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Cat eyes.JPG

Alyssa: The JTV skank


This whore just paid me $260 and gave me a blowjob to delete the "lies" on this page. I sure hope her coworker, the dick on the side, at Comcast does not see this!


Now bitch is try to blackmail her friends via email - do not you no I see what you do?


This bitch cheating on husband she just marry in July '15


Bitches change accounts a bunch!


As thepointsprincess her did following -

~ LIES about her hOuse was robbed - only money was stolen of course!!

~~ Her husband used money to fuck a semi-attractive prostitute

~ PLEADS for money from her fucking skank friends and she set up a gofundme site

~ WHINES like fucking crazy slut when they know she is lie

~ HIDES from the Internet like a fat fucking troll under a bridge ass she maked her account private


04/10/08 5:32am. Trentapher & Madeline, both 8lbs 4oz. 20 inches long!! YAY!!


What are you guys talking about, her fucking chins?

I can has Bio?

MissAlyssum otherwise known as Alyssa Emma Waite-Pratt is a lifecaster situated on She made her debut mid 2007 where her main form of entertaining was talking to chatters whilst broadcasting herself eating, shitting, getting bitch slapped by her younger brother and singing along to irrelevant songs, practically doing nothing. Occasionally, she would show a tad bit of cleavage here and there, giggling and smiling- you know, the usual slutty/preppy lingo.

Her boring personality somewhat made up for her large cleavage, which even then was inproportionate with her physique. Some have labelled her an ogre, others an obese femme within an obtuce body angle. I myself have been terrified to draw prescence near this atrocity of a female species. It was not until late 2007 where she would flutter her eyelashes to fellow broadcasters on and show a hint of her breasts (covering her nipples) to get to the top bar of JTV. Being on the top bar is basically reaching the number 1 spot on JTV, the mac daddy position. By doing this, she attracted a lot of controversies, which eventually lead to her demise.

Between the fall of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, Alyssa was juvenile enough to send n00dz out to random men and contain images on her computer with explicit material. Images ranging from showing her sacred regions to applying oral sex on a midget. She was then exposed on JTV by <anonymous> on 07/01/08. They broadcasted a crescendo of nude images and exploitation pictures of slutty Alyssa. An unfortunate event for her, from there on her life became somewhat timid. It all comes down to the conclusion of her skanky, oddly shaped physique with a no brainer personality. Alyssa, is certainly at the bottom of the food chain, drinking sex milk from midgets and exposing her most privatised areas to the masses. If I were her parents, i'd bitch slap some dignity and pride into her. Additionally, if I were her abusive brother, i'd punch some essense into that dense head of hers. Ahh, the shame. -le sigh-

Cunt has talents? How do I respec them for a Horde Hunter in faggotry

  • Biting fingernails.
  • Wearing ipod headsets.
  • Insecurity skillz.
  • bj talentz.
  • titty hax.
  • holding her nappy headed ho-ass hair, as she laughs like an idiot.
  • trying to make her fat ass feel better with male attention that will jack off to any body part she shows.
  • licking telephones, iPhones, pay phones, windows, needles, crust lined vaginas, etc...
  • In general: Being a slimy, cum catching, disease ridden, alcoholic, waste of skin and breath.

Alyssa across teh interwebz!!!1

Her Web of liez

It wasn't until recently when Alyssa decided to converse with one of the many handsome ED admins(Drunkenlazybastard), stating that she was under age during the period she took those images. Regardless, the images were censored with the epic-lulz prescence of Steve Urkel. The conversation between her 'friend' which was, in fact, her pretending to play the role of a friend (because we all know in reality, our friends are there to bitch slap us back into reality from retarded predicuments such as this) pleading to remove her ogre montage:

ED Admin: Where is the proof that those pix were taken when she was under age. If you can provide them I will delete the photos. --Drunkenlazybastard 00:39, 8 January 2008 (CST)

Alyssa: (or LULZ!!1 HER IMAGINERY FRIENDZ) I had a discussion with her earlier regaurding this, she has confinded in me that she was infact underage when those photos were taken, except the one with the time stamp that was off of her webcam.—The preceding comment was added by Yourmomma, who is too much of a faggot to sign his or her own posts. IT'S 4 TILDES (~), NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

ED Admin: * If she wants to come here and give us proof that's fine, and if they were indeed taken before she was 18 then they will be deleted. I'm not going to deal with some fucking proxy agent of hers, and I certainly am not going to take your word for it that she told you she was under 18. Frankly, those pix don't look more than a year old. --Drunkenlazybastard 01:03, 8 January 2008 (CST)

Alyssa: I am sure she could take a screen shot of her screen and show you when the files were created, thus further proving she was a minor. How else would one go about deleting this? You can email her she said, [email protected] Deleted her email too, cunt.

Do you have an email she can reach you @?

