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Gary trying out for Icy Hot Stuntaz 2.0
Gary's BFF - Pedobear

MyIDIsPhat, also known as Gary Wolchesky, is a Youtube pedophile who has created over 9000 accounts on Youtube, all have which have been suspended due to faggotry, AIDS, and fail. He is one of the boldest supporters of pedophilia on Youtube, and is of course friends with every baby-raper, child molester, and sick fuck on the intrawebs, and is one of the leaders of the pro-pedophilia movement on Youtube. He freely and cheerfully admits to having lured and groomed a shitload of young boys over Xbox Live, and having molested tons of young boys IRL, claiming he did all of this out of profound love for the children whose lives he ruined forever. Isn't this guy adorable??

Gary is, without question, also one of the dumbest fucktards ever to walk the Earth, being unable to talk in complete sentences, finish trains of thought, or think or speak coherently. Whenever Gary's microcephallic brain is unable to comprehend something (approximately 350% of the time), he rants about how "profounded" he is (lulz). Of course, the rest of us are simply DUMBfounded how someone as fucking stupid as Gary even managed to graduate from elementary school! Some hypothesize that Gary was mercilessly beaten with the stupid stick throughout his childhood, while others propose that Gary's mental retardation is directly caused by his AIDS and epic phail. Which of these hypotheses are true remains to be seen.

Self-pwning Snowball

>MyIDIsPhat is an internet tough guy

Because Gary is such a mindless wasteland of a pitiful excuse for a human being, he rants endlessly in his videos about his adventures with young boys, and how much he has enjoyed molesting them. Of course, Gary being Gary, he never anticipated that such flagrant and open admission of his felonious activities might actually attract a substantial amount of pedo-hate towards him, or that he might get himself into trouble with the law. Perhaps suffering from a case of unrealistic expectations, Gary thought that he would actually be tolerated, accepted and appreciated by the Youtube community as a whole, and that he would be able to enlighten the Youtube community about the virtues of child sexual abuse.

Of course, the exact opposite happened instead, as it always does to those made of AIDS and fail. Gary's channels have been covered in a shitstorm of pedo-hate, ruthlessly vandalized, and suspended almost as soon as they are created. He has received numerous death threats, as well as countless suggestions that he become an hero. The YTYC and other anti-pedophiles have also taken a keen interest in Gary, and have reported him to his local police in New Jersey, and also dug up his dox and posted them all over the internet. And yet, despite the fact that everyone except possibly Tony Blair knows his full name, address, and telephone number, he continues to make videos about how much he likes to rape young boys, and his plans to become either a babysitter or a preschool teacher. It is only a matter of time before Gary ends up as big black Bubba's bitch in a maximum security prison. In the meantime, however, we can continue to enjoy the massive amount of lulz that follows him like his own shadow.


>Gary has an epiphany after losing his lucrative position at Walmart: "In my video I said I was a pedophile witch I believe now was a mistake."

yes, he is actually this stupid.


Most of the time I'm with boys there is no sexual involvement


—Gary Wolchesky

They think I'm cool as hell because I do crazy [expletive deleted] all the time. Of course they love to ruff play. I'm not saying there is sexual involvement, but Iâm not saying there isn't.


—Gary Wolchesky

...having sex with children, it happens...there's nothing wrong with it.


—Gary Wolchesky

By the way for us pedophile it doesn't really matter if your anti pedophile or not it only matters if you children are or not LOL...


—Gary Wolchesky, sending shivers down your spine

We [pedophiles] are better than any parent with children.


—Gary Wolchesky

just wait into the shit hits the fan.


—Gary Wolchesky

Why does youtube even bother to suspended me it must be an automatic system I know that last account should be suspended but it would be suspended anyway so why not go out in a blaze of glory right. I know youtube does have in there terms of service they say you are not allowed to create an account ever again. But my first accounts there were no reason to suspended them.

The reason youtube that I am so angry isn't because that I have been harassed my life was threatened no it isn't any of that it is your failure to suspended the people that do it. Hell even my dox(Name address phone number) has been posted and those users are still here what is this bull fucking shit. My family even were threatened even my 3 year old sister was threatened how low do anti pedophiles go. I even have proof of this if you don't believe me. I am going to sue you for your failure to take it down after I reported it. So fuck you youtube suspended me all you want I will have the last laugh.


—Gary Wolchesky

Really what happened here was a hate crime don't wary everyone that is not associated with the Yahweh clan most likely you didn't do anything. You can leave as many comments as you want just don't threaten my family or put my family in danger other wise I will sue you and I do have a really good chance at beating these fucks. Youtube maybe a problem suing but I think we can do it. If you dont think I can win just look at what happened to Peta Luna I may of spelled that wrong but you get the idea she did a lot less then what happened here she got sued. So lets see what happens when I go for it.


—Gary Wolchesky

So after learning this is the person that loves children or the people who threatens them the one that is right or wrong.

Look my family were threatened even when I made a video about it those anti pedos kept reporting it for a hate speech when if fact it was not they got that off in a few hours. Antis are just bullies. It is true that I am sexually attracted to children but why should that reflect on my family. Besides can you central your sexual desires can you became gay or strait in the snap of a finger. No you can not. Acting on your desires and having them are two different things.


—Gary Wolchesky

LoganSperman2 You never never say anything about me. The Yahweh Clan is very determined to prove you like it up the ass from Irish282. I don't doubt it I know how children or teens get when they know when there AF(adult friend) is attacked. They are very protective. That is all you are doing protecting you AF. It is just you know how to take action.


—offering support to LoganSperman2

Don't Drop the Soap

On November 21, 2016, Gary was found guilty of all 21 counts against him, including raping little boys and recording it, and was sentenced to 46 years of buttsecs in prison.

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