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Brandt says Selina is this chick

Mistress Selina Kyle is a dominatrix and the site administrator of the Wikipedia Review. Maybe you've heard the stories; an aspie, temperamental and moody, and arguably insane, banned from TOW for making fun of Grace Note, and pissing off all 2000 admins, the Arbcom, Jimbo Wales himself, and a partridge in a pear tree. Closer to home she also stabbed Blu Aardvark in the back and tried to file an internet lawsuit. However those are but vicious lies spread by arch-troll Malber. I'm here to tell you about the real Slim Selina, the one who showed me who I truly was, and made me feel like I never imagined I could before.

My experience began like so many so many other Wikipedia editor's. I started editing, did some good work, and became a wiki-enthusiast. But there was a growing sensation in my mind, something at Wikipedia was wrong, very wrong. And then...I came across a user page of someone who says everything I've ever thought but lacked the courage to say. Whenever I closed my eyes I saw her, Selina Kyle, my Mistress. I followed her from a distance, watched as she fought the power, fought the good fight. I finally gathered myself together and tried to talk to my love on her Wikipedia talk page, but after they booted her for speaking the truth this didn't work anymore. I've done everything I can to try and impress you, I have been banned for life three times for you, all for you. Anything to make you notice me.

How could I help myself, such courage, such eloquence. I'm drawn like a moth to a flame. When I look at your hundreds of userboxes, contemplate every single one, I realize how alike we are. After what are the chances that two incredibly handsome and successful people would both have self-diagnosed Asperger's syndrome? Keep it up babe, I sweat you so hard. My sweet sweet selina...

Mistress Selina Kyle, who used "Emergency admin powers" to make herself God-king of Wikipedia Review in January 2006, and proceeded to ban the founder of the site, Igor Alexander, then in July 2006 banned over half of the admins, and to this day remains God-king (What about Somey??? You know who took the site over at least 100 days ago??? Huh Blissyu2???). And Selina has never been owner of Wikipedia Review. She just pretended to be. She did ban both the original owner, Igor Alexander, and the current owner, Blissyu2 (who is a real man with a penis two miles long) however, so perhaps that counts.

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