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MissSunkistCarmen was written by /b/tards about some "epic" shit they'll forget about in two weeks.
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Hai. Im Carmen, Im 12 from Cali. Im not who you think I am im a bitch but I'm not afraid to show it.


—Carmen, on her Jewtube

Carmen, aka MissSunkistCarmen, is a 12 11 year old Jessi Slaughter wannabe that has posted more videos than any sane person would want to watch on Youtube. Wanting to attain the rank of "Tough Guy Girl on the Internet", she even went as far as to let nudes of her make their way to 4chan. UPDATE: Live noodz now.

The day 4chan stood still...and fapped

Last Thursday, Carmen went on a 4chan troll fest of epic proportions, starting off on a solemn note by pushing a brush handle up her ass. Once /b/tards got wind that she was underage, jailbait and on Stickam, over 9000 members of the 4chan userbase flooded the single chat room like sperm rushing to an egg. She starts showing her boobs and then shit gets serious, after all it is the Internet. She shuts off the lights and attempts to an hero on a chair, which fails miserably. In a fit of possibly fake sobs, she strips completely. She was finally b& from Stickam, though this took ridiculously long time because both the Stickam mods and FBI 4chan monitoring team were too busy fapping to the live CP before their own eyes.

She then comes back the next day on Jewtube and tries to make more videos about her whorish life, also taking dares from her "fans", but the views only hit about 500 because the whole of 4chan was still too busy fapping to the still-fresh CP. White Knight Mods attacked her Jewtube account(s) and also foiled her attempts later that day to create another account.



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Carmen likes Second Life. That is all


plz everyone i love u all so much i am going to make another yt because i dont have one right now!!! my oldest one isdisabled im makin a new


— Carmen on Twitter September 6th

im making a new youtube plz plz plz dont forget about me i l y


— Carmen on Twitter September 6th

guys 4chan didnt win. more youtube to come. love my fans. xoxox


—Carmen on Twitter September 07

"this is urgent u need to be sceen at our school RIGHT NOW" wtf???!


—Carmen on Twitter September 8th

wtf its not about the truency? she wont tell my mom... she wont tell my mom... she wont tell her... she wont... tell....


— Carmen on Twitter September 8th

is my life fucked up yet...?


— Carmen on Twitter September 8th

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