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Minax, GOTIS Case 101

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Created yesterday, Minax AKA Mina AKA Peggy Hill is one of the most identifiable GOTIS cases on the internet. It's not hard to miss this extreme case, so be careful when you're around it, as it's easy to get sucked in until she decides to go bi-polar and shove it up your booty hole.

Butthurt Faggots have been attempting to wipe the page. Good try. Faggots.

Origin of Minax

Minax was created within the bowels of Mordor approximately 9,000 years ago. Unbeknown to some people, this case of GOTIS is rather easy to spot. May appear innocent at first, but when targeted by the community, Minax will play the victim card (AKA I'm a girl). This is the most logical way for her him to find a way out way out. Of course, cases like these will always deny that they're doing anything wrong. Slowly trickling her way up the byond scale, Peggy Hill (funny, her real name is actually Peggy) she caters to many youngsters over the internet, and deny them e-poon constantly. Despite this, they continue, and fail sporadically.


Possible Suspects IRL

Uh, oh

Days b4 she got pwnt by 4chan

Most likely suspect


Sometime around last year, Cybertopia was created. Based off the manga Shitsurakuen (pronounced Shit-faggots), Cybertopia revolves around living within an academy, using people as weapons, and sitting in a dorm all day having sex. Mostly dominated by prepubescent females, Cybertopia is the ideal epitome of sexual fantasy for their fragile little minds.

Minax Wisdom

Lmfao. Crying assholes? That was a -fake- log buddy, that never happened and if you continue to believe it did, then so be it. And everyone who roleplays, has to use them finger's kid. Unless you type with your ass.


—Funny, because it actually happened

Evalynn Rockerfeller instantly feels her asshole cry out, before ripping the panties off her self and removing the bra since it wasn't so easy to rip. 
Her eyes were ablazed with humiliation and anger. "Happy?" She couldn't help but ask calmly. It would be so funny if he wasn't attracted to her. 
Maybe even make this better!
I am Mina aka Meena. I'm an otaku, obviously. I couldn't care less about what other thinks.



That bitch don't wipe she a nasty hoe


—Brandon x brootality

is dat cybertopia?????????


—Unknown Assailant


No but seriously, compared to the other shit on RPU, we simply have the most mature, best organized, well thought out, admin involved, Roleplay on RPU. We also have the best community. We all make quality Posts, and have pretty deep rooted Character development.

Not our fault so many people who can't grasp that are Jelly of us. I mean seriously? Gunna troll us because we are successful, fuck we aren't going to let that shit slide. WE ARE THE BEST SO FUCKING DEAL WITH IT. :D Sincerely, Deen193.


—Deen193, P.S. Love you Gais <3

I think people are just Jelly, in fact less than half of out community are admins. Its just we all roleplay at such a good quality that we can all -Qualify- as Admins. I mean come on its kinda funny when members of the Utopia community log onto servers that just started and before even finishing the WI, they are made insta Admins or Mods. There is a reason for that.

We are good quality, helpful people. We only act trollish when people troll us or hate on us because they are jelly. So grow up and fuck off.

Deen193 :D


—Deen193, sucking more cock

How is the Self proclaimed 'best server ever' being beaten out by 2 others? I'd think it'd be topping the list.....!!!


—Doin' it right

Um, no just beacuse we have a lower number doesn't mean that we are lesser quality, obviously we have a very steady and growing, community. It has lasted what Seven months now? Interesting, just goes to show that we are the best. Kthxbai, stfu.

Deen193 :D


—Deen193, in response to the quote before

Well Utopia is so far the only server that isn't a failure. I Mean if you log onto Zant, between the Shitty Posts, the Abusing Admins, the Fucked-Up Dumb as Shit Rules, the Players having a Maturity of a five year old, and the Jealousy of the players whom obviously wish they were as good as we "Utopians", there really isn't much to it except for Anthony's strive to keep it alive, which I tip my hat too.

He really is an incredible guy to be able to try and better RPU while keeping that server -somewhat- stable.

Utopia even being a target here just goes to show the jealousy of the "lesser bot" in RPU, I mean seriously, we did it as a joke, but its sad that we have to come on here and prove that even though we are joking, we are being 100% honest.

Yes I am a conceited asshole, fuck most us on Utopia are, I guess its a side effect of being around only good quality, mature individuals.

K thx, I love you all.

Deen193 <3 Utopia


—Deen193 again, sucking MORE cock

xD I love that I have become the attention of you trolls, honestly I am LOVING THIS SHIT UP SO MUCH. I have enough experience to go on Zant and watch as a Head admin muted, booted, banned, un-banned, and muted a person again just for a font color. I try to reason and say something and guess what, same treatment, if you all really want to get into this, you are a bunch of fucking crybabies, honestly, not even the balls to put your key name? Well, oh well. Fuck off anyway, aggressive enough? I mean seriously what can I do, I am on a computer. Grow up robots. :I

Once again, Deen193


—Once again, Deen193

Hi! I'm Bloo Bloobie! I've been on Utopia since it started! ( :3 ). I've known Minax for three years, and have joined nearly all of her RPs, and by far, Utopia has been my favorite. Of course, I've started to move away from it, but that happens with most RPs - but I have to say - when Utopia first started, it was pretty amazing. The concept was amazing, and I enjoyed RPing there when I could. Nowadays, I don't RP there as often, but that's coo'. I still hit up my homies and bitches ( i'm totally not sexist, amg ;w; ). But, anyways! I was getting off point. My point was. Deen, you're a fucking kiss ass, bro. I'm not trollin' or anything., and even if you are joking, you provoking others to continue to troll you isn't helping. In fact, it's flamebaiting, which constitutes to trolling, and from there, Nazism ( which isn't Kosher ). So, in one simple act, you've not only provoked those who wished to troll, but oppressed the BYOND Jewish community. Stop kissin' ass, bro. Seriously.



Deen. Don't vouch for Utopia. You only make things worse, let's be honest. Your grammar is terrible, your thought process is terrible, and you can't carry a decent post without bringing in a load of irrelevant information into every single post. You can't structure a single paragraph and each sentence you type up lacks in format.

I'm not saying they suck, I'm saying you, the individual, suck, and therefore you should not represent for them if you want things to improve for Utopia.

I'm not scared to say this, either. My name's Fluffeh121, Justin, Flurf, Tsundere. Whatever. Get at me, bro.



Honestly, Utopia is famous and infamous for its own reasons. One probably because of its enriching acts of sex and violence that promote more sex. Thus, people hate how and -why- utopia got popular.

Hence how it got the name Cybertopia.



—A Fat Nerd.


Minax Trivia

  • Has big tits, but won't show because secretly lowli.
  • Likes doodoo.
  • Real life (first name) is Peggy.
  • Dating Kooler221 Marco, thirsting for that BBC.
  • Minax's email is [email protected]
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