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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Pussies Fighting.gif MilanaMill is in an internet sissy fight with Sythyx.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
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The shemale in all its glory.

Deviantart-favicon.png MilanaMill is an autistic 18-year-old shemale from Finland. You can find Milana just about anywhere begging for attention and asspats when she doesn't get her own way. Her hobbies include hoarding supporters who will do just about anything from licking her aids ridden asshole to threatening to kill themselves if their precious futa queen's ballsack is in a twist.

There isn't a single day where Milana isn't raping her dog , unfortunately animal services have yet to take away the dog because they'd rather avoid being infected with aids.

Riniuu Drama

Milana recently was retarded enough to write a journal about her ex-friend Riniuu, intending to rape her with an iron dildo over shit that happened last Thursday.

Milana talking about her cock

Naturally, to defend their fallen tartlet goddess, Riniuu's fans proceeded to throw piles of shit at Milana, but they did not take time to realize that Milana was already full of shit. This caused the futanari princess to evolve into an ultra shitposter, allowing kawaii cancer and mango fairies to join together in what would create the ultimate flame war.

Typical emo poetry from the world's biggest faggot.

Perhaps realizing what a cunt she is, Milana decided to step off of the blogs for a few days to throw herself a pity party. Rini's fans accused Milana of being a bully, which she is. She then proceeds to write a novel about her shitty life in middle school and goes on to speak about how absolutely nothing has improved since then. Considering how Milana was bullied, the shemale clearly did not receive enough asspats to prevent her from becoming the hypocritical lulzcow that she is today.

Before all of this, Milana claims that Riniuu had promised to Milana that she would stop tracing. Encouraged by her internet waifu, this caused Milana to furiously masturbate. However, due to recent accusations and posting of "proof" of Riniuu's past, Milana's boner was quickly lost and sent her immediately into a rage that caused her to piss on herself, and everyone involved in the blogs. Beaten down and severely butthurt, Milana proceeded to shove multiple dildos up her ass about Riniuu still being a tracer and posted a journal, encouraging other tartlets to see the light that is Riniuu's disgusting vagoo.

Riniuu, shocked and in disbelief that one of her cocksuckers had taken their head out of the safety of her ass, made a journal as well, to inform her white knights that Milana was no longer a believer. As vigilant as a Westboro Baptist Church protest at a veteran's funeral, her white knights proceeded to rape Milana repeatedly until she gave in to their e-cocks, realizing there was nothing else she could do but shut the fuck up and take it like the little bitch that she is.

Milana's 'Art'

Milana joined DeviantART many eons ago, however she has sadly yet to improve. Her prime hang out is the watering hole for all untalented weaboos, Tumblricon.png Artist Gossips, where she is found preying on every artist who has the potential to be better than her. Like every tartlet found in the shithole of deviantART, Milana spends her time posting selfies in retarded poses and drawing fanart of asspies. Anyone who watches her is immediately seen afterwards rubbing oxyclean in their eyes to purify themselves after the sin that is witnessing her shiny shiny desu art.

Offending 101

  • Accuse her of tracing (even though her characters are far too deformed to be traced)
  • Have a different opinion to hers
  • Read this article

Got a raging boner for a fag drag queen?

But wait, there's more! You can now mail your next sperm dump, chloroform rag, or even bloody tampon all the way to Finland for her to keep in her loving memory cabinet.

Other Players


Deviantart-favicon.png spudfuzz, aka Egocentric Timebomb, or Reanne Hempsall, is a 20-something year old intellectual furry artist.

Another character in the uncanny, never ending saga of tartlet faggotry is a pygmy goat named Spudfuzz. Claiming the title of everyone's senpai, Spudfuzz can be found masturbating to gossip blogs and creating tutorials on how to draw like you have downs syndrome.

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Such is the daily routine of someone who buys their watchers.

Ever since Spudfuzz was a wee potato, she dreamed about being a comic artist. Until one day, her parents reminded her that she was a fucking retard and had no artistic skill. Thrown out on the street, and with no where else to go, Spudfuzz began prostituting herself for points in hopes that someone would give a fuck about her. This did not prove to pay enough, so Spudfuzz turned to the religion of dAhub, a gathering for all desperate attention whores who don't have enough watchers to flaunt. Without enough money to pay to dAhub, Spudfuzz offered herself to the beast and was forced to shove all of Tumblricon.png Artist Confessions up her cunt instead. It turned out that the followers of the blog enjoyed it, and thus began Spud's career as the little engine that could.

