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/n/-Your #1 sauce for ANTI-RUSSIAN NEWS!
RIP /new/
/new/ - Down the memory hole
/n/ is now Transportation. For it's replacement, see /pol/.

/n/ is was a Russiophobic image board entirely devoted to discussion of Anti-Russian News.

A Brief History of /n/

The last straw

The /n/ews board on 4chan was universally considered a bastion of rational debate and witty banter. One day, however, moot decided to shit-can the whole board because they said mean things about Barack Obama and black people. Naturally, conspiracy burst forth from the death of /n/, with reasons varying from the incompatibility of 4chan's modernization to the fact that it was a bitch to moderate. Some argue that the real reason behind /n/'s closure was that moot didn't want to attract any media attention during the election year. And nothing of value was lost.

The Exodus and New /n/

While most board users confined themselves to an apathetic "Meh" at the boards passing and took to loving trains instead, a small group of irredeemable /n/ewsfags decided to set up new /n/. For days /n/iggers became the Jews of 4chan, roaming from board to board providing relevant news, only to be told to GTFO. /n/iggers first chose to establish a new homeland on /k/. /k/ommandos, being naturally suspicious of anything informative, reacted violently. This was to be expected, seeing as the /n/ewsfags managed to keep /k/ literally FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH SHIT. Luckily though, the new /n/ has managed to drive out all of the racist, political faggotry that was the /k/ancer killing /k/. After wandering through *chans for 40 years, Plus4chan eventually became the agreed upon home of new /n/. Any point of view is welcome there, as long as the basic principles of Free Speech (except for religious crazies, commies and libtards) and tolerance are upheld (lol, yeah right).

Like New Coke before it, New /n/ confidently predicts it will soon eclipse the popularity of its predecessor and become the main source of /n/ews debate on the whole internets within 3 months.

Resident Trolls

Invisible Sky Magician

Although board statistics claim there are several hundred unique-IP posters on New /n/, a brief glance at the front page demonstrates there are too fucking many trip and namefags fagging up my /n/.

  • Afrique !!QlGNoSJp9Vm Veteran Trollsman of /n/ and /new/. It is recommended that you ignore or heavily sage any afrique thread, as it is clearly yet well planned trollbait. Worships Mises like nothing else
  • Anonex!LazyIR.llI Created /n/. Rarely shows up to keep the place in order.
  • Anonymous is the most active poster on new /n/, supplying the great majority of troll posts as well as actual news posts. Although little is known about this reclusive basement-dwelling creature, experts agree he is white, middle-class and most likely gay.
  • Subhuman White Inferiority Is a middle-class American kid with far too much time on his hands. He regularly posts anti-white race baiting posts, under the baffling belief that white people give a shit what Gookers think of them.
  • Invisible Sky Magician!!L0AwVjATZj is a 15 year old Chinese living in Canada. All of his admittedly numerous psychological and emotion problems can be explained by this fact. He uses proxies to keep coming back, but never lasts long before he gets banned for being Invisible Sky Magician. He has therefore recently fled to 420chan /n/, which hates him, if anything, more than plus4chan /n/ewsfags.
  • Pe3pe!!Eywt0Qx1 (see: Mexican lulzkiller), Obama loving Mexican who functions as a moderator.
  • anonymous of athens !SysNpnp3nU the Chinese Ministry of Information, a moralfag. Also a janitor.
  • MagnumOpus!NX9RILq6kY Refugee from old /n/ who only stayed briefly. Another janitor.
  • Animefag spams the board with one-line content nobody gives a shit about and fags up the place.
  • Hongkie 阿燦 is from a family of Hong Kong bureaucrats whose hobbies include sucking their ever-victorious Great Leader Sir Donald Tsang's tiny PENIS Mainlander immigrants. As you might imagine, he gets himself trolled easily by ISM and spends his time defending GRORIOUS CHINA from ISM's vicious slanders.
  • Invisible Sky Fagician is an Overseas Chinese keyboard warrior from the trollfest that is The Peking Duck.
  • ☆☠☆ Basement Dwelling Expert (dwelled in 219 basements) ☆☠☆!EjbSXSwhIU!!qvMQqwAzL1 Most obvious troll ever.
  • Peanut Butter!JkT8q4gSdA A britfag student.
  • Invisible Sky Nigga and yhellothar Chinkfags from AsiaFinest Forum.
  • Fascist troll.
  • Sonymaster !!NGhXKehOalY Bill O'Reilly idolizing Conservitard who never quite made to to new /n/. No one ever noticed.
  • Grimgerde!!OyMQH3MzD2 Butthurt Polefag
  • Koraboros!0KB/JOhwxM!!Z4ZTIxZGMx Butthurt Polefag
  • VIVA LA TRIPFAGGOTRY!NqceGhVGk Old /n/ewsfag
  • FAGGATRON_3000!U0FKfqmRjs Butthurt Polefag, spams shitty Garofalo advicememes
  • Misery Gloo­m!hguq2yTKHQ Butthurt Estoniafag
  • Kazi­klu!!L1LGAyATMy Butthurt Polefag
  • Leb-Chan /n/ Reporter in the field who gets sorely butthurt in sand nigger related discussions
  • IL-Chan /n/ Reporter in the field who get sorely butthurt in Jew-related discussions, he also happens to be in the IDF patrol and trolls /k/ regularly.
  • Carlton newfag (not to be confused with "/n/ewsfag") who seeped in from plus4chan's aptly named lair of faggotry, /baw/.
  • Thingamigoober !!SvAmuyLzWy Russophobic Polefag who often masquerades as a Russian for butthurt trolling purposes
  • UnicornsAreAwesomeFuckScience !.U2Uf2tsJA Australian (maybe) supertroll, Is a huge homophobe and raging conservative. His posts prove /new/ is the easiest board to troll. To make him mad post pics of unicorns engaged in sex acts.


