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This article contains Heath Ledger's ghost.
Man? Woman? It is a mystery.

MystressOfDarkness13 is a happy go lucky 17 year old girl from the US of A. She Likes to draw Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Danny Phantom art, has a keen interest in stopping the pollution of the environment, and eyeliner, and she may be being possessed by Heath Ledger’s rendition of the Joker. Is she just doing it for Halloween Lulz? Or is she yet another attention whore? You decide!

The E-stalker

This sorry tale of fan-ass-shitery started with an innocent DA Journal about how Mystress’s friend Kays-elle-Belle was being “stalked” by a “mysterious person”. The E-stalker faved all of KLB's pictures involving her and her feet (why would you have photos of your feet?) and is apparently using KLB’s reactions and her friends reactions as a "psychological experiment".

When confronted about his actions, the terrible E-stalker replied:

“Impressive. In half of a day, you already have an army. I am learning a lot through your reaction. Why did you try to get me banned before confirming that I was the stalker? I am learning about group psychology as well. For this, I thank you. Several of you're friends contacted me, when you didn't. You have saved me lot of trouble. Why don't you directly ask me who I am? If you are willing to believe me, I am willing to give you a hint. I will not lie to you, nor anyone else who will ask me anything. I have no malicious intent, related to this. I simply analyze.

Don't worry. I will leave you alone, if you want, as soon as I am done with my experiment. You are, after all, a very interesting specimen.


No, and neither are we.

After that, Mystress became ill with a terrible fever, and when she came back, the joker had possessed her! Oh noes! Was the E-stalker Heath Ledger’s ghostie come to get her? Was it just a troll? Or was the whole thing simply set up by Mystress herself?


A few days after, she posts a journal about deciding to dress up as the Joker for Halloween, her journal text starts to be “strangely” edited without her knowledge to have random italic and bold text amongst the normal letters. Moar evidence to back up the theory that they are just doing it for the Lulz and that the friends are in on it as well, is the fact that one of her watchers just “happens” to find a subliminal message in her journal post:



—Heath ledger likes saying lines from his movies over and over and over and over….

However when the watcher points out that “mileForm” makes no sense, the letters “magically” change to say “Smile for me” instead…. How convenient…..

How do I possessed?

When asked about her “possession” Mystress backpedals and says that he’s her "muse" and that she’s channeling his spirit to get into character for Halloween”, despite playing up for her fans and the masses by going “OMG I TTLY DIDN’T RITE THAT U GUIS!” Trolls have cried out in their oodles that if this was a hoax why all the amateur dramatics?

Mystress is SO “in character” that she’s even writing TL;DR journal posts, where shes copying all her DA note conversations with friends and getting them to work out all the hidden subliminal messages. And being a good little Christian girl, Mystress even swears to god that she isn’t lying folks :< so HAO WAI EHZ DOES NO 1 TEH BELIEVES MES?11ONE!!

On top of editing her journals without her consent, Heath Ledger's ghost is also vandalizing her DA ID picture.

I don't know how it got like that guys! and it wont let me change it back!



Wai is he doing this!?11!

On my little Halloween Prank...

Seems that Mystress is once again backpedaling...posting up this 2nd glorious TL;DR Journal, telling us how:

Yes, it's a farce. No, it isn't a ploy for attention, as I have plenty at other sites as well as here. Try again. Yes, I am mentally disturbed, and surprisingly, this did work. I mean, by your standards, it worked, anyway. Ever stop to think that this was what I wanted? To pull the wool over your eyes and have a bit of fun with you and my fans? And yes, I do indeed have fans. As for being picked on, yes I was, but that's not the issue at hand here. As for being picked on in High School, I'm still *in* High School, jackass.



She goes on to say:

No shit, the Joker doesn't exist. That should've been your first clue. As for my imagination getting the better of me, it's called being in character. It's called setting a mood. I wouldn't be a very good author if I didn't let my imagination get the better of me sometimes.



