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Mickey Avalon is a wigger wannabe raper who sings about what every other rape star sings about hookers and blow. Mickey Avalon isn't his real name, his real name is Yeshe Perl. Like all shitty single rapper he started in a shit rape group called the Dyslexic Speedreaders which their name doesn't even make any fucking sense since people with Dyslexia have trouble reading so they cant be speed readers.

He raps about how he got addicted to weed, heroin, and worked as a hooker. Of course he didnt just use those drugs he sold weed along with his mother. He was also one of those cool kids on the block by being a graffiti artist His parents were Jew but they didn't practice their religion like the fat lazy ass americunts they were. His mother converted to Buddhism and she named him with a Tibetan name (even though China has control of Tibet) and after she was done with that religion she became a hippie where she did acid and smoked weed. His paternal (fathers side of the family) grandparents were survivors of Auschwitz. He also watched his father die, and found his sister's dead body.

A song about dicks,by Mickey Avalon


Like all nigger wannabes he started out when some asshole who worked for MTV Simon Rex, encouraged him to compose his own songs. Rex (Dirt Nasty), and Armen Melik started a shitty rap group called the Dyslexic Speedreaders. An irreverent group that gave a satirical and often lascivious look into the L.A. club and drug culture. Avalon's stage presence, which was just him just moving around and dancing like a douche in front of everybody.

When he dances on stage he doesn't fuck around he pulls bitches up from the audience and goes to their house so he can fucking rape them. He is married to this whore but he still cheats on her even though they had a daughter together; he just doesn't fuck around when it comes to getting some pussy.

Once his little rap group gained the attention of this faggot DJ and aspiring manager Kev-E-Kev, who was soon helping Jew make his self-titled CD

Who's the retard with the microphone? I can't believe there are real women dancing to this loser!


—segn66 on youtube

He is so fucking hardcore he gets wasted and high before his concerts and the next morning when he wakes up in bed with naked women and men he doesn't remember a thing he did or who did him last night.

Life before fame

File:Mickey avalon5.jpg
Mickey after he just had some gay sex

Before Mickey was famous he had jobs like every other white American Jew. The jobs he did were mostly gay ones; he either worked as a male prostitute or did online web cam porn.

I used to work nights at www.hotcock.com, but then I got fired when my mom logged on.


—Mickey Avalon

He already started drinking when he was 11. He was already smoking cigarettes trying to become a cool kid. He also went to a methadone clinic with his father (before he died).

It was just a bad time, I got in trouble a lot. I was about to start selling weed by the time I was 13, losing my virginity.


—Mickey Avalon


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