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What every menstrual painter longs to be inside.
"long time reader/watcher first time poster ... it started with me sitting on the piece of paper and going from there." -- Lj-favicon.png Cometomorrow
"Artist's Comments: menstrual fluid in sketchbook." -- Eluted at DeviantArt. You can't make this shit up.

Menstrual painting (also called "blood art") is the practice where women paint shitty, terrible pictures using their period blood for paint and get asspats for being liberated. They save the blood up in old spaghetti sauce jars each month. It was an art started at least 100 years ago by Cracky-Chan (/b/tard) who used menstrual blood to paint her topless body when she was 15 and then uploading her homemade child porn to the internet. No doubt this is actually an attempt to give the whole world AIDS.

Menstrual painting is often done alone because they are aware of how shameful it is, how disgusting they truly are, and that no one will see it as an expression of their womanhood. Also because it is hard to get two women on their period at the same time in the same room for extended peri-...amounts of time without them killing each other.

i recently started collecting the blood in a big jar, so i can do i big painting (or a series of little ones). HOWEVER, it's been a month since i started. And since i started a new cycle today, i opened the jar to add more... and it smelled SO, SO BAD. I mean, it was horrendous. The smell filled my room within a few seconds. I was wondering if this was normal? Or is it because i used a jar that formerly contained chopped garlic? That would make a lot of sense to me.

-- Lj-favicon.png Galapagosgod at Livejournal

And the response:

If you needed to make a big painting, I'd suggest mixing the blood with a clear acrylic gloss or something. I'm not sure how long that would last, either, though, but it'd probably keep stuff from growing in it.

-- Lj-favicon.png eluted at Livejournal

The Public's Reaction

This "art" is fucking disgusting and very, very unhygienic. It would have looked just as good if it had been painted with regular red paint or fucking crayon, but since the majority of people are sick fucks, they feel the need to go out of their way to destroy everything that is beautiful in the world.

The douchebag who saved blood in a jar should have just killed someone and used their blood. Hey, at least she'd look like less of a moron.

Menstraul Painting how to

Don't, it's as simple as that. If you even think for a second of menstraul painting, than you are a sick fuck lesbian bulldyke and fail miserably at life. The only solution to this case is to an hero.

References/Trolling Targets

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  • Nick Kushner There are men who paint with period blood, too!
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