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Mouseboy is an old school niche 'artist' best known for ruining your childhood memeories. He is also beloved to /b/tards for his treasure trove of Donald Duck yaoi.

This 'meme' basically consists of OP posting at least 100 pix of Mouseboy's Rule 34 on Donald Duck on /b/. A Mouseboy thread of EPIC PROPORTIONS can last hours as OP uploads the pix telling one or moar tales of Donald Duck, Jew and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck's stories of homoerotic incest, serial-style. This will keep /b/tards from srys business like sleep, posting their own cockpix and calling Gamestop for Battletoads.

/b/astardisations of mouseboy's 'art' are currently in the works of the INTERNET PRINTING MACHINE

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Donald duck sex


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Pedoduck: "What's goin' on in here Donald?"

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