With her new toys sent directly from the king, the hub, Spud began practicing on how to be an assclown by taking a handful of her watchers and furiously fisting her anus with them. She proceeded to tell everyone about it on AC's Disqus. Everyone, perplexed by the grand total of blind retards who had the audacity to watch her, was quick to admire her and started a chain of circle jerking every time she graced them with her constructive criticism.

Like an informant at a gathering for the church of Scientology, Spud never took the hint that no one gives a shit, and began to preach her critiques to teenybops who were never interested in her opinion anyways. The butthurt anons, offended by Spud's lack of compassion for their fragile kokoros, tried to explain to her that she was kowai. Many flashbacks were had that day because of the rejection, causing Spud immense amounts of butthurt as she remembered that she is a failure. Pissing herself that they were ignoring her instead of licking her pussy, Spud proceeded to flame them into submission like the crybaby she is. At least until Terraset, who is believed to be one of Spudfuzz's sock puppets, showed to lap up all of her salty penis tears by liking her comments with multiple accounts.

1 like = 1 prayer

After gaining some notoriety amongst the underlings of the greatest gathering of fantards and mentally challenged, Spudfuzz was finally noticed by AC's resident fag enabler. An autistic fairy named Horchata was so compelled by the fuzzyspud's egotistical cock that she invited her to a pizza party at AC, where autism speaks.

She now spends most of her time drawing niggers and screaming at younger artists that are better than her.

You can find Spudfuzz parading her art on various websites such as Livestream and Wysp.


Hannah doing what she does best

Hannah, also known as Deviantart-favicon.png cloverlilly, is a talented and established woman who owns the successful gossip blog Tumblricon.png Kawaii History.

After realizing all of the attention the other tartlets were getting for creating gossip blogs, Hannah did what most drama queens do: start their own kingdom in honor of their god, Haruhi Suzumiya. Hannah strived to be the most original, and using her powers to turn water into wine, her eventual reblogging of fucking everything helped her to raise the dead.

Hannah's art consists of drawing prostitots with the anatomy of a paralysed lolicon. When she isn't drawing, she's masturbating to Faggot, hoping that her senpai will notice her. Her blog recently took a turn for the worse when everyone and their brother decided to make their own confession blog, and the maggots migrated elsewhere. Upset that no one gave a shit about hers, Hannah decided to turn to the ED forums and shitposted the most half-assed article ED has ever seen.

After releasing the link to KH, Hannah was extremely butthurt that not a single fuck was given about her half-assed attempt to be funny. Hannah was once again rejected by anyone who has a fucking brain. To compensate for this failure, she spends her days editing the article and searching the wayback machine in order to regurgitate irrelevant things that not even Jesus would remember, while shedding many tears with her transvestite boy toy Milana.

In the midst of all the great art that she makes often at times Hannah will throw in one or two pieces of crudely drawn pony art which her adoring brony fantards will fap furiously to. Fortunately normal people try not to engage themselves with the brony faggot as that would inflate her ego to unimaginable levels.

If you like art of car crash victims, then do I have a surprise for you!

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Hannah, being a butthurt tattletale.

After witnessing her article, Hannah proceeded to shit bricks that her kawaii identity had been discovered. Afraid of being portrayed as kowai, Hannah, like the nigger she is, quickly ran to her blog, posting to KH to try to explain the reasons as to why she is mentally challenged. Not gaining enough support, the young weeaboo turned to the ED forums, hoping they would still accept her despite her obvious loltism.

Common sense

Unfortunately for Hannah, no one likes a retard, and she was faced with rejection once more. Hannah was sadly unable to contain her own amount of immense ass throbbing devastation. Growing bored of the kawaii lifestyle, and not receiving the desired reaction from her senpai, Faggot, she vowed to abandon the blog now that everyone knows what a complete pussy she is.

I’ve been trying to work on improving my art instead of making ED articles about people I don’t like lol.


— Hannah, being the hypocritical cow that she is.

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