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Milo Stewart
Real Name Natalie Stewart
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Born June 10, 1998
Residence Chicago, Illinois
JewTube YouTube Favicon.png Milo's YouTube Channel

Milo Stewart (Powerword: ArchiveToday-favicon.pngNatalie ArchiveToday-favicon.pngStewart) is what happens when a transgender millennial Tumblrina leaves the safe space of Tumblr and heads of to the male dominated patriarchy known as YouTube. Despite being a barely legal trap (The butch kind, Not the good kind) she still calls her viewers easily offended millennials. By the first glance it seems like she is just your typical teenage transgender girl however instead of transitioning into a boy she has instead chosen to identify as non-binary transgender, or to quote, a "non-binary, trans, asexual, aromatic queer."

She also believes that biological gender is a sexist myth that was brought on by imperialism and that there are more than 76 genders in the world, and that #BlackLivesMatters, hence why she supports black Hitler. According to her she started to lose friends after she came out as a transgender, She blames this on uneducation and transphobia despite the fact that one of her biggest critics is an actual transsexual. Despite being a Social Justice Warrior, she still considers herself classist, racist and ableist, since according to her, all people of a majority are biased towards people of a minority. Interestingly enough, this would mean that rich white people would have the most bias and prejudice loaded against them since they are the tiniest minority on the planet, and given how many people are disabled according to Tumblr so are probably mentally healthy people as well.

Milo Stewart also believes that you can't be phobic towards cisgender, but expects all cisgender people to be understanding of transsexuals.

The "Rachel Dolezal" of Transsexuals

The video that started it all.

Milo's "beliefs" consist of a panorama of buzzwords pertaining to transgendered lifestyles with a some edgy phrases thrown in to keep people's attention. In fact, the entire concept seems to be getting attention as it becomes painfully obvious after a mere few minutes of watching that Milo is not a real trans...binary...whatever, but rather just a girl with a short haircut and hipster glasses who lacks any talent other than pretending to not be the boring, cisgendered girl that she is. It's also wholly possible that she is doing it for the lulz as she is quite successful in making spergs extremely butthurt prompting them to write entire friggin' essays about her stupid videos.

The War on Trolls

It seems to me Milo mistakes clothing preferences and hobbies or general gendered interests for being a different gender altogether.


—Blair White on YouTube, saying what we already expected.

According to an interview with The Daily Dot, Milo is engaged in a "never-ending war on trolls" because The Daily Dot seems to mistake legitimate reactions to stupid videos as "trolling." Much of the general consensus revolves around her credibility as part of the LGBTQLMNOPQRS community as opposed to just a troll who craves attention.

Milo Changes his her name because of gay troll

After discovering infamous collage and internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos (which Milo Stewart thinks is named Milo Minneapolis) Milo Stewart decided to that she would legally change her name to Quinby Stewart to disassociate herself with the dangerous faggot. However Milo Stewart can not be entirely blamed for this radical change because she was actually asked by SJWs to change her name to another name then Milo because it was triggering them by bringing them PTSD flashback to the fabulous pedophile advocate Milo Yiannopoulos.

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