennett and Wendy Thomson.

Carson Daly and the RickRoll

On 21 June, 2007 Carson Daly used the 4chan meme Rickroll on his seldom watched late night talk show. As soon as the news of this reached /b/, Anonymous started a raid against the NBC forums. This was made especially easy as the NBC Forums have no wordfilters and very little and incompetent moderation. For some reason, the many housewives were offended that Anonymous had started filling up the message boards with Goatse, Tubgirl and Desu. This raid succeeded in shutting down the NBC Forums for a short time on Friday morning, but by 2:15pm they were back up.

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