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Mi-Chan is a nifty little app that dumps all the images on the front page of 4chan to your harddrive and displays them as a slideshow. It was written by anonymous, probably to download hentai.

Mi-Chan dumping /B/

Original post by Anon:

"Crawls any folder on 4chan, dumps images to local folder, configurable with bandwidth limit, refresh times, etc. Also comes with a little gui app that refreshes by pressing space and shows the images as they're being grabbed - 4chan slideshow! Unzip before using. Run Mi-Chan GUI, press space. If you want to know how to change from B to another folder or stuff, read readme.

I'd that this is going to be an awful bandwidth rape, but most of you sit there hitting F5 repeatedly anyway, so this is only marginally worse. Have fun!"'

04-07-09 Update: To be able to download from folders other than \b\ the program had to be modified. By default it just connected to img.4chan.org. Many of the other folders are located at zip.4chan.org, orz.4chan.org, and cgi.4chan.org. Below are four new programs modified to work for specific boards. Each specifies which boards it will work for. Both the base programs and the silent versions have been modified.

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