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This is how it always starts; one minute it's harmlessly welcoming people, next it's running naked through down town LA looking for a John Conner.



An artist's impression of MysteryBot
A retard's impression of MysteryBot
WhiteMystery hard at work in his lab
Jessica Chobot

The MysteryBot is was the most powerful sysop on ED.

Created by sellout WhiteMystery MysteryBot did all the things that the other sysops should have been doing, but were too lazy and/or busy fapping to jailbait or getting drunk and crying over their busted mac laptop. (Fuck you. -Yirimyah)

NOTE : It is possible to troll MysteryBot, but doing so would incur the wrath of the banhammer like noone else has ever felt it, as the incapacitation of MysteryBot would lead to the other sysops actually having to do some work.

Before leaving to OhInternet, WhiteMystery was developing MysteryBot and adding mysterious and enigmatic advanced functionality, but whenever he asked other sysops to make suggestions for functions he is met with only useless but amusing ones instead of anything actually productive. The most effective response when WhiteMystery asks for suggestions for anything is to tell him to get on irc fgt, as it is a well known fact that he finds IRC both frightening and confusing.

Fun Facts

  • WhiteMystery actually referred to his MysteryBot as "he" rather than "it" - as if it was an actual person.
  • It is currently unknown whether WhiteMystery sodomized MysteryBot as a reward for good, or as a punishment for bad behavior.
    The answer is probably both.
  • The best way to troll WhiteMystery was to make sexual advances towards MysteryBot, which he regards as his own child.
  • MysteryBot is currently being upgraded with the latest in lulz weaponry

It will unleash a nuclear lollercaust on web 2.0



u baned mi 4 no rezon u r a dik sukin lozzzzer fagggooottt TTTTTTT_TTTTTTT


—butthurt ED vandal

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