Typical /n/ewsfags

Like Old /n/ before it, New /n/ is regularly convulsed with lengthy, venom-filled but often surprisingly amusing 'debates' on the various issues of our times. Are Slimes human? Are Russians butthurt (protip: they're not)? Is Obama a Communist? Does God exist, or was Jesus doing it for the lulz? And how can we secure the existence of the Aryan people and a future for white children?

These and many other topics are debated without regard to such arbitrary notions as 'political correctness' or 'evidence'. To a /n/ewsfag, any position is valid and (except for those put forward by niggers and other mud-people) are respected.

New /n/ vs China

New /n/ hates China. Or rather, New /n/ hates Invisible Sky Magician, who is Chinese, and extends this hatred in a more or less absent minded fashion to cover all nips, chinks, chongs, bongs, gooks and mongs. This enmity is most evident in the long-term trolling of the Asia Finest forum, and with the repeated posting of anti-Asian propaganda.

New /n/ vs Russia

This is what butthurt /n/ewsfags think all Russians look like. Russians are not butthurt; YOU are butthurt.

Russia was never butthurt. NEVER. Only /n/ is ever butthurt, and only because they know Russia isn't butthurt. This is the only explanation as for why butthurt /n/tards are so obsessed with Anti-Russian News.

New /n/ vs Old /n/

New /n/ also hates Choofags, and organizes semi-regular raids consisting of flooding Old /n/ with news articles. The general consensus is that these raids are utterly pointless, as Choofags themselves won't even defend their own board, resulting in almost all but 3 train threads being pruned, but the certainty of being defeated has never stopped the board acting like children before, and it sure as hell won't stop them now. If history has taught us anything (and it hasn't) it is that /n/ewsfags don't learn anything from history.

New /n/ vs New /n/

Even with all the other targets for spleen-venting, New /n/ has considerable venom left over to direct against itself. This hatred manifests in many forms, from the character assassinations and tripfag hate common to all the *chans, to a perversely hostile attitude towards new posters despite New /n/'s stated intention to increase its user base.

New /n/ vs /new/

The return of News to 4chon has been hailed by some as a new dawn for the /n/ewish people.

/n/, like virtually the whole internet, predicted /new/ would last less than 30 seconds before moot reconsidered his reconsideration and remembered why he'd flushed the turd of a board in the first place.

/new/ is little more than a shit-encrusted overflow from /b/ and /r9k/. The sheer levels of retard regularly demonstrated by its users almost rivals the heights (depths?) of the /n/ of old, but with generally more ass-pain and less actual news (difficult though that is to believe).

Most /n/ewsfags reacted to the birth of /new/ with raids and race-hate thread spamming, while a small minority saw it as an opportunity to recruit new members for old /n/. This had the unfortunate side-effect of attracting hordes of butthurt faggots to old /n/, who rendered the board an unusable shit-puddle of libfag baaaawing within seconds. Since then, /n/ has generally avoided advertising on /new/, preferring no new members and a gradually dwindling base of users to the horrors of the libfag invasions.

moot made the mistake of telling the new /new/ not to post any racism or he'd take the board away. This had roughly the same effect as telling /b/ not to post childporn, and /new/ was immediately flooded with racist trolls of all colors telling everyone else how much their ethnicity, culture and country sucks with Shit hitting the fan when /k/ began enforcing strict rules on what can be posted on /k/ (read no stormfront). There's been no let up ever since, and presumably will never stop until moot mercifully puts /new/ back out of it's misery As of January 17, 2011, moot finally got off his ass and "cleansed" 4chan of this festering wound. And nothing of value was lost. However, many /new/fags have migrated to /int/ and left /STORMFRONT/ at the door.

How do I trolled /n/?

Post sports news, pictures of trains, or suggest that black persons are equal human. Actually, posting just about anything will result in a minor shitstorm of drama: /n/ewsfags are, at heart, drama fags.


At the time of the Chanapocalypse plus4chan's /n/ was still a pretty small board integrated mostly by regular users from old /n/. However it being spared from the DDOSing (probably because no one gives a shit about it) made it somewhat of a safe heaven and increased its posting rates over five times.

On July 29th, 2008, Anonex redesigned plus4chan and made /n/ visible from other boards.

On September 26, 2010, Anonex redesigned plus4chan and made /n/ invisible to other boards again, presumably out of shame.


Hotwheels himself created /n/ (originally /news+/) as one of his own personal pet boards. He put links to the top threads on the front page, grouped it with the offical boards instead of with /pol/ and /leftypol/, set a requirement that you have a link in OP, and then left it ignored and unmoderated so the trolls, trumptards, and /pol/acks can run wild. It is the DESIGNATED shitting board, and always respects the robot.


See Also

  • /pol/
  • /k/, /n/'s heavily armed companion board.

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