ED Admin: * She can come on here, I don't do email. Also: I know that she was lying, the stupid twat left the exif data on the pictures she took. ie: info about when an image was taken. don't believe me? check out this 'interesting' photo. , scroll down to the bottom where it says MetaData, then click Show Extended Details. Date and time of data generation 23:03, 16 August 2007 . That picture was taken only a 5 months ago. so it's not CP. I checked the others and they all have rather recent dates on them. --Drunkenlazybastard 01:10, 8 January 2008 (CST)

Alyssa: I guess now the truth comes out. Over IM she just told me she is actually just turned 18 this past December, so 5 months ago, she was 17. I will have her make an account. Thank you.

ED Admin: * horse shit. --Drunkenlazybastard 01:15, 8 January 2008 (CST)

ED Admin: * The only way I will believe that story is if she scans her CURRENT drivers licence, you can black out all the really personal info I don't care about that, I want a photo ID with a date of birth and a face. --Drunkenlazybastard 01:20, 8 January 2008 (CST)

ED Admin: * I'm done bothering with this, either you are some patsy for her or this is actually her pretending to be someone else. In either case I don't like being jerked around. If you have anything else email it to [email protected] --Drunkenlazybastard 01:59, 8 January 2008 (CST)


i did just post a link to a photo

ED Admin: * Done. --Drunkenlazybastard 02:23, 8 January 2008 (CST)

Alyssa: thank you

ED Admin: * Leave the rest of the article as is though. --Drunkenlazybastard 03:00, 8 January 2008 (CST)

Alyssa: will do. thanks for the new edits/deletes

How she stunned the world with her web of liez!!
Is dat sum non-Jailbait?

Under 18?

If your ADD prevents you from reading the above transcript, Alyssa bawwed to the sysops to have her n00ds censored because she's under 18, as her driver's license points out. There's only one problem. Her overzealous shooping of her birthdate as 12/16/89 makes her 15 when her license was issued on 8/03/05.

According to The Washington State Department of Licensing:

    Before getting a driver license, a teen must:

   * be at least 16 years of age.

Furthermoar, her profile at imeem shows her D.O.B. as 12-16-86, not 89.

Lucky for her, all of her naked pics have exif data that shows when they were taken, and one of them even has the date stamped right on it!

Betrayed by her own phone...

Assuming the date on her Blackberry 8100 was correct when she whored it up for the camera, her photos were taken on the following dates:

  • 1/24/07
  • 3/25/07
  • 8/16/07
  • 9/14/07
  • 10/21/07
  • 7/29/07

Using her actual birthdate, she was (gasp!) ovar 18 in all of the pics! While it may be in ED's best interest to leave her pics Urkelized, that doesn't stop the person that has the original pics from posting them elsewhere and linking to them...


To those that know Alyssum in real life, we urge you to inform her parents of her own expose in hopes of saving her from becoming a homeless prostitute on the red light district or a crack whore sniffing cocaine from a drug dealers rectum. This is a public service announcement, help this vile ogre turn into a half-decent ogre!

You can find her surfing through cliche social networking sites where she'll most likely be giving her fake D.O.B and sending n00dz of her getting lyposuction amongst other obsurd graphics. She has been paid tribute to on South Park, formerly known as Ms. Chokes-on-dik due to her inproportionate sized/oddly shaped breasts and has made her cameo appearance on many broadcasting websites showing off her ipod headset, attempting to beat other female broadcasters to the top and revealing more shit stains on her porcelain skin.

Her appearances to date:




UPDATE: Her reaction to the events

9:45alyssum: they deleted them

9:45alyssum: because it was child porn

9:45alyssum: :=x

9:45alyssum: :-x

9:45caliguy123: y were u sending nude pics to people

9:46alyssum: i wasnt

9:46alyssum: they got them off of a photobucket apparently

9:47caliguy123: how old is this info arent u 21 now

9:48alyssum: can i call you

9:51caliguy123: my mom and sis r sleeping txt would be better

9:51alyssum: oh i have no texts

9:51alyssum: sorry

9:51whogotmylighter: alyssum. Lighter forgives you!

9:51caliguy123: aim

9:51alyssum: naw

9:51caliguy123: skype im

9:51alyssum: im gonna go to bed

9:51alyssum: i was gonna talk to you in bed

9:51alyssum: but i cant

9:51caliguy123: u can ill be quit

9:52alyssum: k

9:52alyssum: im calling

9:52caliguy123: k

9:53caliguy123: ohhh

Conclusion: This further suggests that the slut hasn't learnt her lesson and is most likely moving on to her next victim of n00dz galore and epic bj talentz!!11

What HAS the cunt has been up to lately?

