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The one picture that started it all

Mewchan (Real Name: Name: Samantha... Michele is a friend.) is a camwhore that opened a thread in 4chan's /b/ last thursday (really) with a pic of a Mew ball, subsequently sparking a flow of nostalgia from every pokémon trainerfag still active at that time. However, one anon asked "put it in your ass and post pics"

Amazingly, and to everyone's surprise, so she did. Anon called TRAP in one voice, while other voices asked for TITS OR GTFO.

She kept on delivering, and actually delivered full body imagery (minus face) with gameboy & games, pikachu dildo, timestamp with boobs... and a sammich

The thread was, therefore, instantly archived. Srsly.

Mewchan admitted to being a pokémon addict and very fond of playing with her boobs, since she had already showed them before, under the alias Angel-chan, opposing a certain menace.

Afterwards, the thread went on to become a pokégirls thread and much win was had. Other threads were opened and she remained lurking around, but supposedly due to a lack of battery (moar like fappery, amirite?) on her camera she didn't deliver anything more.

Hey /b/ look what I found

put it in your ass and post pics About missing Pics


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