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Mila Mortice

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Cat eyes.JPG
A picture of Felice Fawn. Notice those veins.

Mila Mortice (real name Anca Nitulescu from Bellevue, Washington) is a 15 year old weirdo who achieved psuedo Tumblr fame by tagging her photos as #Felice Fawn and attracting the attention of the PrettyUglyLittleLiar forum. Her parents, Christina and Christian (yes, really) appear blissfully unaware of their daughter's ridiculous persona appear to have had the good sense to take her computer away, but they do plan on hiring Felice Fawn for some editing work.

Mila VS. Felice Fawn

Screenshot evidence
I honestly have not tried to "recreate" anything she has done or copy her style. Perhaps I was subconsciously inspired...



After a failed attempt at copying and dick-riding the e-fame of photoshop sensei Kotakoti under the alias 'Lunabelle', she abandoned the world of the kawaii living dolls and turned to obsessively mimicking the demonic thinspo queen, Felice.

Her insanity includes but is not limited to: sending herself asks on her tumblr like the exalted Fawn, wearing gothic boots for hookin', mimicking exact poses, setting up a half-assed website composed of selfies with some kind of "hire me" side portion, tagging her photos #Felice Fawn and even changing her online alias to something more g0ffik. Let's have a look at "Mila"'s original uniqueness that was totally not inspired by Felice Fawn or copied but is totally coincidence because she is naturally very tortured inside too.

In late 2012 Felice Fawn made a Soundcloud, music blog, playlist and group for electronic music and Witch House. Mila went as far as copying Felice's playlists and music taste to impersonate her Gothic queen, adding most of the songs to her own playlist and making her her own Soundcloud and music blog with the same music:

Felice ignored Mila's insanity for a hot second before eventually recognizing that she had a downgraded twin in the making:

Much to Mila's distress, who bawwed over the fact that even her demonic queen found her actions lulzworthy:


Felice Fawn has made posts about me on more than one occasion that were very rude, but this time went frankly too far.




Mila VS. Kotakoti

Before Luna Belle/Mila Mortice/ discovered Felice Fawn and miraculously became g0ffik, she tried to get e-famous through copying kawaii queen Kotakoti:

This turned out to be a major bust as Mila could not afford to hire a crazy sister or mom to complete the transformation.


Most people think "OMGZ BUT SHES LYK SOOOO PRETTY" when they first see her photos. But do not be fooled - Mila's face is entirely constructed by the liquify, burn, dodge and blur tools. Whereas Mila's shoopin' is more obvious, it does have a likeness to the Many Faces of Fawn.

The Lies

Mila has gone as far as lying about having an eating disorder to be like her thinspo queen Felice, who admitted to struggling with anorexia for 7 years in 2012. Mila made the bold claim that she nearly had organ failure and almost died from anorexia, despite no previous mention of a disorder or any evidence what so ever. Her magical eating disorder appeared shortly after Felice released this article, when Mila decided to jump on the pity bandwagon and write her own bullshit essay to try and earn some sympathy points.

I nearly died.



I was lucky not to have organ failure.



Let's take a moment to compare Mila to her thinspo queen Felice, who despite her physical state in comparison with Mila, had never mentioned organ failure or possible death.

Mila/Luna Belle has also recently claimed to have a waist measurement of 21", just one inch bigger than Ioana Spangenberg, who has a natural waist of 20". After being called out on her on non-photoshopped pictures which unsurprisingly revealed a body over 9000 sizes bigger than her shooped photos, Mila desperately tried to defend her thinspo queen fantasy by uploading a crappy webcam picture of her waist with convenient pixel blurring and a hand placement that covers the tape measure cutting into her love handle.


To this day Mila Mortice/Luna Belle has denied even being inspired by Felice Fawn (let alone copying her) and continues to try to be a g0ffik thinspo queen. Despite being such a punk, Anca freaked out and locked all of her profiles the second her parents caught wind of her shenanigans. Because strange photos of yourself on the internet will most definitely get you grounded.

This also prompted Felice Fawn to move a quarter of an inch on the couch, motivated by indignance and rage, and post a Twitter update which actually made some sense for once:

Tumblr users are currently accepting bets as to who her next persona will be. We all hope it is not Molly Soda.

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