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The man. The myth. The Mary Sue.

Morgan-the-Rabbit is a 27 year old British Sonic fantard that resides in the magical land of DevianTART, where his 700+ watchers kiss his ass endlessly and tell him how awesome his noodley, super-shiny kawaii Sonic fancharacters are. Should one of his friends fans be trolled, he will UNLEASH THE MOTHERFUCKING FURY and sic his entire army of braindead fantards on anyone. Also, he is a better artist than you, since he has a bachelor's art degree.

History of Drama

Last Thursday, a bored troll came across a typical Starthehedgehog100's deviantART page, which was filled to the brim with shitty, generic MSpaint art. After leaving their frank and honest opinions on several of this artist's pieces, our hero Morgan bursts onto the scene like The Juggernaut on crystal meth, asking the troll on how dare he be so mean to one of his fans.

Exchanges were made, in rapid succession, and after some hard pwnage on the part of the troll, with Morgan sounding like an even stupider InSaNe-REYNARD, Morgan used his fans as his own personal army, sending them into a virtual zerg rush onto the page of the troll, consisting mostly of "OMG Y R U SO MEAN 2 MORGAN!" Of course, almost none of the incoming fantards ever mentioned Starthehedgehog100, the original target.

The troll even challenged Morgan's own ability to draw, even producing life drawings when Morgan started to attack the troll's crappy edits of old memes. Morgan refused, however, because "he has nothing to prove". A ceasefire was called when Morgan started BAAAAWWWing too much, making even the troll uncomfortable. The troll felt sorry for the retard, and told him that if he didn't feed the fucking troll, then the troll would leave. Unfortunately, the fanbrats never got the message, and are still posting comments on the trolls page at this time.

If Morgan sees anyone been targeted, he fights to "save" them but in reality does it to feel big about himself like the arrogant bastard he is.

Morgan spends all his time being a hero protecting the weak from the trolls, such is the case of Kawaiinekoazngrl but if the trolls troll them, it is for great justice and lulz.

He also thinks that you are intimidated by him when in reality you are laughing at his inability to get laid.

Everyone's favorite non Bella Swan Mary Sue believes he is God and if you are told to do something by him, you must do it or he will unleash the fury of reporting you.

Apparently since his [[1]]cumslut(Please troll) once again went anal when she heard the undeniable truth that she's a whiny little emo girl, he instantly rushed to her defense whilst knowing that he could UNLEASH THE FURY and be the awesome Morgan-the-Rabbit who girls post naked pictures of themselves for and cum for.

Remember kids, if someone's mean to you, do what Uncle Morgan says and just block them and forget about them, otherwise you need to get over yourself.

On further spotting it show that he not only manipulates and uses his fans as a way of shielding himself, he also bribes them in to it all with his freaky little chao drawings that look more like deformed aliens with a growth disorder. "If you're a follower I draw you as a chao in a garden. Your circle of special friends by yours truly" This now confirmed 27 year old (real age) master of white knighting is actually a bigger cunt than the average joker’s wannabe. Morgan clearly knows he’s a manipulator, trying to use it for the greater good as he comes across to everyone. He puts his neck on the line in the name of recolourists and art thieves to try and change their ways before they get banned or rightfully trolled to shit. But what for?

To make himself look bigger than life?

To give himself the big orgasm he needs so he can sleep at night?

To cover up his longing for a real life?

Or to become pedobear?

Who knows. What is more interesting is the idea of him setting up a YouTube account [[2]] to explain himself and his freaky fucked up fan art of the Japanese blue hog. Just the very idea of a 27 year old doing this to so called “help his fans understand him and his art” is a weak attempt at trying to keep what little internet dignity he has left. his love for sonic the fucking hedgehog is as big as his asshole after the amount of fags he’s had...

How to talk to Morgan-the-Rabbit

  1. . Act inferior to him, he is clearly superior to you because of his lack of anatomy and ego.
  2. . Fake being his friend, he is awesome enough to be your real friend because he's so much better then you.
  3. . Troll his friends, trolling his friends summons the Legendary Butthurt Hero.
  4. . Pretend to like his art, it's better then yours because he has a Bachelor's Degree.
  5. . Piss the fag off, he'll unleash the almighty "Y R U SO MEEN TO ME?! at you."
  6. . Remember, his art is superior to yours and you must always be inferior to this guy, he's British afterall.
  7. . He's British, but he's also gay
  8. . Tell him what a great job he's doing kissing emo asses better.
  9. . Never act better then him, he'll flame you cause your a dumbass.


Quality Artwork

Morgan's art consists mostly of lopsided, sausage-fingered Sonic characters and Sonic fan characters. Despite having a bachelor's degree in art, he lacks even basic anatomical understanding, and his main character is an orphaned, over powered Gary-Stu rabbit that looks like Bunny Rabbot, and even has huge fucking girly eyelashes. You should drop him a line and tell him how phenomenal his art is.

Also of note is his use of the dodge, blur, bloom, blush, and lense flare tools. When you look past You don't even have to look past them, clearly this guy has no coloring skillz. The sight of his work would prompt anyone to cleanse their eyes in the method that is customary, unless the viewer is one of Morgan's 700 BFFs. In all likelihood, this misguided artist wanted a job working on the next sonic cartoon.

Update: He now occasionally does art of humans, but it's still shit.

Morgan is an ART EXPERT

Morgan recently posted a DA news article entitled, "What Makes a Bad Artist aside from Artistic Skill?", which obviously is a gigantic piece of horseshit. A criticism journal on the article can be found here.



Trolling Methods

  1. . Call him a whiteknight and he’ll go apeshit
  2. . Call his character a girl and he will crawl in to a corner like the little emo shit he is...for a guy with eyelashes that long it’s clearly not normal.
  3. . Ask him about his views on ED and screencap his reaction for great justice and epic lulz
  4. . Tell him that "[he] killed [your] [male relative]". You won't get it, but he will. Guaranteed instant block.
  5. . Use the name Dominic in a positive context. Also a guaranteed block.
  6. . Make mention of him wasting his Bachelor's Degree.
  7. . Have taste.
  8. . Disagree



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