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My Life Me

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Just like Digimon!

My Life Me is the latest Awesome Flash-animated Canadian shit cartoon to be infecting the TVs of God-fearing Americans. Made even worse by the fact that it's weeb 2 teh xtreme. Don't be fooled; its content is on par with such brilliant western world adaptations of the anime design such as Totally Spies, Winx Club, and Martin Mystery.

Adopted by trolls of /a/ and /co/ to troll each other.


The story is about Birch Small, a weeaboo who goes into a high school in the land of Milk Bags and experiences poorly written wannabe weeb animu styled Degrasi deep high school drama, skateboards, shitty cafeteria food, cheerleading and other stupid high school things with her friends. Hell, even the episode when Birch ends up meeting her "manga inspiration" Miyazaki Lee has the writers just lump him into the pan asian lazy fuck all category. But Who Cares?! You are probably only watching this shitty show to get off to Birch and Sandra like the Lolicon Sick fuck you are.

  • Birch - 14 year old Hot Topic mall-goth weeb who wants to go to Japan and be a manga artist. Likes Raffi. Cries a lot, and can change into chibi form at will. Has flat chest. Very loli, very exploitable.
  • Liam - Birch's cousin who has the hots for her, hurr. The Aspie of the group. Raffi likes him. Most Notable in episode 89 when has some Hawt Raep Incest action with Birch.
  • Raffi - Beaner. The bishiest Bishie in town, but is totally gay for Liam.
  • Sandra - EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEM SURFER CHICK. SHE'S SO HARDCORE. SKATEBOARDING ON RAZORS? FUCK YEAH. And, yeah - she actually has tits. Fap away, fanbois.
  • The Science Teacher - Pedophile. Just look at his goatee, goddamn.
  • Cheerleader bitch - Gives Birch a hard time every time but keeps Birch's n00ds in her purse to schlick to.

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