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Mirrorzan, (also known as Zan or Zanners to some of her retarded fans, but her real name is Stacy.) is a butthurt wolfaboo drama queen who will start a gigantic flame war over anyone who talks to her pansy boyfriend Zach. She thinks that poses can be copyrighted and wants nobody else to use them other than her. She also thinks that she can copyright the word 'mirror'. I kid you motherfucking not! She even copyrights poses. Typical wolfaboo. She's a gay fag who tries to hide her homosexuality. She tends to rabidly attack people who talk very bad about her wonderful boyfriend, Zachthewolf (aka [Dr. Wolf]) Pivv , and will most likely strike you down like Jesus if you cause any trouble between the two. She's single now.

Before Mirrorzan's current account was created, she was known as UchihaZan, and was revered for her amazing, beautiful, and anatomically correct wolf art. Everyone wanted to draw like her so bad that they would beg for requests all over her devianTART page, which has way over nine thousand pageviews.

It should be noted is that most of Zan's closest friends are also popular sparkledog artists who also are known for starting drama. These include Blueshinewolf, Kay fedewa, Nurelli and other artists with outstandingly increadible work. Her fans usually obsess over all three of these artists, and most others like them.

Furry Love

The past (aka bunch of lies)
The present

Zanfag tends to have huge outbursts of bitchfits, which she usually targets on people who make fun of Zachthewolf, her wonderful boyfriend who will be with her "Forever and for Always, no matter what". If you dare to bash this statement in any way, you will most certainly be flamed by her giant army of gay fantards, consisting of sparklefags and wolfaboos.

Yiffy furry pr0n with Zachthewolf.

Omg it exists!1

Yet everyone knows that Zan is secretly scissoring with BlueshineWolf.

As of 4/15/2011, Zan is engaged to her new furry lover Piv, who is conveniently named Zach IRL. Due to her stupidity, she couldn’t manage to cover her lies up well enough and her ex-boyfriend/FEAFA fiancé found out about her and Pivot while visiting her in Texas. They had been secretly talking for 4 years, and when asked Zan openly admitted she cheated on Zach, they broke up and Zach wrote a song on youtube about it, along with a bawwsy journal on his now dead DA.

On 11/21/2011, after a few days in where Zan deactivated her deviantART account and ran away to FurAffinity claiming that "FA > DA", she finally decided(after reactivating her account, lulz) to write a journal to admit that her cheesy derp of a lover (Aka Pivv) had ditched her for a girl known as Karen, who told Zan how much fun they were having together and that /she/ was now Pivv's toy and not Zan. Afterwards, Zan's fans started trying to cheer her up by saying things like: "We all make mistakes" or "You deserve someone better" WHEN SHE HAD DONE THE SAME SHIT TO HER EX BOYFRIEND A FEW COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO, OMG!!1 Bitch got what she deserved. Now Zan regrets breaking up with her FEAFA fiancé and leaves sympathetic comments on his dead deviantART as in expecting him to reply after all the shit she did.

After weeks of no response from his obviously dead DA, she goes back to crying for her more faithful boyfriend to just PLEASE COME BACK. Upon speculation it is obvious that she cries out in desperation for some form of contact, crying out for just a simple hello. 'Cause, you know, leaving the faithful boyfriend for an even [[Lie|more faithful boyfriend] and crying for the more faithful boyfriend to return after he left you for someone better than you'll ever be isn't a sign of desperation. This desperate act of regret, sorrow and lulz is definitely the greatest thing to ever happen to this dumb broad. Her first boyfriend even told the dumb bitch that her more faithful boyfriend already had a girlfriend and was just using her for her GREAT DRAWING SKILLZ FOR YIFF, roleplay and sex in his song crying and begging for her to return.

To add even more insult to injury, it seems like the more faithful boyfriend has come back to her, probably because he missed his free yiffy drawings, and since Zan has lower IQ than a baby with mental retardation, she seems to be very happy about it. Girl, you don't learn shit, do you? Being in love isn't an excuse for being this dumb.

