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mc chris

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What a cool guy!
mc chris spends so much time online that he needs an IRL banhammer to pwn n00bs who don't like his god awful music.

mc chris (Powerword: Christopher Brendan Ward), born September 2, 1975, is a 41 year old wigger from Libertyville (a.k.a. Shitertyville), Illinois, the town's existence time and time again being refuted by many Scholars, and has yet to be proven. With his dulcet tones of a 13 year old boy, it has been said that listening to his music is worse than being raped by over 9,000 Arabs. His songs consist of his claimed nerd roots, like playing video games and reading comic books. His hobbies include bragging and singing about how much he loves weed, bitching about how much his life sucks on Facebook and flirting with 16 year old girls on MySpace. Much like his fellow butt buddy and nerdcore hip-hop artist YTCracker, he is obsessed with making everything he types lowercase, including his stage name. Despite what he might make you believe, he is definitely not a fucking MC, and he only has this as part of his name because other nerdcore artists who are actually MCs and DJs do the exact same damn thing.


This went Multi-Platinum.

Some of the cover art for his albums are literally his name and the title of the album written in Arial, and a logo in a middle pertaining to the latter.

Fan Base

Typical mc chris fan, minus the sex.

For some reason this retard managed to attract several fanboys and pedophiles are interested in things other than little girls. Most of his fans were probably dropped on their heads at least 100 years ago and are of exogenous obesity so they are automatically inclined to like his shit. He also has a great appeal to basement dwellers because he raps about some of their favorite things that other artists in the genre he self-proclaims himself in have totally never done before; like Star Wars, Robotussin (because it's about the only "drug" they have access to), food, and fapping. This, unsurprisingly, makes him a failure.

Adult Swim

mc chris is a known emo hater.

MC used to work at Adult Swim but quit so he could shit out music at a more rapid rate. He is also MC Pee Pants, on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. MC, also appropriately, did the voice of Hesh, a cracked-out mongoloid on Sealab 2021. More recently mc chris is in talks with his former employer for an mc chris cartoon, which official sources say will consist of two separate 15 minute commercials of his EBay store which will play 3 times a night, 7 nights a week on Cartoon Network.

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