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Girlfriend, or internet whore? You decide!
The post that started it all
After the lulz ended, She created moar lulz by promoting photobucket oh her myspace!
This is me before e/b/aumsworld ruined my life.
Her emo boyfriend (slitting wrists now)

In the early hours of October 15, 2007, the clever folks over at "e/b/aum's World" decided to publicize aka destroy the private life of two teenagers. The first, a conservative girl named Gianna, and secondly, her loving and LOL trusting boyfriend Daniel.

While most people know that posting videos of themselves masturbating online is generally a terrible idea, one high school student from New Jersey named Gianna didn't happen to think so. Therefore, she decided to upload a video of herself diddling her snatch on Photobucket. While this happens regularly, it didn't stop there.

Unfortunately for Gianna, worse for her boyfriend, and fucking awesome for her boyfriend's friends, one of the many worker drones of Anonymous found said video. With much research, a MySpace account of her and her boyfriend was found. Of course, the laws of the Internets dictate that said porn should be posted all over her boyfriend's blog. The same blog in which he professed his faggoty undying teenage love for her.

The video was, of course, fukken saved from Photofucket by a number of pplz and uploaded to YouTube for another thousand or so lulz, until it was taken down an hour later... Because Youtube moderators usually take anywhere from 20-60 minutes to fap to and backup CP before they delete it from the main server.

Gianna is my babygirl.


—The BF

dude like 10 million people messaged me saying that your a whore and you do porn!

hahaha i find it kind of funny cause you dont seem like the type.


—The BFF

gianna, why did i get 2 messages of people sending me videos of you doing



—A Myspace "friend"

Around 7:29 a.m. (EST), the boyfriend stumbled upon the immense raep that was his MySpace blog comments. In an angsty fit, he proceeded to delete all his blogs.

The case of Megachiropetra69 is yet again, another solid example of why not to post your private life anywhere on the internets. Because lulz will be had, and Faux News will be one step closer to doing another televised special where we all witness the victims purchase another set of curtains and another harmless canine to visibly ward away the invisible intruders. LOL justice.

im the luckiest girl in the whole wide univers,galaxy,earth


—Gianna, unaware of the irony at hand


Her MySpace - Now Private.

Her MySpace Comments (Hidden on her profile)

Her Purevolume Listener Page

Boyfriend's Myspace

Boyfriend's Facebook


Anonymousee12344 (4:28:01 AM): I know your Cellular Phone Number Aswell Gianna.

Anonymousee12344 (4:28:18 AM): *** *** **** Ring a Bell?

megachiropetra (4:28:28 AM): whos rhis

Anonymousee12344 (4:28:38 AM): I am Anonymous.

Anonymousee12344 (4:28:45 AM): And I Enjoyed your Movie.

Anonymousee12344 (4:29:15 AM):

Anonymousee12344 (4:29:31 AM): You shouldn't post stuff that private on photobucket.

megachiropetra (4:29:40 AM): how do i delete it

Anonymousee12344 (4:29:51 AM): All of ebaums Raided it, saved it, and sent it to your BF on Myspace.

Anonymousee12344 (4:29:57 AM): And your friends.

dan1elSYNYSTER™ is upset and mad


—The BF

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