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Police.gif 11/10, Game Of The Year - IGN.

Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015 is another exclusive video game released by resident Encyclopedia Dramatica game developer Forumlambda.png Gizmo01942 , using the shitty Torque Game Engine. MSS-15 is a tribute to those who died in the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo in France; we promise.

The game consists of you playing as Muhammad where the goal is to fuck either a sheep, a goat, a pig, a guy, or 5 guys. It features stunning 3D graphics and has been very well received on the internet since its creation. It received a perfect 100 metacritic score (10.0 user score) and was approved by Steam Greenlight in a record 4 minutes. It's been described by the press as "Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect," and won 3 game of the year awards.



The racists at YouTube deleted the cinematic masterpiece that was the Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015 trailer, but that didn't stop people from uploading new versions over and over again, all for the lulz. However Encyclopedia Dramatica will always have the balls to show you great cinematic trailers such as the one above. You can also view mirrors of the trailer at Pornhub or download it from Mega. If you don't have any sense, you'll share this with your local terrorist Islamic friend.

You can also watch it on Vimeo/Veoh above, lol disregard that, they're all scared of their headquarters being bombed; you still can watch it above anyway. Lol at the PewDiePie video below still being up though.

How to Help

  1. Find a muslim / muslim forum
  2. Show them this game
  3. ??????
  4. PROFIT!


PewDiePie Plays

PewDiePie approves

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Coming soon to home console! Play online with your friends!

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- EDF thread where you can download it

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