And lastly:

As for the people I quoted, you know who you are. Now shut up, stop whining, and grow either a sense of humor, an imagination, or both. As for everyone else, if you don't like what I do in my journal, just don't read my journal or visit my page. It's not complicated. If you do choose to visit and don't like my sense of humor, then shut the Hell up and enjoy my work. This site's called DeviantART for a reason, people.



What is unclear yet is if she has realized or has been informed that this page exists.... tell her for the ultimate win and watch her cry like the little bitch she is to her Hugboxing friends remember to screen-cap the hell outta her.

Reactions Gallery

You had your LOL


After unknown sources had tipped Mystress off about this article, it became apparent what a stereotypical Lol cow she really is--posting "ED hate/Leave me alone" art work, and not one, but two, lulzy journal entries. We have had our lol guis. Well apparently not entirely, because now the bitch says shes going to press charges Load your proxies! Her dear daddy is going to e-sue us. How DARE we find her email? Well Mystress, it's posted all over your DeviantART account... it wasn't that hard.

Update: Shes even gone as far as to post a "Im not bothered about the article thanx for the page views" Deviation. typical attention whore behavior. Thank you Mystress for being so text book!

Over 9,000 page views, thanks to my fans and the Trolls from ED. To my fans, I love you all and I thank you for your current support. It makes me feel great to post my work. You all have no idea how happy your critique and comments make me, and I'll do my best to continue to make more great artwork, poetry, and short stories in the future. You guys make me feel great to be alive! :D

And to the EDiots, Thank you for helping to make me proud to be an attention-whoring Lulzcow! :w00t: :boogie: :dance: :w00t: You've all really taught me a lesson in laughing at myself, something I desperately needed. I really am too serious sometimes, and it's about high time I got off my high horse and realized it. I salute the satire on your site and hope you continue to satirize many more people on dA. I'm particularly excited to see what happens when you try to poke fun at Lolly or another admin. :) As for your comments, thanks for providing me with many epic lulz - I am a bit on an attention whore sometimes, and I do tend to over-dramatize. I apologize for freaking out on your work; I didn't realize that you guys consider your trolling to be just as much of an artform as the stuff we here on dA post. Besides, your comments were the final push I needed to get OVER 9000! pageviews! So, thanks. Lulz often and NEVARFORGETDESUDESU! XD


Randomly spurting memes is not funny.



So much for not taking it so serious. She's also deleted her "You had your lol" journal, good job we capped it. But of course, like any good tartlet, she just couldn't stay away.

Must've just forgot her hat.

You cannot, and will not, drive me off the internet completely

Seems Mystress just cant keep her big fat lulz-cow mouth shut for more than two seconds....

To dA trolls:

