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Dis are the Näshulta Thugs.

The Näshulta Thugs are a rap group from Näshulta, Sweden. So far, they have released 4 albums and a few singles. The band (which is probably the most awesome evarrr) was started by the lead singer "Pimp AB". Näshulta Thug's music can be described as "brutal gangsta rap about growing up/living in the 200% black ghetto where all of them niggas are opressed by the big honkey." The niggas in Näshulta Thugs are probably the blackest of the blackest shitskin niggers you are likely to ever see (EXCLUDING TOSIN ABASI!!!) They have become popular in Sweden due to the controversity in their lyrics. They usually sing (rap) about dem wimminz being hoes and dem whiteyzz fucking up dem darkies lives. When they not rap about shit like that, they usually rap about how they attract dem hoes by flashing their bling on random bars which strangely enough allow niggers. The lead singer claims that his biggest inspiration is the rapper "King M", who is actually Finnish but thinks that he's nigga. Unlike other piece of shit, wanna-be rappers like 50 Cent and Eminem, Näshulta Thugs are actually good at what they are doing. You can listen to their awe$ome music at SoundCloud; only dem real niggazz use SoundCloud...

The first album was released fall 2012. Followed by the second which was released on christmas eve 2013. The third album was released on spring 2014. A fourth album titled "United Pimps of Näshulta Hood" was released 6:th january 2017.

Since a while back, the lead singer Pimp AB desperatly claims that he is indeed Markus Virtanen (King M, previously mentioned above.) Some other niggas try to deny it and claim that they are Markus Virtanen. Markus Virtanen has directly or indirectly been the subject of many of Näshulta Thugs and Pimp AB's song. Including the song "Virtanentrollet" featuring Makelmora and "My GF is a Crack Whore."

The lead singer also releases music through another pseudonym (Pimppi AB). The name is a parody of his rap name Pimp AB. Pimppi means the pussy of a young girl in finnish. Pimppi AB's songs are usually sang in the finnish language or are about finnish interests. He has released an EP containing 4 songs about him being Markus Virtanen which connects to the paragraph above.


  • Pimp AB
  • Bull Douglas
  • A Dizzle
  • Dmitri Kolac

Usually featured artists

  • Määäckish 4.2.0
  • Makelmora

Album releases

Niggaz früm Näshulta (2012)

  1. We are the OG's
  2. Knife in a Gunfight
  3. A.C.A.B
  4. You've Fucked With the Wrong Negro
  5. Hoes & Cash
  6. Bounce That Lowrida'
  7. Eminem Sucks Pee-pee
  8. Umbrella
  9. Motherfuckin' Hoe
  10. We Don't Have to Make Anythin'
  11. Drinkin' That Malt Liquor
  12. What It's All About

En Riktigt Svart Jul (2013)

  1. Små Rökmoln av Spliffen
  2. Hej Hashish Tomtish, Zutta Spliffen
  3. Stilla Natt, Heliga Natt
  4. Tänd en Spliff
  5. Jag Såg Pappa Zutta Spliffen
  6. 3 Niggas Från Pepparkakeland
  7. Julgåtor
  8. Umbrella
  9. Last Christmas, I Gave You My Spliff
  10. I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas
  11. Staffan Var en Stalledräng
  12. Jul Hos Pimp AB

What it's all About (2014)

  1. Pimp AB is the Real Nigga
  2. Brothers in the School
  3. Bakom Masken
  4. Shank That Bitch Up
  5. Koskenkorva Vittu
  6. Förorten i Mitt Hjärta
  7. Diss Till Honom
  8. Street Hustling in Näshulta
  9. FP är BG
  10. Smoking Them Nigga Trees
  11. Min Neger
  12. Sommarspliffen
  13. Life of a Hoodrat

United Pimps of Näshulta Hood (2017)

  1. Zutta Spliff & Dra Lina
  2. Wallah Svenne
  3. Hell of a Night
  4. Kepsen På Sné
  5. Donald Trump
  6. Jag är en Fattig Hoodrat
  7. I'm a Good 'Ole Nigga
  8. Förorten i Mitt Hjärta II
  9. Virtanentrollet
  10. Still Kill
  11. Arnoldos Glasögon
  12. Iskall Bira
  13. My GF is a Crack Whore
  14. Ollar Mina Homies

Notable quotes/lyrics

"I don't understand dem hoes, they think they got dem right bitch nigga, but I don't give a shit about anybody's rights aha. Cuz I'm a fucking nigga, a badass one, a real MF. Don't care about dem MF's yeah. As long as I get them hoes to blow me yeah, I don't give a fuck about how they feel aha. So go ahead and clean, wash the motherfucking dishes hoe! Cuz you're nothing but a hoe bitch nigga mothafocker!!"

"Look at this shit now bitch nigga motherfucker, I go to that motherfucking bitch, show him shit. While I shove my motherfucking gun into his motherfucking face. His life ain't worth shit that motherfucking piece of shit. My tec9 works him over, see him falling to the ground like the motherfucker he is. Once He's dead I get my motherfucking cash bitch nigga."

"Yo, yo, yo motherfucking hoe, yo, yo, yo motherfucking hoe!"

"We took dem motherfuckers, strapped them on a pole, we shot dem motherfuckers, didn't show no mercy at all."

"Do you know what this is you damn motherfucker? It's the damn fucking raid motherfucking cocksucker."

"We are hustling in Näshulta, me and my dogs."

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