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Just like every Tara Strong fan to come before him

Michael Artega is another dumb ass piece of shit, Bible Thumping brony fan of Tara Strong that decided to follow in the meme she had started following the presidential election of November of 2016 to become another one of her fans to post his wish to assassinate our great and mighty god lord emperor on social media.
Unlike all the other socially retarded aspertards to come before him, Michael Arega's threats were more than baseless as he was arrested 6 November 2017 after he made a threat to, "Kill all white police," and drove from Dallas, Texas to the United States Capital City of D.C. where he was arrested by the Secret Service after a bulletin had been released to be on the lookout for another well armed, Books On Tape Bible fag nigger looking to fulfil the word of their prophet Tara Strong.

Possible Hate Crimes

The psycho fuck wit

Since Our great and mighty warlord of the sky is white and Arega, who threatened to assassinate The great leader of the Free World and all the White police he could is black, no charges or accusations of racism and hate crime have been made against him because blacks are incapable of hate or racism. Current libtard propaganda excuses blacks as racists with the rationalization because they cannot carry out acts of racism because they do not have the opportunities or resources to practice racism in the manner white Americans have in the past and present. In other words, blacks can have a grudge against the dominant race and hate them because of the color of their skin, be motivated to do harm because of the color of someone's skin but when they act on it, no matter how motivated by hate, it is revolution and not a Hate Crime or Racism.
To go a step further, this new libtard mentality, puts all the responsibility for the hate that a black man feels over his inability to get a job not on the fact that he has been in and out of jail since he was 12 but rather on the white man. It doesnt matter if you are a Coal burner, you give half your income to black charities or you went on Tv and sucked Jessie Jackson's dick and swallowed on live Tv to show how progressive you are. When that nigger sneaks up behind your ass and puts your brains on the wall then rapes your wife and children, IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT FOR BEING BORN WHITE.
Unlike every Crazed Ass Tea Bagger that wished for Obama to be assassinated so as to save the country from his insane socialist ideas and brain washing, Arega will not be branded a racist despite his specifically announcing that he wished to do harm against people based on their race. Liberal Media, like CNN is already doing, will most likely play up his psychological issues while more far left groups will name Arega a revolutionary.

Snitches Get Stitches

Like every 15-year-old, virgin, Emo High School student that comes to school with fresh and still bleeding cuts on his arms, Arega's motivation mostly steemed from a desire for attention.
Like all people committed to committing a crime and not geting caught, Michael Arega posted from his Silver Spring, Maryland hotel room on Facebook his intentions to harm Our great and majestic leader along with every white police officer before calling his ex-wife to inform her of his plan and set off to D.C. unarmed.
Like a good patriot, and fearing who would lead our country back to greatness if something were to happen to the man above myth and leader of the free world she reported her former husband to Maryland Police who then contacted the Secret Service when they arrived at Arega's hotel room and found it empty.
About an hour after the be-on-the-lookout for Arega had been circulated, Secret Service agents spotted Arega on Pennsylvania Avenue where they arrested him with no trouble because, being the bottom bitch that he is, Arega dropped his pants, got down on his hands and knees and quickly put his ass into the air like the good little man-whore bottom bitch thst he will become in prison.

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