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An example of the high quality work produced by MinTails.

MinTails is your average Sonic fucktard from Sweden. She was fine on devianTART for a while until many lulzy events occurred, causing her to LEAVE DA FOREVER.

Unoriginal Artwork

In order to fully appreciate the following drama, it should be established that Mintails is NOT a talented artist, so here's a quick sample of her work.

MinTails meets Sonicgirl21

The picture in question.

Sometime in April, 2007, a deviant named sonicgirl21 (I'll call her SG for short) found a deviantART ID in an "Anti ShadOuge club". The ID was by Mintails, and being the nice person she was, SG went to the original (now BALEETED) in Mintails' gallery. SG gave her critique on her artwork. Being the retard she was, Mintails went EMO, OH SHIT! Sometime later Mintails spammed the fuck out of SG's page, calling her 'mean' and 'evil' and saying her disgusting artwork was 'her style'. She then blocked SG, because she thought she was "flaming" her. SOMEONE CALL THE WAAAAMBULANCE!!!

Soon after, many of MinTails' naive friends came over and flamed SG as well for critiquing Mintails' beautiful art.

One friend, Gaja-Bat, was such a retard that she spammed SG's page (along with her friends' pages), telling them that SG was SO EVIL AND MEAN WAAAAAAAAAH! Many then pointed out that Gaja was a fucktard, like Mintails.

Many lulz were harvested during this argument:

Uh, I'm only 12 years old!! And sick! I'm home from school and crying because I'm sick! Do you need too say something like that to me? I'm so sad so I really crying so please please PLEASE leave me alone!


—MinTails - holding a pity party

You can´t draw good!

MinTails pic is more kool and your! And I´m mad! NO ONE MAKE MY FRIENDS SAD!


—Gaja-bat - lapping up Mintails' shit and demonstrating his/her "wonderful" grammar.

WTF is wrong whit you!??! everyone got a OWNE style! >< Leave her alone !! >.>



SG's original comment on the piece of crap.

Patching the Wounds?

After the war, SG sought out to make friends with MinTails, and contacted Gaja, bearing a gift (BALEETED from SG's gallery) for Mintails and apologies. Mintails then unblocked SG and SG watched her.

Soon after, Mintails uploaded another picture and SG sought out to critique again, making it a little softer than the last time.

Let's try it agaaaaaaaaain D: Yup, back again. Let's see what I can do...if I may yah know. *cracks knuckles*

Let's start with....uh..Cream! Cream is good. Alright, her ears seem a bit..blocky. Dunno. They look nice, it's just that one thing that throws it off. Her tail looks perfect! I think her arms and legs should be a bit smaller because she is....6 last time I checked. Mm, and she seems crossed eyed and there shouldn't be a line seperating that tuft of cream hair and her head. Mabye that's just a mistake, but still. She looks good in general!

Neh...not gonna do Amy...just because I need to go to bed soon. Only thing that's major is her mouth looks off and her boobs shouldn't be that big. Remeber Rouge has the big ones, most of the rest always seem....flat chested. Weird SEGA D: but nice job on her too.

Sonic...let's see. His pose is good, looking surprised there and all . His eyes are too small and should be bigger. Also, his quills and shoes look too big as well. I suggest checkin' out some Sonic Channel pictures for his quills. Trust me, I have a hard time sketchin' them out as well. His tail is way too small. Should be as big as Amy's IMO.

All in all, nice job! Must finish quickly, bed time for me D:


—Sonicgirl21, on Mintails' piece of crap.

Naturally, Mintails, again, took it as a threat, and responded with this:

But I like this picture... Don't make me sad again plz.. I have my own style and you too, I can't draw like Sonic Channel I'm not a SEGA artist


—Mintails' reply.

Mintails failed to realize that her pic was not as great as she thought it was and got extremely butthurt. Afterwards, she blocked SG again.

Trying Again

3 or so months later, SG made an apology picture for Mintails, this time, her character Eliza. She sent it to Mintails and asked to do a collaboration. Mintails agreed happily.

After, Mintails hosted a contest. SG then said the following:

Neh, sure. Why not, it'll give me something to draw during the first day of school tomarrow. Three things missing, the due date, a reference to Lindsay, and rules. Then you're set!


—Sonicgirl21, on the contest.

Her fuck buddy, Chibiami-chan, then went batshit crazy for SG stating what needed to be in a contest to participate. Her master followed her lead.
Mintails said the following:

Because everytime when I'm UNBLOCK you are ALWAYS sayin' what I will do or not, that soooo wrong!! D:< I know that you're jealous because if you wasn't shouldn't you say somethin' like that! This is about how you should do:

1. Stop to flame other peoples. 2. If you don't like anyones pictures are you don't need to say ANYTHING. 3. You are not the best person on dA, it's MANY other peoples on dA who don't flame other peoples, they're better and nice peoples. 4. NO CRITIQUES are everyone sayin' but you just ignore it and gives 'em critiques.


—Mintails, being a retard.

Mintails once again failed to realize that no one was actually jealous of her mad skillz.

Is MinTails going to become an hero?

When she discovered this article, MinTails wrote this bitchfest...

Look what sonicgirl21 did! [insert link to this article here] I said to the dA helpdesk if they could ban her, I hope they can! She draw like a 3 years old girl, and can't draw! She's a f***** child who can't draw and says that other peoples can't draw!!! I wanna die now!!!!! I hate my damn life! Well, the one who maked it, I said But I like this picture... because I LIKED IT, NO QRITIQUES! and NOT THAT EVERYONE MUST LIKE IT! And that site isn't for flame other peoples D:< I can english, not to great but HELLO I'M JUST 13 YEARS OLD! D:<


—Mintails on being unable "to english" at age 13, calling the Waaabulence, and being emo

Original Journal. BALEETED

Emo furry is emo and should go become an hero so no one has to hear her bitching anymore.

After MinTails wrote the journal, Gaja-twat replied stating SG didn't write this article, because she doesn't have an ED account... or does she?, in Swedish. If you have a translator, please translate all Swedish they say in the journal and post it here!

The Floodgates Open

Some time ago, MinTails' account was fucked at full force by Anonymous. MinTails responded by hiding comments and her fantards were quick to defend their beloved queen. However despite their best efforts the onslaught continued and MinTails decided that the best solution would be to leave, so that she could slit her wrists.


Aftermath of the trolling.

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