This is not an attack on you, nor is it a plea. This is merely a response to your actions on my dA account. A simple, friendly note from someone that you have victimized and defamed, someone who did absolutely nothing save for fling a few unkind words during the beginning of it. I merely want answers, thought I do not expect you to give them to me. After all, you’re trollssarcasm and mudslinging is what you do. I may be a fool for even posting this, but it is something that I need to say. And so, since this is a free Internet, I’m going to say it.
I have been reflecting on the situation since I left last month; reflecting, but not dwelling. After all, I cannot change what happened; I cannot undo that which has already been done. It first was a grieving time for me, losing my account like that, because art is something I love most. But after a while, that turned to a simple epiphany. I eventually realized that perhaps this was for the better; my time spent on dA was quickly turning into an addiction and a compulsion. It was eating up time that I might have spent on other things, homework and family life. So, to begin with, I would like to thank you for helping me break that addiction, though your methods were a bit unorthodox. I wonder if your abuse of the internet is an addiction as well. Do you feel some overpowering need to do harm to others merely with words? Does it give you some strange high that I cannot, and admittedly do not, understand?
There is another thing for which I’d like to thank you. I have been bullied frequently, both on and offline, in the past – and I sometimes still get pushed around. My temper doesn’t do anything to help, as you have already seen for yourselves. Your taunting, while it did hurt for a while – I cried, I admit it, over what you said – has also helped to make me a stronger person. It’s given me the ability to steal myself and thickened the shields that I raise daily against abuse. It’s quite honestly given me heart that if I can stand up to someone who bullies through pixels on a computer screen, then I can easily stand up to someone who bullies in real life. However, this raises an interesting question in my mind – how many of you have been bullied, past or present? Is that why you feel the need to rile up other computer users?
Some of you have said that I am a ‘comment whore’. Here is a question for you – do you realize that, by visiting and posting on my dA page, you have given me more comments than ever? Now why would you give a ‘comment whore’ the satisfaction of having more comments? Doesn’t that seem a bit contrary to the message you are trying to get across?
Some of you ask me why I draw ‘such shitty artwork’. The simple answer is that art is just what I do, much as trolling is what you do. I draw because I have ideas. I draw because I enjoy it. I draw because I, too, have a message that I want to share, and since a picture, however ‘shitty’, is worth a thousand words, it’s sometimes the only way I can get a message across. I fully realize that I am not the world’s greatest artist, and I can never hope to be, because it simply isn’t what I wish to do as a job. Actually, I’m aiming towards collage and I want to find a career in forensic science and crime scene investigation. I draw simply because I want to, and no amount of words can take that desire to create away from me. Why do I post it? Because I want to share the message I’ve just put on paper, no matter how bad it is. The most infuriating thing is when I have a brilliant idea, a great idea for a drawing, and it doesn’t turn out the way that I want it to. It gets me more frustrated than your words ever could.
But the prime issue that many of you have called me out on is my little ‘prank’ concerning the Joker. I, as an artist of many forms of art, sometimes can’t find the right words or images – and so I turn to alternate reality games and pranks. I have done this type of thing twice. The first time was to promote a story I had written, and the second time was the one you have seen, meant to be a Halloween prank for my friends and fans. It was meant to be funny and unveil my work on my recent Joker costume for Halloween at the same time, but it grew out of control very quickly and showed just how badly the Joker got to people. I truthfully am a Heath Ledger fan; I’m even a bit of a fangirl, admittedly. When he died, I was horribly upset for days, but excited to see what he’d done with his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight. After seeing the movie in question, I felt a surge of inspiration and found a new appreciation of the Joker as a character. It rekindled my interest in Batman, something that I’d nearly forgotten about. I even looked up the animated series online and rewatched it! So, yes, that much of your mockery is true – I do indeed love the Joker very, very much, but not in the way that you might otherwise mock me for.
And now, I have a few questions and comments for you. First of all, one of you, I don’t remember whom, stated that I would ‘never be a meme because [I’m] not entertaining’. Yet I clearly remember you taunting me, which implies that every single one of you was laughing at me. Here’s the rub – if you’re laughing at me, I must be providing you some sort of entertainment. Therefore, I must be a meme if I am providing you entertainment. Do you see the paradox here? I do. Next question – what is it that you have against dA? What is it that they’ve ever done to you? Did you all randomly wake up one day and just decide to attack dA, or did someone from dA make fun of you when you attempted to join? Is it another reason entirely? Is it some twisted sense of civic duty that you think you have? Are you somehow jealous that you cannot even draw something as ‘shitty’ as the drawings of those you mock? There has to be a reason that you decided to go after dA users – one doesn’t just wake up and decide to make fun of people without a reason.
The biggest question I’d like to ask, however, is this – why do you even bother attempting to bug me anymore? I’m not on dA, I’m not responding to anything that any of you have said, and very few of you have bothered to go after me through email. I’ve deleted the homepage you’ve been spamming – I have several, by the way, and I can easily make many more – and you don’t know anywhere else I happen to be online and never will. I’m virtually invisible to all of you, and yet the really funny thing is that I’m everywhere. How many of you are Angry Video Game Nerd viewers? I love it! Did any of you see his new ones about CD-i? They’re absolutely hilarious! Are there any fans of the Nostalgia Critic in the audience? I watch that, too. As a matter of fact, I’m watching his Howard the Duck review right now. I have many accepting and friendly havens online; you have this one insignificant webpage in one small corner of the vastness that is the internet, along with one pitiful page on dA for each of you who operate there and perhaps a blog, Facebook, Livejournal, or MySpace. I’m still operating through many different names on many different sites – writing sites, video sites, forums, and more. I’ve been using many different IM programs as well, and many of my former dA friends can and do still contact me. I’m still posting my artwork on various forums around the internet. You’ve merely cut off one part of my creative outlet – but cutting off one tentacle does not destroy the entire octopus. You cannot, and will not, drive me off the internet completely – I’ve too much life, notoriety, and passion for what I do to leave forever. You will also never succeed in driving me to suicide, for my life offline is far more fun than you can ever know. I have high school theater, online friends, offline friends, great teachers, a loving family, boundless creativity, an appreciation for beauty in life, and a good game of Myst to come home to. I wonder if you can say the same about your offline lives.
I do not expect you to respond kindly to this message, if you even respond at all. I do not expect a change of heart from any of you. I don’t even care what you say on my dA page or about this note. I mean, it doesn’t matter to me anymore – I’m far too busy for it – and why should I worry about things that don’t matter to me? I just needed to say something, because I have been silent for far too long on this issue, and silence never helps. If I had stayed silent, you would have all thought that I had given up and maybe even perished by my own hand. I assure you that I have not and I never will. I will continue to keep a positive outlook on this situation, and I will also continue to extend a hand of friendship, kindness, and acceptance. Take it if you wish, or else continue on your destructive and unimportant path. If the day comes when I may return to dA, I gladly will, though I will do it with greatest caution and skepticism. If that day never comes, then I am fine with that, too, because your petty words simply do not matter to me any longer. I wonder, then, why they still seem to matter to you.
Block this account if you wish.
~* Mystress *~