Turning gay

Lesbianfriends.. err, let's be friends!

When one of Zan's and BlueshineWolf's wolfaboo fans revealed the [ugly truth], another drama sprouted. While BullshitWolf was quite pleased with the image, Zan went berserk and started to reply to every single comment, trying to save her hetero-image. Her bawfest was so loud that even her internet-wolf-boyfriend took some action. But even he knew, as his spotty little basement-dwelling face saw the image, that it was true. He knew Zan was screwing Nikki over skype. The whole performance divided Zan's fans to those who blindly followed their idol and those who liked the pairing and/or actually thought for a second seeing nothing inappropriate in the fanart.

Ok, Zan is no longer with Zach because he JUST DIDN'T CARE ABOUT HER ENOUGH BAAAAW she is now with her best friend Piv, whom she calls Pivvy. Like a fag.


Zan proving she is too good for anatomy.

MirrorZan is known in the colourful world of sparkledogs for her amazing skills and knowledge of canine anatomy fapping her characters like no other human. What she did was leech onto Blueshinewolf when she noticed she was getting popular so she moved onto- o wait, you can just see some comparison on how she mooched off Blueshit's style here! Nice one there, Zan! Looks like she's proud of sucking off a style from some famous that was shit to begin with. Her style is now perfected and cannot get any better - it's proven by the fact that even though she's been drawing for many years now, nothing has changed.

Though Zan is only able to use badly placed cell-shading, wolves, and terrible backgrounds in her art, she receives a fuckton of messages from her retarded fans daily. Why does such shit art get so much attention you ask? Probably because her entire fanbase consists of colorblind and retarded preteens, which happen to make up over 9000 percent of DeviantArt. Good luck in animation school Zanners!

Recently, to make herself look cooler to other artists she admires, Zan takes criticism. However, despite the fact that she has been taking it for some months, her art still sucks balls. Apparently Zan can't understand even the simplest advice on her art and there for only uses the "I take criticism gaiz" quote to make herself look more professional. How clever, Zan, you sure fooled your retarded watchers!

Like every wolfaboo, Mirrorzan also started a wolf comic and like every other wolfaboo, she failed miserably and never actually posted it, even though she advertized it like SHIT.

Zan's Early Period. WARNING: The following my cause nauseas, seizures, and fatality.

Like any animal artist, Zan's "o hey i ttly take ur critz" is a load of bullshit. If you ever dare to critique her art without giving her copious amounts off asspatting in the process, she will hide your comment, block you, and swear that she's just going to STOP DRAWING CUZ UR TOO MEAN. So remember, she does take critique - if it's not an actual critique.


If you've ever seen Zan type a journal or post on tumblr, you know she'd extreamly infamous for her bitching and ranting about random shit that no one cares about, and people as well. She even went so far as to make a seperate "super secret" tumblr page, just to throw fits. http://barksandrambles.tumblr.com/ Every other word that comes out of her mouth is either "fuck" or "shit". Despite the fact that she is in college, she still can't seem to act mature. Not even for a day.


File:Definition of a smart wolfaboo.png
Zan being smart and mature.

if the original beauty of her style wasn't enough, she's passed it onto her LOVING and LOYAL fans! In fact, you might say they ripoff of ol' zangoose herself! If you are brave enough to continue we are sorry for any eyes gouged out, stomaches busted, asses raped or any wonderful feelings like that.

Oh, but wait! Saluting Zannykins own shittyass style DOES NOT AMUSE. She's waaaay too good for her own fans (who are sometimes better than the person they're saluting.)

ALL your artwork is heavily referenced. You'll never find your own "style" unless you practice anatomy, learn from photos of real animals.


