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MySpace Kid

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The MySpace Kid is a meme that came about Last Thursday on 7chan when Anonymous discovered the video on an innocent JewTube account. The next day, the video was removed completely. The reasons behind this are unknown, but it is probably because the ginger older brother gets The Myspace Kid to bite his nipple while he is naked. This would have ceased, but due to the craftiness of Anon they perpetuated the event into a fiery tailspin of lulz doxxing nearly everyone in the video.

The Video

Clearly this video was the influence for the screaming "techniques" used by bands people call "hardcore".

Deletion of his MySpace

This pic is relevant to Nick's old MySpace.

As crafty as Anonymous is, we had no idea what to expect when the dox surfaced. Nick's MySpace was deleted the day after his dox were revealed. Speculation on the matter is either the older brothers succeeded in their plot to piss Nick off, he deleted the account of his own free will after "suffering" another emotional breakdown, and/or anon trolled him to the point of committing ritualistic suicide. However, after using our dox we've discovered two additional MySpace pages which are completely unrelated to the original. These MySpace accounts match both his full name and lolcation. The dealio is: they lack pictures, are private, and seem like dead ends. It seems that Nick is off Anonymous' radar for now. Let this be a lesson to him, as this video is the fucking anti-poon and pretty much guarantees that he'll never get laid. If he does it will be with a dude with hepatitis C or AIDS. Nick is, and always will be, a gigantic turd burglar and no matter which way you look at it: this kid has been fucked pretty damn hard by his brothers, and will probably live in shame the rest of his life. Isn't the internet amazing?

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