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US promotional poster
Megan Is Missing
Directed by Michael K. Goi
Produced by Mark Gragnani
Cinematography Keith Eisberg
Josh Harrison
Distributor Anchor Bay Pictures
Release date(s) 2011
Running time 01hr 26m (Unrated)

Megan Is Missing is a romantic-comedy, written & directed by Michael K. Goi, that was released in 2011 to mostly average reviews. The film depicts the adventures of two happy go-lucky friends on a journey to juvenile self-discovery following their coming into contact with a mysterious online stranger. The director affords his audience a voyeuristic view of proceedings by making use of the "found footage" technique; employing a variety of sources including web cams, mobile-telephones, televised news-reports and a selection of photographic material. Many were initially critical of the film's subdued opening stating that more humour could possibly have been derived from the two leading actresses however; the general consensus would appear to be that the final-act is a true comedic tour de force, comparable in its spirit to the great works of Chaplin, Keaton or Fritzl.

Whilst developing the storyline Goi drew inspiration from a number of real-life incidents; eventually gaining support from Marc Klaas, founder of KlaasKids Foundation, whose own daughter Polly Klaas experienced a situation somewhat akin to that of the film's two protagonists.

In the US the film is MPAA 'Unrated' on DVD; at the time of writing it has not been submitted to the BBFC.

Dramatis personæ

Megan Stewart
  • Megan Stewart

In stark contrast to her "BFF" the character of Megan (portrayed by Rachel Quinn) is a precocious social-butterfly ever popular amongst her schoolmates and well known throughout the local area as a result of her playful ways and giving nature.

Amy Herman

  • Amy Herman

More timid and less socially capable the character of Amy (Amber Perkins) is a constant companion to Megan; this association is something of a double-edged sword in that it brings with it not only protection from, but also exposure to, varying forms of new and unprepared for experience.


  • Josh

The character of Josh is a pretty cool guy. eh knows how to talk to the ladies and doesn't afraid of anything.


Megan and Amy meet an older boy named "Josh"... with hilarious results.

[talking online]

I would never hurt you, Megan.

I know.

Do you?


Do you trust me?



Megan Is Missing Yahoo Answers.png

Megan Is Missing About missing Pics


Have you ever seen a movie where a 14 year old incredulously explains being face-raped by a camp counselor? I hadn't either, until about 20 minutes into this one. The point where she begins to describe, with a smile, turning blue, is when I began examining this movie from arms-length like a piece of art.


Chris Chambers

The webcam and video phone chat conversations that took place did not make sense. First of all, you can't do video chat from an old Motorola Razr phone, which was clearly the type of phone that was shown she was using. Those phones don't have the capability to do video chat.



It contains very graphic and long images of a young teenage girl getting raped, thrown in a barrel with her best friend's dead body, and buried alive. If you are at all sensitive about visual imagery please don't watch this.


—Pen Name

Don't let the small children see this. Buy it and save it for when they turn 11.



I'll never look at barrels the same way again.



Jesus Christ, the last 20 minutes. I understand getting a point across, but depicting it in such a brutal and graphic way is completely unnecessary. I found myself fast-forwarding through most of it.



This 'movie' is basically just a lot of obnoxious footage of 2 irritating teenage girls making YouTube style videos calling each other 'bitches' and 'sluts'... sicko/psychos now have some new masturbation material.


— Explorator

Yeah, the ending worked for me if I'm honest... ...but it still held back too much in a very obvious way: no fucking nudity! Panties and bras all the way through, which makes no sense at all in the story at hand. If you go for it, dare to go for it completely and not hold back in such an obvious fashion. It talked the talk but ultimately it failed to walk the walk. It's a very common Hollywood flaw. You can talk about anything and kill anything in any way, but don't show a nipple!


— Cop

Its a movie that parents must see and must be seen together with the sons.


—Emir Moros Adams

done watching megan is missing. omfg I WILL EAT A LOT AND BE A




  • In October 2011 the New Zealand Censorship Board (OFLC) prevented the films release, citing it to be both "Objectionable" and potentially "injurious to the public good".


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