—Zan proving she is a smart and all knowing fucker. [STOLE MAH STYLE MOTHER FUCKER]

Not ZANgoose

File:Zandra, not Zangoose.PNG
The name is "Zandra" By the way. She got ttly got it from "Sandra".
Even fantards confuse Zan and Zangoose!

Even if you accidentally thought about pokemon while looking at MirrorZan's fursona. THEN YOUR IS COMPLETELY WRONG CAUSE THEY LOOK TTLY DIFFERENT!

The facts that the face markings are identical and names are so alike should be disregarded immediately.. unless you want to piss her off and get blocked in the following 10 seconds.

For some time she even ran a campaign which sole purpose was to show the [[great amount of differences between the two characters. This of course led to even bigger shitstorm and drama. Even now, if she is confronted with the fact that her hideous sparklefag fursona, Zan, looks a whole lot like a Zangoose, she will go beyond the point of insane and throw a massive pissy bitchfit and make sure she gets her revenge on you. File:Zanbawwwsplz.png

All this doesn't prevent her to accuse OTHER people of stealing HER design. Zan claims that her artwork is original and will not tolerate anyone that makes a fursona that has any white or red on it's body or who attempts at using her Danny Phantom style hair, which is completely overrated and a seriously hideous fucking style. She will also flame anyone who dares to steal one of her poses, which is utterly ridiculous and uncalled for.

File:Meme tag.png
Denying the truth.

The mirror

"Note that the "Mirror" concept is (c) to me."
Poor Sasuke, got ripped off by a wolfaboo

But that's not all! Her fursona has an EVUL form! According to the reference sheet it's triggered by rage or depression and is either batshit crazy or unbearably whiny. Because it's SO DIFFERENT from the Zan we know (LOL) it's called Mirror Zan or Naz. The idea is so original and unique that Zan decided to announce that it's copyrighted to her! Yes! No more mirrors! No more evil twins! No more split personalities! No more mood swings! Everything is COPYRIGHTED!

But wait… We have discovered the ugly truth! The irony, ooh the irony. Hence her first username “Uchihazan”, Zan was a Narutard and stole Sasuke’s markings and eyes, slapped them on Naz and claimed them as her own creation, thinking that no one would notice. A few twitches here, some colour modifications there, AND ALL DONE! Ready to copyright. So, basically, Zan is a MOTHERFUCKING HYPOCRITE. "I TTLY NOT STOLEN FROM ZANGOOSE. I TTLY NOT STOLEN FROM NARUTOOO! BUT U STEAL ZAN/NAZ MARKINGS? BETCHFIGHT MOTHERFUCKING FLAMEWAR!"

and to add even more irony,Here we see the faggot...that she actually says "He can't copyright such a thing" (broken Mirror effect), and if you say that, and you copyright every fucking thing...there is only two words for you Zan: Checkmate Bitch.


Because Zan is indeed the queen of vent art.

Yeah, I'm broken. and pretty much unfixable. I don't know what to do.

I don't know who to trust. My interest in art is dying. I feel like there's no need for me to even draw anymore. People are just going to flame it, or steal it. I had such a great plan for my comic as well. I have it all plotted out. A great storyline...but now...why even finish it?


— Zan doing what she does best: ( [Bawww])


I smell trouble
After seeing this video, Zan promptly threw a bitchfit. ttly open to criticism gaiz.

Zanfag's way to advertise her comic, which never got made. Damien and Desoto! This are copyrighted people! Just like ZANgoose wolfy, and if you try to steal the original designs GET READY TO GET YOUR ASS FLAMED. This two spaggles have SO much personality. Damien is an whiny fag, no surprise there of course, who kills everything that walks (OMG SO SCARY!11!) Desoto on the other hand is...pretty much the same. This two are brothers who hate each other because of.... *insert generic reason here*. You see Zanfag is too busy getting her ass kissed by fantards, so she never finished her majestic comic which she advertised so much!

And where is the amazing comic you may ask? IT WAS NEVER MADE! That's right! She made sure to shove the advertisement down your throat, but never actually made it! Typical wolfaboo.