Even the people who know Alyssa CAN NOT stand her. Her fiance' is across the world doing a service to his country while her disease ridden, behemoth ass is showing her disgusting body for Mardi Gras beads. She hacks into his and her mother's page DAILY, to be sure they do not find out what a waste of breath the cum catcher really is. Even her "friends" see her for the embarrassment she is....


bri♥nna Block User

Date: Mar 18, 2008 6:17 PM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [?] Help: Flag Message


RE: So not trying to bother you...


Trust me, you don't want to meet her. Besides being a skank, she is the most annoying person you could ever meet. You didn't hear  
any of this from me. For now I still have to get along with her because she is friends with my best friend. She really needs to 
learn her leason some how though. Oh, if you want you could also resend it to her mom because Alyssa got on and deleted hers too. I 
just think it would be funny :] Have a good day!

Original Message -----------------

From: I Date: Mar 18, 2008 3:07 PM

Girl!! I hear ya. I have never met the girl, if you can even call her that. But I ASSURE you I know more about her than I ever cared  
to. But like I said sorry for bothering you. Thanks for the insight. I appreciate it. :)

Original Message -----------------

From: bri♥nna Date: Mar 18, 2008 6:03 PM

Well, I guess if he wants to be miserable with her then that's his choice. She has cheated on every bf she has had and it didn't 
stop with ----. Just last month she showed her boobs to an entire dance club just to get mardi gras beads and that same night she  
slept in some guys bed with him and could not find her underwear the next morning but she swears she didn't take her clothes off. If 
thats what ---- wants to marry then whatever. I'm just glad that she is moving to CA when they get married. That can not come soon 

Original Message -----------------

From: I Date: Mar 18, 2008 2:41 PM

I tried to tell ---- while she was trying so hard to mess up my relationship of four years. ---- says he knows everything and  
doesn't care. He thinks I'm just being a busybody, but I really only ever felt sorry for the guy being so far away from home and 
treated like that. But yeah. We've been back and forth over gmail and he doesn't care or doesn't believe it.

Original Message -----------------

From: bri♥nna Date: Mar 18, 2008 5:28 PM

She is definately 21. She turned 21 in December. She lies a lot and is very much a skank. If you were apart of the messages that got  
sent out to her friends you should send it to ---- again. That is her fiance. She got into his myspace and deleted it before he ould  
see it. He needs to know what she does behind his back.

Original Message -----------------

From: I Date: Mar 18, 2008 1:57 PM

But is Alyssa 18 or 21? The only reason I ask is because I was told you may know her. She sent nude pics to my boyfriend back in  
November and I worry she might have been underage.


Her own little fantasy world...

Alyssa WAITE-PRATT at times will make it look like she just can't stick up for herself. But in reality, the dumb cunt lives in a fantasy world where, not only is EVERYONE as abysmally ignorant as she is, but she can stick up for herself in someone else's name. Kind of like contacting the ED but not being a damn adult and saying it was really her.

Allen, Adam W (S-1 op) to me

show details 9:45 PM (13 hours ago)


i hope thats a yes because youve done enough, ok? she hasnt botherd or your BF in days and u still do shit. you said u were done, so     
be done. because, as far as we're concerned, we are done with this shit, and HAVE been done with it for a few days now. i think she        
got your point

'On 3/20/08, Aly <[email protected]> wrote:
   Hey babe. Hope you're sleeping gooooood and having frickin awesome dreams.  And about the whole
Bri thing, oh well,  it was just low of her & we all got a chance to really see her true colors.
But really, its good, because better me knowing now, than later down the road. And can you believe 
I was actually going to ask her to be a bridesmaid!? Thank God I didn't, I just had a gut feeling 
that she was kinda shady..but I already kinda knew that from Megan, she's told me shit brianna has 
pulled in the past. eh oh well.   Well take care of your hands! I am shipping out your package 
   I love you,


On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 10:12 PM, Allen, Adam W (S-1 op) <[email protected]> wrote:

   also if u would, please take down everything u wrote on the encyclopedia about her and just let
everything be back to NORMAL. this is toooooo much stress for me right now, i cant even do my job 
right because im thinking about all your guys shit all day. from the bottom of my heart please stop
it ashley. what u have done will effect her for her whole life, and my life too. please just stop.

SO... in conclusion...

Not only does Alyssa WAITE-PRATT like to pretend to be other people. She has a myspace page set up where she pretends to be a 24 year old male from Topeka. "His" name was Cole until, she was caught using it to try to guilt someone into being her friend no matter what trashy classless thing she may do.

Alyssa WAITE-PRATT ALSO set up a bullshit account "yourmomma" here so she could change her last name to WAITE. Guess what... wait for it... are you ready... It's not going to work. Her real name IS and will be Alyssa Emma Waite-Pratt. No amount of half ass, slow learning, techniques will change the fact that WHEN her mother Yvonne C. Waite-Pratt does see this page. She will recognize the troll she spawned and it won't matter who's last name the dumb slut is using. :)