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"Michael Explicit" is a MySpace as well as Youtube attention whore that has gained his shameless popularity by walking down the same path of Heidi Montag. Michael has proven to be the biggest superficial, anorexic, plastic surgery obsessed drama seeking faggot on the Internet. He resembles a bitchier 12 year old version of Chris Crocker. If he's not constantly bitching about how ugly or fat he is, he's constantly lurking in the darkest corners of the Internet looking for anyone who is going to give him all the attention he wants.

Michael has marred the Internet by promoting plastic surgery, superficiality and distaste for those who don't go to Jew. He displays his affection for superficial lifestyle by talking about his desire for plastic surgery, bitching at anyone even slightly unattractive and "going out to eat sushi" or "eating strawberries with champagne" but this is only to attract attention from those around him


Barbie is a perfect model for 12 year old girls
Michael's method of enticing other scene kids
Do you think its fun to be anorexic? I haven't eaten in a week and the only thing I had is water and concentrated lemon juice so it can burn my stomach and hopefully I get an ulcer so the fat can leak out of my stomach. I mean I'm a teen idol. My whole being is representation of perfection. I have to be a good role model to youth everywhere. I'm a male barbie. I'm Michael Explicit.



Michael aka the male barbie first appeared on the Internet on a midget Myspace called Fotolog where all the cool scene kids placed their pictures so other cool scene kids can comment them and inflate their ego. After a sufficient number of followers was acquired and having bitched at every other attention seeking 12 year old it was time to move up to the big leagues where he constantly began posting revealing pictures and often provocative for a 14 year old

As Michael's friends list began to increase so did the quality of the pictures he posted because he eventually started posting pictures of his naked anorexic body. But seeing how people responding negatively to the said nude pictures in a manner such as calling him a faggot, and shunning him from the scene community. Michael was definitely very butthurt because he started bitching and making fucktarded rant videos. Seeing how his clever strategic moves were unsuccessful he deleted his Myspace account thereafter.

I can do whatever the fuck I want. I'm hot so I'm gonna show it. You're just mad cuz you fucking want it and you're jealous cuz you can't fucking have it. You know what stick a finger down your throat everyday for a few weeks maybe then you can have some input about what I do.





50% bones 50% shit

Michael has severe obsession with anorexia and bullimia and a being skinny. He says he wants to be 100 lbs so that he can be the skinniest guy alive. Michael brags about his bulimia in this soviet blog where he also rants about him wanting plastic surgeries such as mini brow lift, cheek bones redone, chin redone, jaw redefined, rhinoplasty and mini facial lipo. He also talks being anorexic and being a model. It is unclear whether this is fan made or his personal blog. Michael likes to believe that he's the skinniest thing alive and criticizes anyone who's not a walking fucking stick. Michael erratic obsession with being skinny and a drug of choice cocaine prompted btards to create a hilarious Michael Explicit inspired spoofaloo.



One cannot help but wonder what kind of style does Michael Explicit have. He dresses like a hipster faggot scene emo girl going out to one of those Interior Semiotics group meetings. Fucking pizza slut.




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