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This is a feminist blog that strives toward intersectionality and inclusiveness of all people who experience systemic gender oppression.


—Her blog introduction

Tumblricon.png Misandry-Mermaid, otherwise known as Cynthia Dangus (More like Dingus, amirite?) is your typical Dumblr blogger who thinks that she is for social justice by supporting the mass Holocaust of all men, which made her blog rather popular with the feminazi white-guilt crowd. Her persona is one of the slutty mermaids from Disney's Peter Pan movie from 50 fucking years ago or something.

/pol/'s Meatpuppet

One of /pol/'s innumerable nazifags, being an ingenius chantard, decided to exploit Misandry-Mermaid's extremely reactive nature and unabashed hatred of all things male. He rolled up a tumblr profile, set an IRL enemy's photo as his avatar, and sent a simple rape threat to her. One reverse image search and hysterical blog post later, and the /pol/ster's patsy's name and likeness had spread far and wide as that belonging to what appeared to be a sexual predator. Misandry-Mermaid declared total victory over the Patriarchy in typical histrionic fashion, unaware that she had merely been the pawn of a conservative, white male.

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