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Metawerx is a Java chat system owned by Neal Rudd. It includes several channels, the most popular of which is the Animu Capsule X (also referred to as Anime Capsule III, Anime Cel, and omg wtf). It opened in the late 90's as a replacement for Geocities's Anime Capsule chat after Geocities was merged with (re: pwned and bought out like a bitch by) Yahoo!.


90% of the population is n00bs, 100% of which are drama queens. The other 10% are either assholes, or veteran roleplayers who're slowly turning into assholes because of the n00bs. The chatroom still exists for unknown reasons, but some veterans still like to bitch at each other there.


Most people spend their lives playing Nijigen, a MUD that exists within the chatroom. Lots of IRL money has been spent acquiring fake items in Nijigen. Incredibly, some Koreans have died while playing Nijigen too intensively.