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The Wikipedian archetype

Wikipedia Favicon.png Masem, aka Masem J. Mouse (Powerword Michael K. Neylon) is a godmode Wikipedian, disgusting brony, furfag and manchild. Masem has a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan, which puts him in a class above his fellow unemployable Wikipedos. He used to call himself "Masem the Great and Almighty Thermodynamics GOD", probably because he works for a company in Tacoma, Washington, that makes fuel cells, and has published scientific papers on the subject.

Masem has been on Wikipedia since 2006. He has been an administrator on Wikipedia since 2007.

Manchild and furfaggot

Nothing weird about this at all

Despite his qualifications and advanced age of 40+, Neylon is obsessed with:

  • Pinky And The Brain [1][2]
  • Animaniacs [3][4]
  • gaming, especially Okami
  • Furries (having attended several "Further Confusion" and Seattle Furrymania conventions)
  • Most recently, he has become a major figure in the horrifying world of bronies. Yessir, both a furfag and a ponyfag at once. Suck it, Ryulong.
  • He has helped to organize BronyCon, and drew pony figures for the attendees.[5][6]


He has left his mark on all the MLP-related articles, and he has tried to get "Good Article" awards for them, along with articles about Pinky And The Brain and Animaniacs cartoons. Otherwise he's a semi-competent vandalism patroller, and EDiots await his death due to an overdose of Twinkies.

Masem J. Mouse

Mr. Neylon draws himself as a cartoon mouse, named Masem J. Mouse, who is made of wax and can be cut up and reassembled. Masem the mouse doesn't mind being chewed and eaten, or used as a hockey puck. And who likes to have sex with shemale furries.


Andrew Mutchler, as envisioned by Andrew Mutchler

Mr. Neylon owns a private website. It appears to be blank, however if you Google-fu a bit, you will find a massive personal subsite thereon, run by his equally-awkward friend Andrew "Kinkyturtle" Mutchler, who drew the cartoons shown on this page. Mutchler is also a big fat brony, judging by his Livejournal. There are a few photos of Neylon buried in Mutchler's massive "cartoon trip diaries" archive.

OOH! They saw this article in 2016 and yanked Masem's website down! Golly.....[7][8]

Wonderful fanfic

Pinky: [shocked a bit] Drugged?! But how?

Brain: The local law enforcement office found traces of a strong chemical concoction within their meals, apparently added after the maid served them.

Pinky: [somewhat disguisted] (Poit!) Wouldn't the stable lads have tasted something funny in their food?

Brain: No, Pinky, it is a well known fact that nothing can be done to give English cooking any taste whatsoever. To continue…

[Cut back to flashback, narrated by Brain]

Brain: The maid turned to the stall where Silver Daze was normally kept, and saw that it was empty. She ran outside to find Striker and saw, in the moonlight, the figure of a man, whom she believed to be Striker, chasing a horse across country.


Yeah, we stopped reading long before that part.

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