XxXThe Scarlet SashXxX


~Crescent Moon Chronicles~ is now The Scarlet Sash. The amazing, heart-pounding tale of Zan is now emo'd up the pooper.

Yeah, CMC is now TSS. But the story is completely different. New characters will be introduced, along with some old ones.

Tip, Pip, Luke, Ash, Nick, Arren, and Kronos are just a few new faces you'll soon be seeing! (even though a few may already know some of the charries)

By the way, one of those characters is a cat. Another is a domestic dog, two are bats, and we even have a human in there. (who's actually a cameo) So don't expect to be seeing a comic full of wolves and nothing but.

I may upload the first page soon for some feedback (since it's also been done for a long time), but idk. I sorta dont' want to upload a page and then not upload any for a long time because i know i'll get poo for doing so ~w~

Also, Riko and Blue shut up i know you already saw the page so KEEP HUSH. At least i think you're the only two who've seen it. Plus Zach.

ANYWHO enjoy you crazy hooligans. Can't wait to get going with it! FINALLY, personal artwork! Gunna be crazy <3

Art/zan/TSS /c/ me


Of course she will take from her wonderful lover and stop at -insert number below 10- pages, never finish and proceed to whine about her hard life. But yet this is a good thing, because it is obvious no one wants to read, wait, cross that out, even look at this shit.

Also, The title sheet reveals that her real name is Stacy Yvette in a failed attempt to look as edgy as Blueshinewolf by putting their full name on the cover of their sparkledog adventures. Her full name is Stacy Yvette Villarreal.


Zanfag is well known for her massive amount of ego. That’s right! She enjoys going around fapping in excitement when her shitty deviations reach 1’000 favorites or MOAR. Her ass is never kissed hard enough, and she makes sure to shove it down your throat! Zan refuses to admit that she has basically assraped a Zangoose with a retarded wolf and adopted its sick love child, copied at least everyone in the internet about her own "style" (assrape isn't good enough to express it, lets say Omnirape) yet she will beat down on artists that "stole her design" (why ANYONE in their right mind would want to "steal" this design, we have no idea. A retarded batshitting orangutan could come up with a better design). Also, shes created enough plz accounts to sink the motherfucking titanic. (Zan is so egotistically retarded she made Justine sheeper (Justin Bieber) look good and that faggot is very caught up in himself.)

File:Plzacountzan.png File:Plzacountzan2.png File:Plzacountzan3.png File:Plzaccountzan5.png File:Zanbawwwsplz.png FTW

Also, Zans head is so far shoved up her fucking asshole she thinks her own shit smells of strawberries. Seriously. She shits pageviews, and barely aknowledges anyone who gets under 30K pageviews a month.

Zan's ego/hypocrite moments!

Excuses and Lies

As we already know, Zanfag is a big fat liar, never posted her amazing and original comic titled "Crescent Moon Chronicles" (yes that's the title, im serious) after months of advertising it up our asses and actually GIVING HER SPAGGLE DESOTO THE TITLE OF "THE NEXT SWITFKILL". We have found the many lies an excuses of why Zan never posted her magnificent comic. She just spams your inbox with all this crap so she is awarded with the name "Mirrorspam".

Sick of wolves too?!

"I'm FINALLY getting sick of drawing wulfs C8"

This was posted on June 25, 2010, months ago. Zanfag got obsessed with bats for a length of one week and then moved back to drawing shitty wuffers. For a second she realized that she cant draw wolves! But her ass kissing fantards told her otherwise. So its back to wolves again. AND OF COURSE lied to her army of watchers.

Ironically, just hours after posting this journal she uploaded more wolf drawings. OH ZAN, LYING AGAIN.

Her personal asskissers

Here we made this list to congratulate the fantards who did their best job at kissing Zan's ass! This furries stand out from the crowd! Good jorb!



Nurelli (Obvious reasons)


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