TL;DR, amirite?

In reply to your uneducated post Mystress, we do it for the lulz. We like making you cry, we fap to it. Yeah we did kinda notice that by trolling your page it makes your page views go up, but there is a very big difference between getting page views for being a good artist and getting page views for being fucking bat shit crazy.

Dictionary definition of Meme "A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another." So in other words everyone quoting something you had said over and over again would be a meme.... and I don't see that happening around here.

DA is a breeding ground of 16 year old girls who think that picking up a pencil makes them an artist, and having an online journal means people want to hear about there whiny self important shitty Emo fucktardery all day. we don't. News flash! Most members of ED are members of DA, a lot of us are actually very successful artists, and I mean an artist with a diploma not a 'B-tech' in "creative drawing"

You are not invisible to us Mystress... you obviously know nothing about us. We have ways of finding you, and we will always know where you are. if we wanted to Mystress we could obtain your Phone number, and your address. So do us all a favor and get the fuck off the internet.


Gallery of Ghostie screen caps

Lying about her age

It seems that as well as having a fondness for making shit up, Mystress also can’t make her mind up about her age. She claims to have been born in 1991 and in her DA journals she says that on the 1st of September 2008 she has just turned 17. However her website says that she is 24 years old. She cleverly finds a way to explain her lies:

I have assumed multiple personas.



Which translates as "lolwut".


I know this girl from school, and she is definitely the most disturbed person I have met. Her real name is Genevieve Colter, and she is constantly whining and screaming during class. She plays the Oboe in band, and she is absolutely terrible. I never realized she had an ED page, but to be honest I wasn't really that surprised. She does a lot of things to make herself look like a complete psycho. During my freshman year in high school, our band went to a competition and Genevieve was talking to some of the trees planted near a parking lot. She was rubbing her hand on it, and moved lower to talk to the dirt/rocks beneath it. And in a room of eighty other completely normal kids, she is the only one who thinks screaming at the teacher is going to help a situation. Not yelling, screaming. And for the stupidest reasons.

Anyway, Gen's mom is also a lesbian and left her family for some hooker, which is probably why she's so depressed all the fucking time, and she most likely cuts herself. She also wears this retarded "WHY SO SERIOUS?" t-shirt all the fucking time.
But yeah. I think she's worse IRL. You can't really scream and hit people online.



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