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Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

MsHeartAttack = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

The subject of this article is a lolcow, and is currently ripe for milking.
You can help by trolling the shit out of them whenever you see them, then laughing at their lulz-inducing theatrics.

Jamie the MsHeartAttack is your average greedy girl gamer that likes to attract horny gamers to join the #HeartAttackArmy in desperately hoping to win her heart while she plays boring video games such as Minecraft and Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. She lures all the dumb horny gamers with her "Hey guys it's your girl MsHeartAttack!". Like MeganSpeaks, MsHeartAttack endlessly posts shitty gaming videos of her gaming moments with her horny sexfriends 24 hours a day, all day, every damn day. She also makes unfunny comedy gaming video series and her failtroll series TROLLS. Her 'fans' say they enjoy her making people laugh and smile, but in reality she's only making their dicks smile and cum while collecting their YouTube views and subscriptions in exchange she only loves in her greedy heart. YouTube's jew gold: Cash money.

MsHeartAttack is MeganLeeHeart?

LIAT using his boss FuturisticHub's channel to make connections with his wife and partner in crime Megan.

While miking out everybody's favorite sociopathic lolcows in crime LifeInATent and MeganLeeHeart there has been connections that MsHeartAttack is actually MeganLeeHeart with all that plastic surgery and inflated blowjob lips. Photographic screenshots shows LifeInATent using his boss's channel YouTube Favicon.png FuturisticHub to make contact with MsHeartAttack and giving her shitty praises and views like he always does to her other thousands of Megan channels.

It's pretty obvious that they are not the same person. But the same fake name 'Heart' are the same. Same or not the same, that is the question.

Taking Down ED

What happens if MsHeartAttack finds her Encyclopedia Dramatica page and she doesn't have the balls and guts to confront it herself? She sends her braindead #HeartAttackMinions to do her bidding in hoping to win some #HeartAttackSex. And you know what happens next.

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  • YouTube Favicon.png YoutubableHD - The YouTube channel of MsHeartAttack's fiance Anthony.
  • Twitter-favicon.png Youtubable - The Twitter channel of MsHeartAttack's fiance Anthony.

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